अपनी दाढ़ी को ठीक से बढ़ाने के लिए 4 उपयोगी टिप्स

दाढ़ी कई सालों से फैशन में है। यह सिर्फ फैशन के बारे में नहीं है, हालांकि, यह बस एक आदमी का चेहरा क्या करता है! वास्तव में, रेजर ब्लेड और शेविंग के समय से पहले, यह संभावना है कि सभी पुरुष दाढ़ी को हिलाते हुए घूमते थे, चाहे वह भरी हुई हो या पैची।

आपकी दाढ़ी को ठीक से बढ़ाने के लिए 4 उपयोगी टिप्स 1

आजकल, दाढ़ी को ट्रिम किया जाता है, स्टाइल किया जाता है, तराशा जाता है, या पूरी तरह से हटा दिया जाता है। 2016 में, संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका में एक सर्वेक्षण से पता चला कि लगभग 50% पुरुष हर दिन क्लीन शेव करते हैं। हालाँकि, अभी भी दाढ़ी वाले पुरुषों का एक बहुत मजबूत समूह है जो सभी प्रकार के आकार और आकारों में अपनी दाढ़ी रखते हैं।

तो, आप अपनी दाढ़ी को अच्छी लंबाई या शैली में बढ़ाने पर विचार कर सकते हैं। यदि आपने पहले कभी ऐसा नहीं किया है, तो यह एक कठिन संभावना हो सकती है। यहां तक कि अगर आपने इसे एक या दो बार पहले किया है, तो आप अच्छी तरह से सोच रहे होंगे कि इसमें कितना समय लगने वाला है और अगर इस प्रक्रिया में सहायता के लिए आप कुछ कर सकते हैं। सौभाग्य से, आपको नीचे अपनी दाढ़ी को ठीक से बढ़ाने के लिए 4 उपयोगी टिप्स मिलेंगे।

पूर्ण दाढ़ी नियम

भरी, मोटी, मर्दाना दाढ़ी हर किसी को पसंद होती है। यकीनन, जो लोग उन्हें उगा सकते हैं, उन्हें इस बात से चौंकना चाहिए कि इतने सारे चेहरे वाला आदमी इसे मुंडवाना पसंद करता है! पूर्ण दाढ़ी महाकाव्य दिख रही है, एक मजबूत चेहरे का रूप बना रही है जिसे आसानी से मेल नहीं किया जा सकता है। 

But, not all of us are blessed with strong, thick, bushy facial hair, and that?s ok! Sometimes, no matter what you try, you?ll still have some gaps, some patches, or some parts you simply aren?t thrilled with. That?s fine, don?t worry! The best thing to do is learn your facial hair?s shape and style, roll with it and rock it proudly. As long as you?re cool with your beard, that?s all that matters.

पढ़ना  क्या आप सुंदर त्वचा पाने में सक्षम हैं?

1. एक दाढ़ी विकास किट पर विचार करें

For those who do want to attempt to add a little thickness to their beard, there are some potentially helpful kits and tools out there for you. The guys over at The King Beard are experts in this field, stating that beard growth kits can help you ?grow the beard you’ve always dreamed of.? These kits contain several tools, vitamins, serums, and ingredients that are designed to help promote beard growth and regrow lost hairs. Let?s take a look at what you might find in a beard growing kit.

सीरम, तेल, या क्रीम

There are many serums, oils, and creams available in different beard kits. Some are made from entirely natural ingredients such as ginger, root extracts, and natural oils. Others contain cell-based ingredients like biotin. You can even find the classic ingredient of Rogaine – Minoxidil – in some of them. If you have concerns about the ingredients, reach out to the seller or manufacturer for more information, as they will more than likely be happy to help.

Beard butter helps your beard grow in a way that provides deep moisturizing and conditioning effects to the skin underneath your beard. The nourishing effects promote a healthier beard.

4 Useful Tips For Properly Growing Out Your Beard 2

दाढ़ी विटामिन

There are said to be certain vitamins that help to promote beard growth. You can buy specifically engineered multivitamins aimed at hair, nails, and skin, which will help the thickness of your beard. These often come in beard growth kits.

दाढ़ी रोलर डिवाइस

The beard roller is a rolling device covered in tiny needles. These needles promote blood flow to the face when rolled across the skin, which, in turn, helps to promote hair growth. When used in combination with whatever serum or cream you have purchased, this can massively help boost new hair growth and promote thicker hairs. 

पढ़ना  रसायनों का उपयोग किए बिना गहरे भूरे बालों को कैसे हल्का करें

सफाई के उत्पाद

All good beard kits also come with cleaning products to help keep your beard roller clean. This thing is obviously punching thousands of tiny holes into your cheeks, so you don?t want it to be dirty when you do so. These kits come with antibacterial cleaners, wipes, and other products to ensure your roller is never dirty or covered in skin particles. Keep it clean to help keep your face fresh! 

2. यथार्थवादी बनें

Now, even with an awesome beard kit in hand, you still need to be realistic with the potential beard growth you may see. These kits are not a quick fix, you will not see changes overnight. In fact, some people don?t see changes at all – though most companies offer a growth guarantee or money back. 

If you have very little beard hair to start with, it?s unreasonable to expect to see thousands of new hairs growing. You will likely get some new growth, for sure. But, sadly, you will not go from baby-faced to lumberjack beard. It?s important to be realistic with your beard aim and know what look you are heading towards. As mentioned at the top – it?s fine to rock whatever you?ve got! 

3. धैर्य रखें

This applies to men with beards of all thicknesses and shapes – be patient. Even the guy with the biggest beard you?ve ever seen had to be patient to get there! These hairs do not grow three inches in three weeks. No matter your coverage or style, you need to be patient. There may be some days where you feel like you?re never going to get there, but don?t panic. Just ride out the storm and see where you get. 90 days is the minimum to wait to see a decent level of growth.

पढ़ना  सही हेयर सैलून फर्नीचर कैसे खोजें

4. जैसे ही आप जाते हैं ट्रिम करें

Finally, this may seem counterintuitive, but you may want to trim as you go. Just like when growing out your hair, trimming can help keep the shape and remove unnecessary bulk. The neck region can get especially messy during long-term beard growth, but also you want to keep any rogue hairs in check all over the face. Small amounts of trimming can help even out patchy beards, too. Trim back bushy areas with scissors or beard clippers to help make the beard look even all over. 

Following these four simple tips can help you promote beard growth, whilst also understanding a little more about how to tame and manage your slowly growing beard. In a way it?s super easy, in another, it requires patience and dedication! Good luck on your beard growth journey.

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