Must Have Things With Babies On Board

Babies enlighten the lives of their parents. People with newborns are full of enthusiasm, hopes, and excitement but this new phase in life also makes things a bit complex. The complexities come with the new regime of baby care that almost both the partners are inexperienced of. These situations often become tough when you both have to board a flight with your little one. Now, such situations require you to have preparations beforehand as this can be facilitating for you and the baby as well as the other passengers. So, here are some important things that you must carry with you when you have a baby on board.

Must Have Things With Babies On Board

Backup clothes

Packing extra pair of clothes for yourself as well as the baby is a must. Babies can spit milk or vomit or there are other things that can make the clothes dirty. Just changing the baby is not enough. You should also change to avoid discomfort over the entire flight. Also, make sure to carry necessary plastic bags or freezer zip locks for those clothes.

Breast milk or formula

If you are going to be on a long flight, you should make the necessary arrangements to feed the baby. If your baby feeds on your milk, you should pack pumped milk. However, if the baby is comfortable with bottles formula packets are the best.


For slightly bigger ones that have now developed their taste buds over solid foods, make sure to bring their favorite snack. This will save you from trouble just in case and also you wouldn’t be very confident of whatever food the plane staff might be serving. There are certain items like sandwiches and fresh or dry fruits that are allowed by the terminal security. There’s no limit whatsoever on the quantity you desire to bring. However, you must ensure to finish all your munching within the flight to avoid inconvenience and delays upon arrival. You should visit this site to check some of the allowable food items on the flight.

Diapers and Wipes

These are the most primary and unforgettable items for the little ones. They help to ensure that the baby is comfortable irrespective of how long the flight is.


Pacifiers can be your stress relievers for baby troubling situations. It is even medically advised for babies as well as some adults to suck on something while takeoff and landing to reduce the pain and discomfort in ears caused due to changing atmospheric pressures. Here comes the role of pacifiers. Though, you must make sure that your baby prefers them and that the pacifier doesn’t fall on the floors. For that, you can use a pacifier clip. However, if the baby doesn’t prefer them it is advisable to feed them during such times.


A very important element of the list is the essential prescribed medicines for the baby by the doctor. This is something you don’t want to miss not at home or at the airport security check. Tylenol and Benadryl are essential if allowed by the pediatrician. Tylenol helps in situations of ear pain while Benadryl will help in case the baby encounters newfound allergies.

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