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How to care for hair

How to care for hair Actions.

When it comes to winter, we take various steps to protect ourselves from the cold, such as wearing cozy clothes, cooling on fire, and wearing full-fitting clothing. Skin health depends not only on our treatment but also on the food we eat. Proper nutritious food helps the skin stay healthy.

Water plays an essential role in maintaining skin moisture. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. These provide water for our body’s functioning. In the winter, you can use peanut flour instead of soap to maintain the skin’s softness. You can also rub coconut oil before taking a bath to dry and dry the skin. Apply moisturizers and creams in the cold. The cosmetics used must be of quality.

Hair Maintain methods.

You can add a few drops of oil to the bathwater. It can help to regain the moisture loss caused by the bath. Avoid bathing in boiling water. It reduces the oil glue naturally available in the body.

Natural Way Care Hair Care:

In winter, the hair is dry. So, you can apply the banana juice on the hair and massage after a few minutes. It will make the hair soft. Apply olive oil once or twice a week. This will increase the moisture content of the hair, soak the oil in the head and soak it in for a short time.

Likewise, herbal juice should not be soaked for too long if you rub it on any head. Herbal extracts are often fresh. They are suitable for sunny days. It is advisable to leave the hair free during the winter months. Can will prevent the hair from drying out in cold air.

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