Keratin Treatment to Loosen Curls – Popular Methods are Here!

Keratin Treatment to Loosen Curls – Popular Methods are Here! 1

Regardless of your reason, keratin treatment will either make your tresses totally straight out or just give you a frizz-free, manageable mane. For curlies and wavies, this hair enhancement procedure boosts up the appearance of the curls. Well, you heard it right! There is a keratin treatment to loosen curls that can make your coily locks manageable and lusciously looking tresses.

In this blog post, we will reveal the 3 popular methods of keratin treatment that act on loosening up the curls. Their advantages and disadvantages are also stated here for you to come up with a better choice. But, before that, let us try to have a quick overview of what is keratin treatment all about.

Revealing the Truth behind Keratin Treatment

Keratin treatment is one of those hair enhancement procedures that aim to achieve straight and frizz-free locks. However, there are some truths that are waiting to be revealed behind this hair treatment that you may need to know before digging in.

In keratin treatment, the hair strands are basically drenched with a keratin formula. Afterward, it is dried out using a blow dryer using high heat. Straightening the blow-dried tresses is the next step to do here. That way will generally lock in the keratin formula inside the hair strands.

During this kind of hair treatment, the hair strands are incorporated with keratin in a natural way. Yet, this process aims to restore the keratin content of the tresses into a phase where it appears to be frizz-free and looks shiny.

Things to Consider when Opting for Keratin Treatment

Below are some of the things that you must have to take into account once you decide to have keratin treatment to loosen curls:

1-Get what you pay

Researching on your own is highly crucial here especially when it comes to selecting the salon, your hairstylist, and the kind of keratin treatment to loosen curls that you will have to get. This is because you will be dealing with a hair treatment that highly utilizes chemicals that might infuse harm into your tresses.

Well, opting for the right keratin treatment to loosen curls for an extra cost of dollars might land you on keeping away from the risk of hair damage due to the cheaper versions of the treatment. Always remember that every individual has different hair needs to deal with. That’s why it is very important to go for a professional hairstylist who has an idea about the kind of treatment best for your hair.

2-Better option compared to the daily hair straightening

One of the major causes of hair damage is everyday hair straightening. So, if you are those who tend to straighten out the tresses on a daily basis, shifting to a keratin hair treatment would be a more healthy option.

3-Check the ingredients of your other hair products after having the keratin treatment
keratin treatment to loosen curls

Sodium chloride is the worse ingredient inside a hair product that you should have to keep out. Remember, this substance has the ability to wash out the keratin treatment infused into your locks. Basically, you need to be very keen on checking for the contents of your shampoo and conditioner. Also, don’t forget the other hair care products that you are using as part of your hair care regimen. By doing that, you will ensure that the keratin treatment into your hair will stay there for a longer time period.

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Moreover, using the appropriate hair products, you will highly be sure that the treatment will able to last for about 2 months or so. Well, the length of stay of the keratin treatment into the hair generally depends on the type of your hair. Unfortunately, since you are keeping out of sodium chloride or salt, this means that you need to avoid dipping into a chlorine-filled pool. Unless you do not want to care for your hair after your keratin treatment.

The Functions of Keratin Treatment to Loosen Curls

If you opt to have keratin treatment to loosen curls, here is what you must have to get out of it:

  • Smoothen out the curls
  • Deals with porosity issues
  • Enhances the texture of the curl
  • Glides the brush in a tangle-free motion
  • Have more defined curls
  • Doesn’t really turns the hair straight

Moreover, for a more enhanced effect, you may also consider incorporating a smoothing keratin treatment instead of the straightening solution. Yet, the keratin straightening treatment may work best if you are already bored of those curls and want to loosen them.

Different Methods of Keratin Treatment to Loosen Curls

Well, because it may turn your frizzy curl locks into gorgeously manageable waves, it is not surprising that keratin treatment to loosen curls tends to be popular day after day. More and more women are also lining up to the salon every day just to have this hair enhancement procedure.

However, keep in mind that this is not a hair treatment that provides a sleek finish, fixing the curls permanently is not a thing for it. Yet, once you decide on the best way of hair enhancement, keratin treatment to loosen curls is a great pick.

Here are the various methods of keratin treatment that enhance the curls. Check which one suits you the most.

1-Brazilian Blowout

The most common treatment for curly or wavy hair, Brazilian blowout is highly popular for keeping the hair volume while reducing frizz and smoothening out the hair strands. The process is so simple in it only requires an hour to blow dry and seal the locks with a flat iron. Although the process is just a quick one, the result will amazingly last for about 3 to 6 months.

Having a Brazilian blowout allows you to choose if you aim for a straight look or just only loosen the curls or frizz. Another good thing about this is that you can already able to wash your hair as soon as you get out of the salon. You don’t need to worry as it will not have an effect on this keratin treatment.

So, for around 3 to 6 months’ effect, you will only have at least 2 to 3 appointments at the salon per year. That is a great way to save money and, at the same time, makes you look incredibly gorgeous.


Brazilian blowout is highly suitable for those girls with curly hair and those whose hairs are prone to humidity. To start with the application of this keratin treatment to loosen curls, the hairstylist will have to apply the treatment to your tresses. Afterward, the hair will be blow-dried using a metal brush. That step will generally help in the absorption of the treatment into the hair strands.

Moreover, your natural locks will eventually be subjected to sealing in the keratin treatment into the hair cuticles. There are some essential oils incorporated inside the treatment. With the addition of some protein sheaths, your tresses will be protected from harmful elements of the weather. With that, the Brazilian blowout really worth it.

  • Smoothes out high level of frizz
  • Gives more manageable and easier to style tresses
  • Boosts the structure of hair protein preventing hair breakages
  • Provides obvious shine to the hair
  • Creates a protective barrier into the hair against damaging environmental elements
  • Safe hair straightening process for color-treated hair
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  • Time-consuming process
  • Not a permanent hair enhancement procedure
  • Quite costly
  • Treatment includes formaldehyde which may pose health risk

2-Japanese Hair Treatment

The Japanese Hair Treatment is another keratin treatment to loosen curls which guarantees that the hair stays strong despite being straightened out. For an excellent hair result, this treatment usually makes use of a Brazilian blowout plus a Japanese straightening procedure. It generally requires about 3 to 4 hours to complete the entire process. The end result will generally make a big difference in your tresses.     

Initially, introduce a Brazilian blowout to the hair for about an hour and eventually put on the Japanese treatment into the tresses to coat the cuticles. Generally, the method of Japanese straightening breaks the bonds within the hair strands. That way, the tresses straighten out, and with a flat iron; the cuticles will also be straightened as well.

 Meanwhile, the Brazilian blowout treatment turns the hair to become soft. So, combining it with a Japanese treatment will give you smooth, lustrous, and sleek locks. The hair will remain gorgeous for about months until such time that the hair grows out that needs a touch-up.


Basically, the hairstylist will apply the Brazilian blowout keratin treatment to loosen curls. After that, the Japanese treatment will have to follow to be applied to the tresses. That way, you will be sealing the hair cuticles and totally locking the frizz. This hair treatment does not require any heat styling device. Just air dries the hair and it will do the wonders of having an elegant-looking mane.

Compared to the Brazilian blowout, this treatment generally lasts for additional five months longer. The hair will also become more volumized than that of the straight perm treatment. It should be left on the tresses for about one hour prior to washing it off and blow-drying it.

  • Gives easily manageable curly and coarse hair
  • Only requires retouching after a period of 6 months
  • The result will be lustrous, straighter, and glossy hair
  • Don’t need any heat styling device after the application process
  • Highly suitable for those who have busy lifestyle
  • Expensive hair treatment procedure
  • It totally changes the hair composition by alteration of the hair bonds
  • May possibly damage the hair if not done properly

3-Keratin Express 

In case your goal is just to remove the frizz and some of the curls, keratin express is the ideal one for you. It only takes you about 45 minutes to finish the hair treatment process and then you’re ready to go out there even in the humid environment. Generally, the treatment will only last for about 6 weeks.


To get this keratin treatment started, a serum is applied to the tresses. That serum will be sealed within the hair cuticles by the use of a blow dryer and flat iron.

  • Available in serum form
  • Short process keratin treatment
  • Highly ideal for women having curly or wavy hair who aim for more manageable result
  • The effects only last for 6 weeks


keratin treatment to loosen curls

Among the other keratin treatment to loosen curls, Cezanne is the most subtle type to be applied on the tresses. It is generally free from formaldehyde and aims to reduce frizz while nurturing the damaged hair cuticles.

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It only needs around half an hour to apply the treatment to the hair. Afterward, you can generally wash your hair out. However, just make sure that the shampoo you are using for your keratin-treated hair is keratin-based. That will allow for the lasting effect of the procedure.

  • Gentle to hair because no harsh chemical is included in the ingredients
  • Highly recommended for damaged hair
  • Leave the hair soft and brilliantly shiny
  • Blow drying time is reduced compared to other keratin treatments
  • Easy application and painless process
  • Also suitable for treated hair
  • Keep out fly-away and baby fuzz
  • May be uncomfortable to the hair
  • Scent of the hair is slightly altered after washing

Basic Steps to Apply Keratin Treatment for Waves and Curls

Here’s a step-by-step guide on the proper application of keratin treatment to loosen curls. Just follow these steps so that you will have beautiful, gorgeous tresses.


Basically, deep cleansing is basically needed in order to make sure that the tresses do not have any product buildup or residues. They can generally hinder the keratin treatment from properly penetrating into your hair. In order to do that you must have to buy a clarifying shampoo. However, here’s a simple way of preparing your hair for deep cleansing:

  1. Gently wash and shampoo the hair with a deep cleansing shampoo.
  2. Massage the tresses for 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse and afterward repeat the process if needed.
  4. Blow-dry around 80% of your hair if the curl is just on average. But, if the hair is kinky, blow it dry for about 100%.


Keratin Treatment to Loosen Curls – Popular Methods are Here! 2

In order to apply keratin smoothing treatment, check the following steps:

  1. Mix the hair treatment product very well.
  2. Divide the hair into 4 separate sections.
  3. Put the treatment in small sections in a downward direction from the scalp to the ends.
  4. Basically, leave a space within the scalp area from the nape of the neck which is about 1/2 inch.
  5. Let the keratin treatment stays there for around 10 minutes.
  6. Blow-dry 100% of the hair.


Finally, here is the last step in applying the keratin treatment to curls and waves.

  1. Partition the hair into 4 different sections.
  2. Flat iron it about 3 to 5 times in thin portions.
  3. Rinse the hair thoroughly and work the tresses in your preferred style.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Final Words

Obviously, there are various keratin treatments to loosen curls. And depending on how many waves and curls you want them to straighten up, you will surely get the appropriate treatment for you. Moreover, don’t forget to use the appropriate hair styling device as it will be of great help in minimizing the breakage. Having keratin treatments will definitely give you frizz-free tresses for a period of 6 months or so.

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