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In the summer, excessive hair fall you know why?

One common problem most people face is hair loss. There are plenty of reasons for hair loss. It includes heredity, aging, injuries, hormonal imbalances.

Sometimes hair loss is caused by climate change. Hair loss is unusually high in the summer. There are some other reasons for this. Now let’s look at the causes and solutions for hair loss during the summer.



Sweating is the leading cause of excessive hair loss during the summer. Most of the summer, the hair follicles are powerless. If you comb too much with the combat this time, it is necessary to get the hair in hand.

Growth of germs.

If you sweat excessively during the summer, the scallop will always stay moist. If the scalp is in contact with the moisture, this will increase the growth of germs, causing itching and irritation. The more you scratch your head, the more likely it is to lose hair.

telogen is high

One study says women’s toluene is slightly higher in the summer. Telogen is a hair follicle phase. This is because, during this period, the hair is overweight while engaging in stressful activities.

Tips 1

The Head is bathing daily in the summer. This will eliminate sweat dirt on the head. But don’t shampoo your head every day. Otherwise, the hair will be overweight, and the natural oils in the scalp will be gone.

Tips 2

In the summer, you should take care of sun rays without directly hitting the hair. When going out, you can go around with some clothes on your head, or wearing a hat or holding an umbrella.

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Hair growth is high

How much hair is in the summer, as well as hair growth. Blood flow in the body is higher in summer than in other seasons. In warmer climates, the body is more temperate. This will increase the blood flow to the body. Therefore, hair care during this period is well worth the effort.

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