How to Keep Hair Straight After Straightening – Complete Guide 2023 2

How to Keep Hair Straight After Straightening – Complete Guide 2023

Well, it’s always better to go natural and have chemical-free hair. However, there will be times that you may need to change your hairstyle temporarily just to enhance your normal appearance. With this, hair straightening using flat irons is a great way to make a smooth and sleek hairstyle. But, the problem is how to keep hair straight after straightening.

In this blog post, we will unravel various tips and tricks in keeping the hair straightened out. Moreover, we also have here some of the possible reasons why you need to straighten your hair. Aside from that, we will also discover why the hair will not be able to straighten out for some time. So, if you’re ready to end your mane problem, check out all the tips below.

Reasons Why to Straighten the Hair

Natural hair is actually amazing but if that tends to be messy and not manageable, is your crowning glory still gives you glory anymore? Well, that is actually one of the factors why many women are already deciding to modify their hairstyle. They are already starting to look for solutions that can give them fuss-free hair. Thankfully, there comes the idea of the hair straightening.

Straight hair generally looks beautiful and seems to be easily manageable. However, using hair straightener entails the misconception of damaging the hair. And because of that, many people are afraid to use it. But, there are actually a number of benefits in using hair straighteners that you must have to know. Yet, don’t forget to use a heat protectant so that you will totally enjoy the complete hair straightening process.

how to keep hair straight after straightening

Advantages of Hair Straightener

If you are one of those who have been problematic on how to flaunt your natural mane, don’t worry anymore as we will give you the most common benefits of hair straightening.


The hair straightening process generally uses a heating device which is commonly known as hair straightener. One of the types of the hair straightener is ceramic-based which offers a great result of hair straightening without causing any damage to the hair. Regardless of your hair type – fine, dense, or frizzy, you will definitely achieve your desired straightness of your hair. 

Yet, don’t forget to consider your hair’s length and thickness. Always keep in mind that these two are the factors when it comes to choosing the appropriate hair straightener. Moreover, these are also essential things to consider in achieving a good result in hair straightening.

Larger plate size of the hair straightener is actually the ideal one to use for those who have long and thick mane. Using that kind of hair straightener will give you great results for hair styling. On the other hand, hair straighteners with smaller plates are good for short and thin hair.


Using a hair straightener in straightening the hair usually has the ability to equally distribute the heat in all of the hair strands. Meaning to say, hair straightener has the potential of preventing the loss of hair moisture. With that, the hair won’t dry out easily resulting in amazingly looking straight hair.


Hair straightening is actually a hair styling process that does not cause too much gripping in a tightly manner. Due to the easy gliding of the iron plates of the hair straightener, this process tends to be fast and pain-free.

Now that you already know that, is there any reason for you to be afraid of hair straightening? But, it is very important to note that this hair straightening process is just only a temporary hair styling technique. So, it means that your hair will go back to its natural look after some time. Yet, you don’t need to worry as there are ways on how to keep hair straight after straightening. 

How to Keep Hair Straight After Hair Straightening – Know the Duration of Temporary Hair Straightening

Well, hair straightening will basically give you an excellent result of beautifully straight-looking hair. However, it is sad to know that the process is just temporary and flaunting the straight hair may end up for a specific time. Knowing the expected duration of temporary hair straightening is actually the initial step on how to keep hair straight after straightening.

Normally, the use of flat iron will make the hair straight and keep it that way depending on the hair type. Moreover, the ways on how to keep hair straight after straightening may also affect the duration of the temporary hair straightening. Usually, at about two to three days maximum, the hair will maintain its straightness temporarily.

However, there are some reasons that usually hinder the length of time that temporary hair straightening may last. These are regardless of the ways on how to keep hair straight after straightening.

*Hair Texture

One of the vital factors that generally affect the outcome of temporary hair straightening is the texture of your mane. Extremely curly hair may not keep the hair straight for a longer time period because of its coarse texture. On the other hand, it is very obvious that fine hair may basically keep the straightness of the hair for a longer time. Meanwhile, the straightness of the hair that is wavy will be able to be maintained through the use of proper hair treatment application and tools.

*Quality of the hair straightener device

Hair straightening quality is also affected by the hair straightener device being used. If you have to use a low quality hair straightener, the thick and curly hair won’t be straightened out. This is due to the fact that the device does not have the ability to distribute the heat to all the hair strands properly. But, if you use an iron featuring ceramic technology, the hair will be straightened out properly without causing any damage to it.


In case you are active enough and tend to have lots of outdoor activities that make you sweat, it is actually impossible for your hair to hold the effect of temporary hair straightening. Additionally, the frequent tying of the straightened hair during your activity may usually lose the straightening effect the soonest.  

Tips and Tricks on How to Keep Hair Straight After Straightening

Generally, with the proper hair care regimen and appropriate use of products, it is usually easy to achieve the ways on how to keep hair straight after straightening. 

*Hair nourishment

It will all primarily begin with shampoo and conditioner and getting the right one for your hair type is the crucial factor to maintain and control your hairstyle. Actually, you must have to remember two things when you want to successfully have a straight hair style. First is the hair smoothing and the second one is the hair nourishing.

A shampoo and conditioner that will enhance hair softness and glossiness is the ideal hair care product to have a nicely straighter hair. Don’t forget the natural ingredients that it contains because it helps in improving the health of the hair and, at the same time, fighting the damaging effects of heat.  

*Dry the hair

Usually, it is a norm to grab the hair dryer directly after you wash your hair. However, don’t you think that is not really ideal at all? Before doing so, here are some of the things that you may have to do to say goodbye with those frizz!

  • Instead of wrapping or rubbing the hair, gently dab the wet hair with a towel. Keep in mind that wrapping or rubbing the hair with a towel generally encourages frizz. If that is the case, the ways on how to keep hair straight after straightening won’t be possible to last throughout the day..
  • Constantly move the hair dryer all over your head instead of concentrating on one specific spot within just a few minutes. That would be a big help in preventing frizz and hair damage.
  • Brush dry the hair using a large toothed comb.
  • Maintain the heat setting of the hair dryer at a low level.
  • Ensure for the total dryness of the hair prior to the application of hair straighteners.

*Decide when to straighten the hair

Aside from choosing the right hair care shampoo and conditioner, deciding when is the right time to have straight hair is also the most essential thing to consider here. For instance, dry and sunny weather is the perfect day to wear straightened hair. But, the humid or rainy environment is considered as a bad day for straightening your hair out. Aside from that, going into tropical areas may also necessitate you not to touch the flat iron.

*Leave your active lifestyle for a while or protect your hair if you can’t resist working out

Well, like what we’ve mentioned earlier, our lifestyle is one of the main factors that affect the duration of temporary hair straightening. Remember that engaging in vigorous and active lifestyle results in sweating and sweat generally consists of water. Take note that water totally destructs any straightened hairstyle. 

So, if you want to maintain your hair straight after straightening, better to forget those activities that can make you sweat even for just a while. However, if you cannot resist going to the gym or jogging, just make sure that all the sweat from your scalp, neck, and forehead are being tapped out. That way you will avoid frizzing and curling of the hair.

Additionally, you can also secure or protect your mane by wrapping it while working out. You can braid it or bun it especially if your hair is long enough. In case your hair length is a little bit shorter, consider wrapping it or tying it down using a scarf. Generally, a cotton scarf tends to be advantageous with natural hair as it absorbs perspiration.

*Cover your hair in the shower as well

Not working out with straightened hair will not be a hindrance for you not to take a shower. However, if you do so, protecting your straightened mane is a must. This way, both the water and the steam will not mess on the sleek hair. Besides, taking a step-by-step approach to bath time is actually ideal. 

  1. Initially, wrap the hair and pin-curl or prep it based on your desired style.
  2. Use a silky or satin scarf in covering it. Make sure to tie it securely around your hair and it is also better to use two scarves to guarantee that less moisture is getting inside. 
  3. Afterward, wear a shower cap that generally contains a good elastic band. This will basically help in securing the cap not to slip off and not to allow water to enter inside.

*Don’t forget to wrap your hair at night

Wrapping the hair basically produces a hair styling set that is an easy and heatless method in which taking it down in the morning takes a very simple process. This also offers volume and body to the hair that do not really need any heat or bumping of the hair strand ends. However, not every woman is fond of wrapping their hair at night. In fact, most of them are choosing to do curling rather than wrapping.

How to keep hair straight after straightening

Yet, if you still opt to curl instead of wrapping it as part of the ways on how to keep hair straight after straightening, you may try to use a pin-curl or Bantu knot. These two curling methods are as subtle as that of the hair wrapping. Aside from that, these also give off extra curls or waves to the style of your mane. Regardless if you are using a dozen pin-curls, putting it up will only take some minutes of your time.

*Put on some lightweight oils or hair serums

Another thing that you want to maintain when you have a straightened mane is its lightweight and bounce. To achieve that, remember not to use any hair products that are heavy to the hair. Take note that those kinds of products may generally weigh down your hair. So, it is better to look for light hair oils and serums that are specifically designed for straight manes. 

Just a friendly advice, only put hair products to the hair style tips in case the hair strand has a very fine texture. Do not every consider putting any products on the hair roots. The good thing is that there are hair serums and oils that come in a concentrated form. 

They basically aim to be on the more costly side. Yet, using just a drop of it can make you go a long way and can entirely cover your whole hair.    

*Consider not to reapply heat

In case your hair is already straightened, try not to reapply heat until you reach the next session of hair straightening. If you already nailed your tresses down smoothly, then it’s a good indication not to use flat iron on it again. This is actually applicable if you are already wrapping or pinning down your hair every night.

Moreover, always remember that a proper hair preparation just prior to bed means doing less in the morning. Perhaps, loosely shaking it, combing, or running down your fingers through it as you wake up will already do the job.

*Use hair products with anti-humectant property

People, especially those living in a tropical country, usually struggle with humidity many times of the year, regardless if it is wintertime. Although the air moisture is not that high compared to summer, moisture is still enough in the environment. This will generally call for you to spend your money on products that can protect your straightened mane. It is advisable to look for hair serum and other hair products that battle with air moisture and say goodbye to hair frizz.

*Avoid wearing this hairstyle frequently

Because of the beautiful and natural look that your mane can get, wearing a straightened hairstyle is generally tempting. However, there are women who tend to have this hair-do for more than a week before cleaning their hair. Unfortunately, that’s an unhealthy hair regimen. Generally, two weeks is the maximum time period to wear those straightened tresses. Surprisingly, there are some women who even go for this hairstyle for around four weeks or so.

Okay, it is actually your goal here to prevent too much moisture in the hair as long as the hair is straight. But, it is also troublesome to have your hair straight without hydrating it. Cleaning your mane using water is important in moisturizing it. Keep in mind that it is still crucial to give off regular doses of hydration into your mane.

Reasons Why Not Achieving a Straight Hair

If we really have perfectly natural straight hair, maybe we would not be struggling for ways on how to keep hair straight after straightening. Unfortunately, we are not completely perfect to have the straight hair that we want. Sometimes, it’s so frustrating that we almost spend all of our time, effort, and money in getting hair treatments and hair straightening methods to have sleek long hair. But, what’s worth noting is spending lots of our money attempting to achieve a hairstyle that’s far too impossible.

How to keep hair straight after straightening

For instance, let’s take a look at the hair follicle as the muscle and the hair represents itself, that is something to be trained. This is like training your hair to go into a particular side which is the same as straightening it. Although it’s not a permanent process, there are certain reasons why you are not achieving straight hair.

1-Genetic disposition

Well, let’s go more scientific here; genetic factors generally have a great impact on the hair’s natural straightness. Moreover, this has the potential in turning the hair to become pristinely soft, straight, and shiny locks. 

2-Prepping the hair in extremely wrong way

Generally, over-washing of the hair may result in its dryness. This is actually true when you are using hot water. So, you will be having a hard time retaining the moisture of your natural hair when you wash it. So, here is good hair prep for women who want to keep hair straight after straightening:

  • Clean out the hair and do this frequently prior to hair styling
  • It is advisable to smoothing shampoo, especially those that are sulfate-free and with anti-frizz properties. Don’t forget to wash the hair roots using this kind of product.
  • When using a conditioner, make sure that it is in the light version. Just only put the conditioner on the hair tips and not from the roots down.
  • Always do the blow-drying prior to straightening the hair through the use of flat iron.
  • Complete the process by using a holding spray.

3-Gearing for the inappropriate hair straightening products

In keeping the hair straight after straightening, prepping the hair and the right products comes in a 50-50 ratio. Moreover, you should also remember to apply those hair straightening products on wet hair. But, when you are using a holding spray or finishing oil, that’s the time to move on its application over the dry hair. Yet, there will also be times in which these products may revert the natural state of the hair.

Well, it might not be essential to use hair care products designed for natural curly hair if you want to achieve hair straightening. Volume and texture are the things that naturally straight or wavy hair need. These would generally help them to adhere in the curl shape regardless of its thickness. Volume is the one responsible for lifting the hair from the root that results in more strength to the hair, manageability of style, and maximizing the fuller outcomes.

Final Words

There are actually various ways of keeping the straightness of the hair after the application of the hair straightening process. Generally, the techniques above are helpful enough in getting and keeping a straight hairstyle. So, if you want to completely achieve that look, better to consider following the tips stated above. That way, you will have a great hair day ahead!

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