Planning to Grow a Beard? Here Are Practical Care Tips

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, ‘what would I look like with a beard?’ Well, how about you grow a beard and find out

A beard is a fantastic expression of your masculinity; if you can grow one, that is. We are all different and have different genetics; some people can grow big thick beards while others can only grow measly ones while others cannot grow one.

Growing your beard, like many things, takes discipline and commitment. You need to take care of your beard for it to grow to its full capacity.

The following are some practical beard care tips to help you:

Planning to Grow a Beard? Here Are Practical Care Tips 1


Patience is Key

Rome was not built in a day, and no great beard ever grew overnight. If you want to grow a beard, the first and foremost practical tip is to take your time and be patient.

You should first begin by letting your beard grow and don’t style or trim for several weeks. Six to twelve is a good measure depending on your rate of beard growth. The more you let your beard grow without interruption, the more it will grow evenly and thoroughly, which is what you want in a beard.

At this stage, the only care you should give your beard is combing or brushing it.

Skin Care

Something that many forget when growing their beard is that hair comes out of their skin. Sounds obvious, right? Therefore, you should take good care of your skin if you want to grow a good beard.

You should already have a skincare routine that should involve washing your face, applying lotion or jelly, plus moisturizing. You can use organic luxury skincare by Aesop for your skincare routine. If your skin hygiene is fantastic, the hygiene of your beard will follow suit.

Moreover, you will have healthy skin, which means that the hair growth to form your beard will also be just as virile.

Match Your Beard to Your Face

We all have different faces and facial structures, which will affect the appearance of your beard. If you want to take good care of your beard, you should match your beard to your face.

A beard will change the shape of your face and could either enhance or diminish it. You should take a close look in the mirror and observe your facial structure. Taking pictures from several angles will also help.

Try and make your beard match your face, and it will look great. The key is to match the beard to its surroundings, which is your face.

Use Beard Oils

If you want a thick and luscious beard, you had better apply some beard oil. However, beard oils are tricky, and you need to find the one that best suits your beard.

There are beard oils that are too thick, too shiny, or too heavy so finding a suitable beard oil is a 

matter of experimentation. The best beard oils are made from natural and organic ingredients.

Trimming Your Beard

Trimming your beard is an art form, and you need to know when and how to trim your beard. Like a bush or shrub, you need to manicure it to look good on your face.

Even if you plan on growing a massive beard that drops to your chest, you should occasionally trim it to give it a good shape.

You should invest in a quality trimmer and research the best techniques for beard trimming.

Wash it Often

The most basic but crucial practical care tip for growing a beard is keeping it clean. Most beards do not grow because of the harmful elements that impede their development.

Once a day is good, but twice a day is better. Find a good conditioner or specialized cleanser and use it to clean your beard consistently.

Growing a beard is something every man should try at least once in his life. It offers a very masculine look that will inspire you with great confidence. Use the practical tips above to grow your beard, and you will have a nice beard with time.

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