Is It Important To Follow Fashion?

Is It Important To Follow Fashion? 1

Both the position of a victim of fashion and its complete denial are extremes, far from a conscious choice. A person who has become a victim of fashion is so eager to follow it that it goes beyond common sense. At the same time, denying fashion is like denying the changes in our lives. It is like being stuck in some past period.

However, fashion is changeable. What was in trend yesterday can abruptly move into the category of “long outdated” things today. Some people believe that they can only dress as fashion magazines dictate. Those who follow their preferences in clothing and ignore all sorts of “gloss” are often honored with offensive nicknames and caustic remarks.

Fashion has been noticeably transformed in the modern world under the influence of various movements: feminism, body positivity, and other ideas aimed at maximum naturalness and freedom. Today it is difficult to single out a particular standard. The main idea of each trend is to be yourself, be bright, and not be afraid to experiment. So, as you can see, following fashion is not so important. What are the reasons to stop following fashion trends blindly?

Reasons to Stop Following Fashion Trends

Fashion is often the topic of essays, and many students look for IB extended essay help. However, it is easier than you think. All you should understand is that fashion trends are temporary. They are replaced by one another, and who even remembers them next year? So, don’t rush to jump into the trend because all this is just a “bright wrapper” that contains nothing of value.

  1. Fashion things may not suit you
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A fashionable thing may not suit your body type. Don’t forget that most fashion models showcasing stylists’ and designers’ creations on the catwalks have more or less standard proportions. In contrast, the proportions of ordinary people often differ from generally accepted ideals. So, it makes no sense to follow fashion if the tenth thing in a row doesn’t meet your expectations and even looks ridiculous.

  1. You can’t save individual style

You should understand that you can easily lose yourself following fashion trends blindly. Fashion is an objective thing, and there will always be someone who will criticize your choice. There will always be those who will be delighted, try to copy a good idea, and admire your taste. Therefore, standing in front of a mirror in an unusual outfit, ask yourself: does it suit me? Am I comfortable with this? Am I feeling at ease? If so, feel free to add the outfit to your wardrobe (even if this is not considered fashionable).

  1. Trends are a waste of time

Most people don’t understand the value of such a resource as time. Many consider money the most important resource, but not the time they spend getting it. But time, unlike money, can no longer be earned. In this regard, trying to follow trends, you waste valuable resources that could be spent on more useful actions. Considering the futility of trends, as well as their transience, such an “investment” seems to be very doubtful.

  1. You don’t like following trends

Admit to yourself that trying to follow trends is not really your idea. Rather, it is a thought that marketers have competently put into your head, or the effect of the crowd has come into force when you, separated from society by at least something, feel alone. Many mature people try to join the trends for their younger soulmates, friends, colleagues, and subordinates, and they don’t like it. Think about how you will look at the same time in the eyes of others.

  1. Fashion things can be uncomfortable
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Many people prefer comfortable clothes. The most comfortable things are usually presented in a casual style. More original and beautiful clothes are often uncomfortable. For example, tight trousers or a skirt perfectly emphasize the shapes, but sometimes walking in such a thing is impossible. Also, a couple of words should be said about shoes – this is where the fantasy of fashion designers goes to the fullest! High heels and thin straps, of course, look elegant, but it is so uncomfortable!

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are many reasons to stop following fashion blindly. Each person’s style is individual, so adapting to the generally accepted canons of beauty makes no sense. Nevertheless, it is very important to be able to choose the right clothes: it is unlikely that you will show up in an evening dress to the office or come to a grand festival with a dress code in a white T-shirt and shabby trousers. So, if you are neutral or even negative about fashion and force yourself to join the club of trend-followers, it is better to stop now. Otherwise, you may lose yourself by pretending to be someone you are not.

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