MGK Haircut & Hair Transplant – A Complete Guide!

Haircuts are an important part of the person’s personality. They speak a lot about one’s style and fashion sense. Some of the most trending hairstyles today are inspired by haircuts of stars. Fans of celebrities always try to copy their fashion sense and hairstyle.

Machine Gun Kelly’s hairstyle with a top knot has been followed by many and people can be seen on streets in this style. MGK is a famous actor, rapper and belongs to the Wilhelmina signees. With an editorial, he always remains in the spotlight. In this guide, we talk about the key features of his haircut and discuss how fans can achieve it.

MGK Haircut & Style (UPDATED 2020)

MGK Hairstyle
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Machine Gun Kelly is a 24-year old rapper and a rising star in the world of rap. He is known for his music and tattoos among fans around the world. Moreover, he is also admired for his fashion sense and hairstyle. He is famous for giving lyrics at the bullet train speed giving him the stage name MGK. His incredible style complements his acting and music talent, making him an inspiration for millions. His style is hugely contributed by the up and coming stylist Morgan Pinney who also comes from Ohio. Pinney says she can dress and style him so well because she knows his personality and music.

The stylist and the rock star try to do something different than somebody who would go to the stage in a denim and bomber. The rapper is often seen wearing pieces with cool detailing like a statement velvet blazer. He was seen wearing black with ropes at the midsection, sleeves and ankles while performing at a show. He likes experimenting with new brands and inspires fans in different parts of the world through his amazing fashion sense. His hair cut and style is followed by millions of die-hard fans. He was always seen in a charming haircut with spikes that appealed to the crowd. Men try to follow the rapper’s trendy hairstyle to show their love towards the rock star.

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The most popular hairstyle of Machine Gun Kelly is the man bun. It is exclusively for long hair and has a ponytail tied somewhere on the top of the head. A man bun is different from a topknot and can be done in a great variety. MGK inspired man bun haircuts can be made more amazing with an undercut that creates a contrast than simply long hair. Another interesting version of MGK haircut is shaved back and sides with a bun on the top. This hairstyle is brave and great-looking.

MGK Hair Transplant – Before & After

MGK Hair Transplant – Before & After

MGK had admitted that he had thin hair as shared by his stylist. Machine Gun Kelly had thin hair and they grew thinner with time. He feared that he may eventually get bald which he never wanted in his career. To deal with this problem, MGK got a hair transplant. Many business people and celebrities choose to get hair implants as a permanent solution to potential baldness and MGK did that too. Professionals make hair implants using natural hair. The implants are then installed into the head to enhance the hairline and get a fuller look for the head. When this procedure has been completed, the person can enjoy the hair to the fullest.

Machine Gun Kelly got the transformation with hair implants. Long implants give a lot of fullness and texture to the star’s hair and he gets better options for styling. MGK is a style icon and his hairstyles influence a lot of people. His hair transplant shows that once you are successful, your determination can get you the look and feel you want. You need not live with the natural gifts you have received.

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Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) Haircut Style & Name

Machine Gun Kelly hairstyle is popular across the world. The rapper’s haircut is called the Man Bun and is popularly called the Top Knot. It is inspired by the fashion stylist Morgan Pinney. She is a hairstylist known to MGK and is prolific in men’s hairstyling. She started her career at the same time when MGK entered the new phase of career. Morgan says knowing MGK makes it easy to style him. She easily gets clothing and hairstyles matching his music and personality. She also knows what brands and styles he likes and finds it really simple to style MGK.

The Man Bun haircut is presently loved and admired by many. This particular style needs the hair to be longer to make a bun on the top of the head. This style is best done with shoulder-length hair. Some men even keep the hair longer on the top while keeping them short or even shaved at the sides and back. Such a contrast can make the hairstyle more interesting. To make the Man Bun, the hair that goes into the bun is smoothed in the form of a ponytail and then tied into the bun. This bun is towards the back but much close to the top.

Machine Gun Kelly haircuts can be easily achieved by growing your hair longer for a few months. You can grow the hair for six months to a year. Once you have long hair, you can get the MGK hairstyle by preparing the man bun. Start at the temple and brush the top section of the hair to where you want the bun. It can be higher up at the top or lower down. Then use your free hand to hold the bun and repeat the process with other sections of the hair until you have them all in your hand. Next, get a hairband and tie the hair together.

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