If you’re curious to know which hair type you belong to


The truth is, there are several different hair types, ranging from fine, soft, and wavy to thick, coarse, and curly. The main difference between them lies in how much moisture each type prefers. Some prefer dry hair while others like moist, humid hair. If you’re curious to know which hair type you belong to, here are all the major four categories:

1. Fine, Soft Hair (2-3A)

These are usually the most straightened or relaxed hair types. They typically require less curling irons and styling products and therefore tend to be easier to maintain. These hair types can range anywhere from 2A to 3A depending on how well moisturized they are. As such, they can also be either dry or moist.

2. Coarse, Wiry Hair (2B/3B)

This hair type has tightly coiled follicles, and thus requires a lot more time to style compared to other hair types. While this hair type can still look great if properly cared for, it does take longer to grow because these hairs need more moisture to stay healthy. Unlike the previous hair type, these hair types will benefit from regular oiling sessions with an anti-frizz serum. It should also be noted that these hair types often suffer from breakage due to its thickness.

3. Curly Hair (3C/3D)

While some may consider this hair type difficult to manage, I find that once you learn how to properly handle it, it’s actually pretty easy to tame curls. For those who want to try growing thicker hair, this is the hair type that you should start with. This hair type takes longer to grow and needs lots of TLC during the process.

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4. Combination Hair Type (4a/4b)

Combination hair types fall somewhere in the middle between fine and coarse hair. These types of hair consist of both thin and thick strands which makes them appear thicker than they actually are. In order to achieve the desired result, you’ll need to combine two things: proper hydration and good-quality hair products.

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