Men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You!

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 1

Looking for a specific hairstyle to draw inspiration? Finding the right hairstyle for your hair type can be somewhat tricky, and yet it’s a crucial decision to make. Because there’s always a feeling that people will always look and judge into your looks even though it’s not really. That’s why men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair are challenging but when you get your right style, it’s an amazing thing to have.

That said, whether you are on the verge of getting a new haircut or getting a new look and want some inspiration from today’s trendy long hairstyles for men, then get ready to look amazing in the most fashionable way. Because we have curated some of the best men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair so that you will have confident look.

Let your hair type be your greatest asset, but what are those really?

We often come to know how to properly maintain our hair when it’s late. This scenario, of course, is for men’s problem. Because we always used to our undercut hairstyles which are really common. Although other men have long hairstyles but mostly ignored the maintenance, the fact that men preferred the “as is” type of maintenance.

But did you know, your fine straight hair can be your biggest asset when you try to make look visually appealing? With that, we have surprisingly good benefits for men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair that’s listed below.

Fine straight hair is low maintenance

Because most men don’t want a tedious process of hair maintenance. Cases like spending several minutes in the bathroom just to go through as many hair styling products or shampoo bottles just to let the hair fully covered. Although it’s not too thin, it’s not too thick either.

It’s in between that’s why it’s great for low maintenance. That’s why it’s the most convenient hair type for men other than it’s easy to maintain, but also it’s extremely versatile and lots of hairstyles you can do. Most of all, it will greatly save time especially if you just want a quick hairstyle fix.

No need for a hairdryer

Sometimes, you won’t need a hairdryer depending on the volume of your hair. In most cases, you won’t need it because even an air-drying process is better. Some will need it because of the volume and how coarse is the hair. Notably, you can get a natural and fine wet look when you are going to let your hair dry naturally in the air.

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Plus, you can also save some electricity consumption. So, if you are not a fan of hairdryers and will choose air-drying method instead, then this is very beneficial for you.

You use hair products less than what is needed

A fine hair type for men usually has strands that are light, they also tend to get soaked quickly. With that, you end up using fewer hair products compared to coarser hair which is actually good. The fact that using too many hair products will make the hair greasy and icky and also weighs down the hair. That’s why most stylists preferred to go easy on the hair product to get the optimal effect.

That said, fine straight hair is cost-effective and easy to maintain. You are less likely to go to a store just to buy some hair products. Also, you believe in what the label says ” a dime-size amount”, because it really is.

A fine straight hair keep its composure while in the heat

If you are maintaining fine straight hair, then you know completely relate to this. This is because your scalp is exposed allowing the heat to escape easily which also results in a minimal chance of frizziness. While coarser and thicker hair tends to become irritating especially when it’s humid and the summer season. The oily and itchy scalp will not be your major problem. It’s probably a great way to have this type of hair if you want some convenience in your ideal style.

Achieving a windblown effect is very likely with this one

For men who want to accomplish a wind-blown effect on their hairstyle, this is probably the ultimate hair type that you want to achieve. You know how stylish and very cool it is to have awesome fine straight hair. The best hair length is when it’s long which makes it even more pronounced with the hair falling back or sometimes on the side.

Notable hairstyles like this are from Brandon Boyd’s long hair days, 90s Brad Pitt’s long hair, and even Kurt Cobain’s hairstyle, and the list is endless. Although we can’ guarantee you when it comes to shorter hair. Also, it’s better to avoid putting too much hair product.

The best thing you can do is just to leave it by making it more look natural and let the wind do the trick for your hair.

Stretching your hair is no problem

Men’s long hairstyles with fine straight hair don’t need much control to be extended because the strands naturally stretch. Although for women, usually overstretched their fine hair especially when using extension techniques like pinning up twists that will is limp-looking twist-outs.

Men with fine straight hair have the ability to style their hair so easily without having a hard time styling. Also, you can enjoy your length of hair without using heat.

Men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You!

It’s amazing how even a hairstyle can completely transform your visual outlook or even your personality with these. Also, long hair for men is becoming trendy and more fashionable more than ever, because you can stylize whatever you want depending on the thickness, length, and hair type you have.

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Now that you know that there are incredible benefits for your fine straight hair, you can try some of these recommended looks for men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair.

1. Surfer Hair

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 2

Surfer’s hair is among the popular long hairstyle for men. This is because it’s low maintenance. There’s no putting too much hair product. The only way to achieve this is to make your hair long at your desired length, and voila! You have a complete transformation of yourself.

Also, the style of the Surfer Hair should be untidy, messy, disheveled purposefully. To be pedantic about it, this type of hairstyle falls into the tousled hairstyles category.

The haircut should be medium to long hair length, sometimes wavy, curly, and even suitable for fine straight hair. This type of haircut has been stereotyped by surfers.

Their hair was naturally bleached by the sun and mostly drenched with seawater. This is the only simple way on how to get your hair to become a surfer hair with minimal care needed.

2. Long Swept Back

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 3

There is some hairstyle for men that has been put down to history because it’s not trendy anymore and doesn’t fit in the society’s liking. While others remain classic and stood the test of time.

A notable hairstyle for that is the classic swept back. Originally suitable for short-haired men, but as time goes by even for long hairs, this is also gaining popularity.

Probably this hairstyle dated a century ago but it was greatly popularized in the 50s along with the pompadour style. Today, it’s still among the most well-loved classic hairstyles for men.

The fact that this type of style is so versatile that works well with most face shapes and type of hair. The most popular hairstyle that’s really appropriate is Jared Leto’s version of the swept-back style.

It has a nice slicked-back hairstyle with a little touch of pomade to make it look cleaner and shinier. Perfect if you will go for a man bun or a ponytail.

3. The Bro Flow

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 4

The bro flow has been garnering popularity among long hair bros out there. There’s a large chance that you can see this literally from everywhere. This type of hairstyle is not like the popular styles that are sleek such as undercut, pompadour, which is very stylish and clean looking.

While this type of haircut defies most of that and its purposefully rugged and relaxed style. If you are among men that are willing to go for an extra hour just to achieve this, the bro flow is definitely for you.

There are actually different variations of the bro flow hairstyle and it’s applicable to all hair types which is also great for you. Among these is the bro flow straight hair. If you aim to have a sleek, clean-looking kind of bro flow, you will just need to have fine straight hair and then just grow it at your desired length.

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Normally the minimum required hair length is should length and beyond. Also, with your hair type, this allows you to have a smooth texture which is your advantage.

4. Half Bun Bro Flow

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 5

And because we like the bro flow hairstyle so much because of its different variations, another sleek style you want to do with the bro flow is to add some half-bun on it.

Not only it feels so visually stunning, but it’s also a killer hipster look and among the trendiest type of man bun. You see how the hair is being smooth in its texture, its combination of swept-back.

This type of hairstyle allows you to alter the conventional look of a bro flow style and this is easy to make. Just comb your hair backward. When all your hair is at the back, then create a man bun and then see the best results for yourself.

5. Center Part (Curtains)

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 6

Certainly, the curtains are still not close in men’s fashionable hairstyles. Clearly, this was popularized in the 90s. Celebrities such as Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, boy bands, to name a few.

Although it was becoming trendy in the late 80s to the 90s era, it was these folks who bolstered the hairstyle. Now it’s still trendy even men in the KPOP industry have this kind of style only with slight variation.

Curtains or center part hairstyle is an excellent style for you to try and work on. Because it’s so versatile that it works for fade, undercut, and long hair length.

The standard hair length requirement is from short medium to long hair usually on top but keep the back and sides shot.

The barber knows what to do just describe him the details and let the new look begin. Also, keep in mind that you need to match your face shape and the style of hairstyle.

6. Long, messy, and side-swept hairstyle

Men's long hairstyles for fine straight hair — 6 Trendy Styles For You! 7

One of the most badass hairstyles is the long, messy, and side-swept hairstyle. If you want to look like from a grunge band, like Dave Grohl’s, or Brandon Boyd’s 2000s looks of Incubus rock band.

This is the most interesting hairstyle for fine straight hair men. It’s because it’s low maintenance and what you need to do is to grow your hair long and rake your fingers through your hair.

Among the best way to hold this is to have a pomade of your choosing product with a strong hold in your hair. So if you want something classic looking and with a rock and roll feel, this should be your ideal men’s long hairstyles for fine straight hair.

Final Thoughts

Long hair for men is visually appealing and looks stunningly good. This is because men with long hair length are able to style their hair to almost whatever they want because of its versatility and it most likely matches every outfit and face shape of men. Although, don’t forget to regularly take care of your hair.

We know that men don’t like to regularly maintain their hair because they are not used to, compared to women who are more knowledgeable when it comes to hair maintenance. But, at the end of the day, regardless of gender, you still need to regularly maintain your hair even with minimal care.

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