How to choose an asset tokenization company

Choosing a software development company for your asset tokenization can be a daunting task to undertake, especially if it is your very first time doing this. In this article, we will share some unbiased advice that you can consider to help you narrow down the long list of asset tokenization companies out there.

Asset Tokenization Companies
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But before contacting your potential candidates, you will need to make a plan and do your homework first. Spare some time jotting down what you require for the project, documentation, and other inquiries or requirements. It will help you to understand more about what kind of solution you are seeking from your software development company.

Describe the particular project in detail and the goals of your project. Describe the current technologies and procedures that you have in your company right now.

You must get an idea of what you need for your special project or application.

Oftentimes, you will use your favorite search engine to seek the best developers in and outside of the country. There might be some companies that you’ve taken note of. The results can be plentiful. But you will need to read them thoroughly from their main website.

The other option is to check your online listings. Through these listings, you can see a wide array of options that you can consider checking. Remember to look for companies with reasonable project sizes, reasonable hourly rates, niche focuses, and more. Depending on your requirements, you will also want to narrow them down with your own criteria.

You will quickly find out that the top-rated and most expensive companies do not necessarily come up with the best solutions for you.

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Ask for references from your partners, experts, consultants, clients, colleagues, or other known parties. You will have the chance to get direct reviews from them. They will gladly share the insights with you. You can use these opportunities to find out what you want. You can trust these people, but also combine them with what you’ve found yourself.

The top-rated and reputable companies usually have websites you can visit. Their websites are the face of the company. You can learn a lot about a particular company just by looking at its website. On their website, they also list the portfolio that you can check.

Hundreds of thousands of companies are available across the globe. It is easy to get lost since the available options can be overwhelming for you. The one that you pick should match your business needs and requirements.

There are certain variables that you will want to check to help you narrow down the list, such as the company’s reputation, online reviews, social signals, hourly rate, minimum project size, years of experience, expertise, and so on.

Doing your homework alone could take a lot of time and effort. Consider taking a look at our list below to help you research the best companies for you.


INC4 is a team of blockchain and software professionals who focus on the blockchain’s relevant services. They are ready to help you with asset tokenization along with wallets, mining, Defi, decentralized apps, smart contracts, and other solutions.

They have a well-matured tech stack that can support your business project to the next level. The experts are ready to support the project based on the latest and updated technologies.

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The INC4 always updates its resources. That’s why they are confident in providing the most relevant solutions for the most daring and complex projects as well.

Smart contract development is one of their specialties. Their smart contract solutions will run on the rules and conditions set by the clients.

If you are looking for the best way to digitize your assets on the blockchain, the INC4 is the best solution for you. INC4 can help you to tokenize both tangible and non-tangible assets from energy, real estate, metals, branding, intellectual properties, and so on. Whether or not your asset is already in the market, INC4 will look for the best solution for you in asset tokenization.

If you want to put your assets in the NFT market, INC4 can also help you with that. You can even mint your own ERC tokens to create a great ecosystem for you and your fans.

With the INC4, you can also consult on the blockchain and asset tokenization with your experts. You will need to review all of the important things in your project.

Together with INC4, you can also easily find the flaws and takeaways in your project. Therefore, they can help you pick the best option to make your project launch or deployment.

2.Liquid Token

Liquid Token started their rodeo back in 2014. It is a trading platform that accepts both fiat and cryptocurrencies. It has been considered one of the most prominent exchanges in the Asian region. As the name suggests, it strives for the liquidity of digital assets across borders. Their main objective is to change the banking and financial services industry to be un-banked. They are focusing on fintech and blockchain.

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3.HYPR Corp

This private company offers the first authenticated communication platform designed to get rid of passwords and share secrets across the company. The company provides the combination of the best security and business models that are profitable for any project in different industries.


Polymath is based in Canada, in Toronto. It offers security token services on the blockchain. According to their representatives, there are over 200 tokens successfully deployed using the Ethereum platform. Its blockchain, Polymesh, was launched to accommodate the regulated assets.


VeChain is a leading international company that manages the public blockchain called VeChainThor. Its blockchain has a secure and incredible governance infrastructure. It has great criteria that are needed by modern startups and businesses.


It is a trading platform that is a product of Overstock. It provides a crypto wallet in the form of a mobile app and a P2P exchange of digital securities.


Securitize focuses on helping private businesses and entities raise capital from solid investors. They have helped around 200 businesses to raise capital from enthusiastic investors who truly want to support their projects.

crypto Tax calculator

This Crypto tax calculator is a tool to help you figure out your crypto tax liability. It calculates the capital gains tax owed on your crypto holdings and the income tax owed on any crypto-based income, like mining.

The calculator will also give you an estimate of how much of your taxes are paid in Bitcoin, which can be helpful for calculating how long it will take to pay off your taxes if you want to use Bitcoin as payment.

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