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Best hair cut style for 2020

A new year means new changes to the world of fashion and style. New wardrobes, new brands, new terms, and especially new hairstyles. If you are looking for the best hair cut styles of 2020, then you’ve come to the right place. This article will break down the hottest hairstyles of the year for both men and women.

Men’s Haircuts

The name of the game for men’s haircut’s in 2020 is short cuts and slicked back hair. Easiest look to pull off is the buzz cut or crew cut, where all of your hair is shaved down to an almost stubble-like length. This look is both versatile and timeless, good for almost any modern occasion while still being a classic, and it works with all hair types from straight to curly.

If you want more variety in your haircuts, or just more hair in general, consider styling your hair in a fade. A fade is when hair gets progressively longer the closer to the top of the head you get, meaning that the sides of a fade look buzz cut while the top can be styles in any number of ways. It can be flared with gels and pomades or kept short and sharp for a clean gradient look. You can play with the length and style of your fade to find the look that is best for you, choosing between low, high, and mid cuts.

For a more striking short-cut option consider the undercut look. Undercuts are similar to fades in that both have short hair on the sides and back while having longer hair on top. The main difference is that, in an undercut, the sides and back are all the same length while the top can be much longer. This means it can be styled in a number of ways from brush-backs to pompadours to spikes.

Fade Cut


The fade cut is the haircut style in which it is recognized as a taper. Its process includes cutting the hair from the back and sides. The barber used to taper the hair from the neck to sideburns to create a fade cut. This is to also blend the fade hair on both sides. The hair gets shorter once it is closer to the neck.

Men Undercut


Another haircut style for men is the so-called undercut. It is a haircut in which the length on the top remains while the sides and back are cut like in a faded style. The best about undercut style is that it suits well in different hairstyles from straight, wavy, or curly. It can also be worn or style in many ways, which includes a classic to street styles.

The undercut hairstyles have a different version, which adds more coolness to the person who has its style.

High Bald Taper Face in A Thick Curly Hair for Male


If you want something stylish hairstyle, you can choose this High bare taper face in a thick wavy hair for your next visit to your barber. This type of hair cut is a clean fade bald cut in its sides and back while on its top is a curly hair. It is also known as a curly fade hair cut that is one of the best hairstyles that flaunt the unique curl texture.


Crew Cut


If you want a hairstyle that is easy to maintain and is clean to see, you can consider this crew cut style. The minimal and elegant hairstyle is a timeless style. This is a simple short haircut that is easy to maintain and to style. It is suitable for a business style which is good looking, neat and tidy.

Pomp or Pompadour Haircut


These styles are very famous back then and now. It is cut in the form of short on both sides, while the top is swept upwards up to backward.  This cut is like a rebel rock God in which one of the famous artists with this cut is Bruno Mars and Elvis Presley. It also looks suitable for people who have longer faces, which balances the height and width

Bowl Cut


This hairstyle is cut like a mushroom in which the hair is cut in the same length all around. But it is cut short from its back to sides. It is called a bowl cut because it looks like a bowl placed into the head in style.


The buzz cut is the very short haircut that you can commonly see in the people who undergo military. It was clean-shaven with the use of a razor. This hairstyle is one of the easiest to maintain and manage. The Buzzcut is mostly suited to men who have an oval shape face. But any face shape is also good to have this type of hairstyle.

Man Bun hair style


The man bun becomes one of the popular nowadays. These styles include the top hair tied or single bread placed in the vertex or the head’s crown area. Some of the people that have this style have clean or fade styles on its sides and back of the head.

Disconnected Undercut


Another famous fresh haircut is disconnected undercut. It is a type of hairstyle in which the sides are shorter than the top of the hair. Its top has long hair and is the pretty edgy and modern style for men. It is also commonly seen for teens nowadays.

Fauxhawk Haircut

The fauxhawk haircut is a type of cut in which both sides are clean. It is like a mohawk design that both sides are shaved clean. It is a hairstyle that leaves a long strip of hair in its top or center. The fauxhawk hairstyle can also be incorporate into an undercut or fade one instead of shaved or clean sides.

Flat Top

Another very manly haircut design is the flat top hairstyle. It is designed like a fauxhawk, but its top of the hair is all high and flat.

There have been many timeless hairstyles for men. Some styles look good or suit well in specific face shapes. The haircut styles listed above are the best and the most common hairstyle that men used to choose. These styles are composed of old and new styles, which until now, men love the style. What we have right now or what we commonly see unique style are the product of the combined style of the haircuts like the faded and the man-bun.

Men’s Popular and most Common Hairstyles.

  • Fade Cut
  • Undercut 
  • High Bald taper curly hair for male
  • Crew cut 
  • Pomp Or Popadour haircut
  • Bowl cut
  • Buzz cut
  • Bun hair style
  • Disconnect Under cut
  • Fauxhawk Hair cut
  • Flat top


Barbers are getting pretty witty in making new hairstyles based on what their customer wants. Some also used to combine two different hairstyles to create a unique style. One good thing about these haircuts styles is it is suitable for everyone. In today’s generation, some men used to have long hair like girls, and some girls like hairstyles for men. If you are going to the barbers, you can tell these haircuts stated above for your new hairstyles which you like.

With the openness of people, anyone can choose what type of haircut they want. The significant thing is that you love what style, and it is in your will to cut your hair in that specific style.

Women’s Haircuts

Women’s hairstyles in 2020 have been dominated by two factors, short cuts and old-school styles. A good example of this is the bob, which has been steadily gaining popularity since the 1960’s and hasn’t stopped since. It isn’t hard to see why, since bobs are easy to manage and can be styled in a number of unique ways. They can be blunt edged, layered, short cut, long, or even asymmetrical with hair at different lengths across the cut. This makes the bob both fashionable and functional, a great combination.

Another look returning from the past is the shag, made popular by rock bands in the 70s and 80s. Of course the modern shag has been altered a bit from the classic metal look, with more layers and a cleaner overall look, but the trend remains the same. Whether short or long the shag is coming back for 2020. Now whether or not Def Leppard is coming back in 2020 is another matter. 

Those looking for an especially short haircut should consider the classic pixie cut look. The pixie cut might be the oldest hairstyle on this list, but it hasn’t lost its popularity or practicality since then. The pixie cut is ideal for the warmer months of spring and summer, easy to manage, and works well in almost any setting. It’s no wonder that the pixie cut has remained such a popular style.

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