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Inside the Korean Beauty Routine: The Secret Behind Washing Hair in the Sink.

Inside the Korean Beauty Routine: The Secret Behind Washing Hair in the Sink

Would you like to have healthy, shiny, and luscious hair? Have you ever tried washing your hair in the sink? You might think that it’s impossible or weird, but in Korea, it’s a common practice. Korean women are known for their flawless skin and fabulous hair, and their beauty routine is a secret passed down from generation to generation. In this article, we’ll explore the Korean beauty routine for washing hair in the sink and uncover the secrets behind this practice.

Why Do Koreans Wash Their Hair in the Sink?

Korean women believe that washing their hair in the sink is a better way to keep their hair healthy and bouncy. Unlike a shower, where water can hit your scalp and damage your hair, washing your hair in the sink allows you to control the water’s pressure to prevent any damage. Additionally, using a showerhead can also strip your hair of its natural oils, causing dryness, frizziness, and even hair breakage. By washing your hair in the sink, you can target the areas that need extra attention, such as your scalp or the roots of your hair, without damaging the rest.

What Makes the Korean Hair Washing Routine Different?

Korean women’s hair care routine is an intricate process that involves numerous steps and techniques. Here are some ways Korean women care for their hair:

1. Pre-treatment: Before washing your hair, it is essential to apply some form of pre-treatment. In Korea, this involves applying natural oil or hair masks to your hair and leaving them for at least an hour. This process allows the oil or mask to penetrate your hair and scalp, providing the nourishment it needs.

2. Water temperature: The temperature of the water can make or break your hair care routine. In Korea, the water temperature is lukewarm, which is better for your hair as it won’t cause any damage or strip your hair of its natural oils.

3. Scalp massage: Massaging your scalp during the hair washing process can help promote blood circulation, which can stimulate hair growth and keep your scalp healthy. Korean women combine scalp massage with the use of natural ingredients such as tea tree oil or ginseng-infused shampoos.

4. Use of clarifying shampoos: Clarifying shampoos help to remove build-up and residue in your hair and scalp. Korean women use these shampoos during their hair washing routine to keep their hair clean and healthy.

5. Rinse, rinse, and rinse: After shampooing and conditioning, it’s crucial to rinse your hair thoroughly. Korean women rinse their hair several times with lukewarm water to ensure there is no residue or shampoo left in their hair.

Why Do They Use a Shower Cap?

After washing their hair, Korean women wear a shower cap on their head as they do other beauty routines. The steam from the shower cap helps the hair to absorb all the nutrients from the pre-treatment, promoting healthy hair growth.

What Are the Benefits of Washing Your Hair in the Sink?

Washing your hair in the sink has numerous benefits, including:

1. Scalp health: Washing your hair in the sink allows you to pay more attention to your scalp, removing any build-up that could clog pores or cause hair fall.

2. Improved hair texture: By controlling the water pressure, you can focus on your hair’s weak spots and promote hair growth.

3. Healthier hair: By using the right hair care techniques and natural ingredients, you can help nourish and strengthen your hair from the roots to ends.


1. Can anyone wash their hair in the sink?
Yes, anyone can wash their hair in the sink. It’s a convenient way to improve the health and texture of your hair.

2. Is it better to wash your hair in the shower or sink?
Washing your hair in the sink is better as it allows you to target your hair’s weak spots and prevent damage.

3. How often should you wash your hair in the sink?
You should wash your hair in the sink at least once a week.

4. What natural ingredients are best for hair care?
Tea tree oil, ginseng, and natural oils like coconut and argan oil are some of the best natural ingredients for hair care.

5. Can washing your hair in the sink promote hair growth?
Yes, by massaging your scalp and using natural ingredients, you can promote blood circulation and stimulate hair growth.

In conclusion, to get healthier and shinier hair, you don’t need to spend a fortune on hair care products or follow complicated routines. The Korean beauty routine of washing hair in the sink is an easy and effective way to promote scalp health, improve hair texture, and promote hair growth. By adopting this simple yet powerful practice, you can achieve luscious locks and feel confident in your own skin.

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