How to Style Hair: Best Tips for Men

How to Style Hair: Best Tips for Men 1

Styling hair can be quite an intimidating process because of how many products are available out there. Some men who feel more confident not only style their hair but also cut it with professional hair clippers. Whether you cut your hair on your own or you go to a salon, learning how to style your hair at home is a must to make it look good every day. If you don’t know where to begin, these recommendations will help you.

Blow drying your hair

The first step after washing your hair is to blow dry it. If you want to achieve the right shape, you can’t just leave it dry on its own. Some important things you should keep in mind at this stage are:

  • Apply a heat protectant in the form of spray or serum to protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Comb your hair into the desired shape and make sure you define your part.
  • Next, you should use a round brush to pull parts of your hair up and out while blowing the air right into it.
  • If you want to get the most volume possible, you can try blow-drying your hair in the opposite direction and then smoothing it down.
  • An important tip is to finish blow-drying your hair with a cold setting. This will make your hair shinier and also set the hairstyle into place.
  • When it comes to products, you can choose those that should be applied to wet hair, or you can use a spray for dry hair.

Is your hair thick?

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The thickness of hair and its texture affect how you should style it because the results can be completely different. If you have thick hair, it is best not to cut it too short if you want to get a good shape with a good volume.

Some of the styling recommendations for thick hair include:

  • Use a vented brush while blow-drying your hair.
  • You should always go for strong hold products that are designed with thick hair in mind. This may include waxes, hair clays, or pomades. If you also experience frizzing, it can be a good idea to add an extra hair serum before you apply a styling product.
  • Don’t forget to use a special clarifying shampoo about once a week to get rid of the product buildup.

Is your hair thin?

If you notice that you have thin hair or experience hair loss, you should take this into account when styling your hair. You may want to try getting a haircut with faded sides and more volume on top. This type of hairstyle hides the top of the scalp and makes your hair look thicker.

The styling tips for thin hair are:

  • You should always use a heat protectant before blow-drying your hair.
  • One of the tricks you can implement is to use a comb to get the part right and then use a brush to make your hair more voluminous.
  • When it comes to hair products, you should always use a high-quality pre-styler that will boost your volume. For a stronger hold, you can also apply a thickening spray right at the end.
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Choose the best technique for your hair

Styling your hair can be a fun process when you know what to do. It is important to consider the texture of your hair, its thickness, and how much volume you want. With the right approach, your hair can look like you just came back from the barber.

How do you style your hair? Do you have any tips to share? Please, tell us what you think in the comments below.

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