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5 Best Hair Straighteners for All Hair Types

The way in which we perceive beauty is really subjective. For example, while some people do everything to get rid of their freckles, others try freckle microblading. Nonetheless, there is one thing that many people share — the desire to look as attractive as possible. Whether you live in North America or South Asia, you most likely want to look your best.

Luckily, enhancing our beauty has never been easier! There are many high-quality products out there that we can use to improve our looks. For instance, websites such as allow you to equip yourself with a pair of professional hair-cutting shears that will help you make your hair look great!

But when it comes to hair, there is a different product that can significantly help you achieve the looks you want, and that is a hair straightener. However, choosing a hair straightener can be quite difficult. In order to make it easier for you, we made a list of five hair straighteners that are great for every hair type. Take a look!

L’Oreal Professional New Generation Steampod 2.0

If you ever wanted to have a cordless, professional tool at your disposal, you should look no further! This hair straightener is bound to suit all of your needs. It uses a combination of steam and pro-keratin technology, which helps tame even the most unruly hair. Because of that, you can expect excellent results even if you have really curly hair!

Additionally, it offers an adjustable temperature setting and anodized floating plates for extra flexibility. Thanks to these features, you will be able to create many fancy hairstyles with ease!

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GHD Gold Styler Professional Hair Straighteners

This hair straightener is a go-to favorite for many. And for a good reason! It can create loose waves, bouncy curls, and shiny, sleek hairstyles without any issues. As a result, it will prove to be a great tool for every hairdresser.

This hair straightener’s versatility is truly mind-blowing. Its rounded barrel will allow you to get full-bodied curls and natural-looking waves. Once you get your hands on it, you will be able to achieve any hairstyle you want with ease!

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Cloud Nine Micro Iron

If you love traveling, you might want to take a closer look at this product. Thanks to its compact size, it is bound to come in handy during business trips and various outdoor adventures.

But this product’s most striking feature is its mineral-infused ceramic plates. Their primary function is to prevent hair breakage and split ends. Moreover, they allow for the precise styling of pin curls or bobs. If you have short hair, you should consider adding this hair straightener to your shopping list!

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GHD Platinum+ Black Straighteners

Another product of the famous GHD brand lands on our list. However, it is not without merit. This hair straightener makes use of ultra zone with predictive technology. Thanks to that, it guarantees even distribution of heat across the whole plate and adapts to the structure and texture of your hair quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, it leaves hair better-looking and prevents breakage thanks to heat protection. And because of its universal voltage feature, you can use it wherever you want. Try it for yourself, and you will never go back to using your old hair straightener!

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1” Flat Iron With Anti-Static Technology

This hair straightener is considered to be one of the best bargain-priced hair straighteners on the market! In spite of the large number of features that it has to offer, you can buy it for as little as $20.

Most importantly, it comes with an adjustable temperature setting. It is this feature that makes it an excellent choice for every hair type. Why is that the case? Because it allows you to adjust the temperature to the texture of your hair!

Moreover, its heat-up time is 30 seconds! As a result, it will help you save some of your precious time whenever you decide to style your style. On top of that, its anti-static technology will help you get rid of any flyaways. If you are on a tight budget, consider giving this hair straightener a try!

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The Bottom Line

Now you know which hair straighteners are best for your hair! Remember, no matter what hair type you have, you can use every single one of the products we listed. But if you still find it hard to decide what hair straightener you should buy, do not be afraid to consult your hairdresser! After all, an expert’s opinion is always valuable. Other than that, asking your friends and family for advice is always a viable option!

Finally, keep in mind that you are the one who has the final say on the matter. After all, you will be the one using the product. So, choose one that appears to be the best fit for you. As long as you do that, you are more than likely to be satisfied with your purchase. Good luck!

Why More Men & Women Are Choosing London Hair Transplant Clinics

hair transplant in london

Hair transplant procedures have improved by leaps and bounds in recent decades, making this once niche and expensive surgery now a popular and mainstream option for many hair loss sufferers. 

In fact, hair transplants are now so popular, that an entire industry has grown to meet the increasing demand from both men and women from all walks of life. It’s even now possible to address issues with facial hair using the same technology and procedure, so that eyebrow transplants and beard transplants are becoming a popular solution for thinning or sparse brows and beards. 

But with so many clinics and providers appearing on the scene offering a wide range of packages and prices, how can you know which would be the best option for you – not providing results you’re delighted with, but also in terms of the highest possible standards of health, safety, and patient care, as well as a pleasant experience throughout the whole process? 

While the industry has seen a significant rise in foreign ‘hair transplant holiday’ offers, there’s a UK location that remains one strong leader in the hair transplant industry, boasting some of the most established and esteemed clinics anywhere in the world: London. 

Like so many of the royals and modern VIPs before you, choosing a top London hair transplant clinic will ensure that you are in safe and expertly-qualified hands. 

Here are five reasons why more men and women are opting for the world-renowned excellence and expertise of London clinics for their hair transplant procedures. 

High UK Standards

Adhering to the high standards of health and safety that the UK governing bodies are renowned for, you can rest assured that London clinics operate within, and often over and above, the industry’s best practices. When choosing your clinic, look for those that are members of the top regulatory groups, such as the CQC which is the UK government’s commission for quality of care who regulate and monitor standards within the industry. 

Established History

The history of Harley St – home to many of London’s top hair clinics – is legendary for its position as the very best in medical expertise and care. The areas that host today’s top clinics have enjoyed a centuries-old reputation for distinction in their field, with some of history’s greatest names choosing these eminent and established London clinics. 

Hub of Excellence

As the hair transplant industry has grown in recent years, the technological developments have centered around certain ‘hubs of excellence’ where the conglomerate of top clinics make possible higher standards of safety and even more impressive results. London is one such hub, and its many world-class clinics enjoy the benefits of being at the heart of the UK hair transplant industry. 

VIP Endorsements

If you keep an eye on the celebrity news, you’ll no doubt have noticed that when high profile celebrities share their hair transplant stories, many of them will recommend their favorite London clinics. And these impressive endorsements are not just a modern phenomenon – some of the oldest and most established clinics can claim royal patronage dating back decades. These kinds of recommendations help to reassure you that you really are in the finest possible hands for your own hair transplant surgery. 

London’s Finest

Some hair transplant patients choose to take a few day’s recovery periods after their surgery, and where better to take a short break than one of the most famous and exciting capital cities in the world? You might choose to catch some of London’s legendary sights and attractions a day or two before your procedure. And in the days following your transplant, you can enjoy a relaxing recuperation amid some of the finest hotels and restaurants to be found anywhere in the world. 


If your hair transplant wish list includes things like technological excellence, a history of eminent expertise, VIP recommendations, a fabulous location, and the highest standards of patient care and safety, the best London hair transplant clinics more than fit the bill. And if you decide to take advantage of this premier destination and treat yourself to a relaxing break alongside your surgery, you can fully expect a safe, enjoyable, and successful hair transplant experience. 


Best Root Pump For Fine Hair-Top 3 Products 6

Best Root Pump For Fine Hair-Top 3 Products

Amazing hair is thick and volumized. When your hair is looking its best, it will increase your confidence and charisma. If your hair is not naturally thick, have no worries because there are tons of hair care products on the market that harnesses the latest biotechnology and ingredients from mother nature. Look for the hair care products that match your hair and guarantees amazing resultsGet only the best root pump for fine hair for luxurious volume and thickness that you can be proud of.

10 Ways to volume up your hair– best root pump for fine hair

Best Root Pump For Fine Hair

Changing your part

When you change your hair part, it will create more volume at the top of your head

Chances are you have a part and a favorite place to part with your hair. The part is where your hair likes to fall in a natural way. However, the problem is your hair is most likely to fall flat in that direction, and you are training your hair to be that way. 

If you flip your hair to the opposite side, your hair’s crown will get instant volume. Do this procedure while your hair is still wet to keep it from looking lopsided. To achieve the most height, try a deep side part on the opposite section when your hair is dry, spritzing some hairspray on to it to keep the hold. The result is a model like look that revives the 80s look. It’s a very sexy look. 

Back brushing 

To create soft volume back brush the under layers of your hair up to the roots.

Teasing the hair has had a bad reputation. This process doesn’t necessarily mean aggressively back brushing your hair with a fine-tooth comb, resulting in tons of tangles.

You can actually achieve soft volume in your hair by back brushing the roots using a soft paddle brush. 

A good technique is to pin up the hair’s upper layers while the rest is back brushed. Work on your hair layer by layer. Hold each layer away from the head tautly and brush it in a downward motion up to the roots in three consecutive strokes. To make the volume last for the long term, spray each area with some hair spray. 

Once you have done brushing and applied hairspray in sections, let the rest of the hair to fall down and leave it smooth.

Blow-dry while your hair is flipped over

If you haven’t perfected your blow-drying method, have no worries because the best shortcut to obtaining volume in hair is simply flipping your head in an upside-down manner. This may sound effortless, but many hairstylists do this method to achieve the ideal look. They flip the hair over after the hair has been dried after a haircut. 

This method works because when your hair is upside down your roots are effectively lifting off your scalp, which is an ideal way for them to dry. When you want your hair to be at least a hundred percent dry, use this method and follow it with a final smoothening using a round brush. However, it should be noted that if you have bangs, you should always dry your hair right side up. 

Boosting your hair roots

You can use a hair product specifically for root boosting on damp hair right before you undergo a blow dryer. 

Root boosting hair products are hair-loving friends. 

They function as scaffolding to your hair. Root boosters give structure and support for the lift you need so you can manipulate and create near the roots helping you achieve and lock down your style all day long. 

Look for a specially designed product for fine hair so it won’t look or feel weighed down. Apply the product throughout your hair up to your scalp. Make sure that you use the hair care product on damp hair. When hair is dry, the root boosters typically don’t work. After applying the root booster, don’t be afraid to layer on some volumizing products. Add some mousse and hair spray and subject your hair to blow-drying all through the lengths.

Use a volumizing shampoo

Volumizing shampoos won’t weigh your hair down. 

A volumizing shampoo can do tons of good to your hair styling goals. If you’re looking for the best product for your hair, a rule to follow should be to look for clear or translucent products. These products are least likely to contain heavy ingredients that cause buildup. White and creamy consistency and appearance should be avoided. It is highly possible to get the best root pump for fine hair that is volume building and won’t hurt your hair. It is also crucial to be moderate with conditioner. Apply it only on the bottom half of your hair and make sure to rinse it thoroughly. 

Crimp the roots of your hair

To make your roots stand out from the scalp, crimp the roots at the under layers. 

Crimped hair was a big sensation back in the eighties, and now it is coming back for a resurgence but in a more subdued way. Achieve this trendy look by crimping at the roots at the under layers of your locks. This is a great way to turn up the texture of your hair and make it stand out. 

In the end, you will get a soft volume that is natural-looking. 

A big plus of this style is that it only takes several minutes and requires zero to little expertise. The top layer of the hair also completely hides the fact that the hair has been crimped.

Tie your hair up in a bun when sleeping

If you sleep with damp hair and your hair is tied up in a bun overnight, be prepared to wake up with amazing volumes and waves. 

Don’t ditch your scrunchie. This piece of hair tool is useful when you want to cheat and give loads a volume to your hair without applying heat. After you shower at night, put your hair into a high and loosely tied bun while it is still damp. Thereafter secure it with a scrunchie or soft elastic. As your hair dries, it will be lifted off the skull so when you wake up and release your hair, you will be greeted with loads of volume and soft waves. 

Another way to gain volume effortlessly as you sleep is to use a stretchy headband made of fabric. Wear it across your forehead in sections of your damp hair until the hair is completely wrapped up. Secure your hair with pins as needed. Release your hair the following morning, and you will have a glamorous Hollywood level look. 

Dry shampoo your hair

Put on dry shampoo on your hair immediately to prevent oils from killing off your volume. 

Are you waiting for time to pass before putting on some dry shampoo? You may want to reconsider this decision. If you feel that your hair is feeling dirty, your oils may already be killing off your volume. The oils will travel down the hair shaft, weighing down your tresses. 

Go for a preventive approach by coating your scalp with a dry shampoo layer as soon as you are finished blowing it. When you do this, there is already an oil barrier that will stop the oil in its tracks and help your volumized hair stay and last longer. As a bonus, dry shampoo also gives instant volume to hair. Spray dry shampoo on to your hair throughout the lengths to create texture as well. 

Adding color to your hair

Best Root Pump For Fine Hair

Coloring treatments can roughen up hair cuticles giving you more body and bounce. 

If you do not undergo coloring treatment a little secret from those who do color their hair know that coloring treatments also provide texture. Bleaching the hair adds body since it roughens up the hair cuticles and prevents it from being too slippery. This can be an advantage for someone whose hair is always flat and difficult to volumize. 

However, you don’t have to get an entirely new color for your hair to get the volumizing effect of a color change. If you get a few highlights in your hair’s sub-layers and tone it, you can get just enough boost in your hair cuticle without having to worry about reverting to the normal color of your hair when it regrows.

Top 3 best root pump for fine hair


John Frieda Volume Lift Root Booster Blow Dry Lotion

John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray for Natural Fullness, 6 Ounces, Fine or Flat Hair Root Booster Spray with Air-Silk Technology
7,290 Reviews
John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray for Natural Fullness, 6 Ounces, Fine or Flat Hair Root Booster Spray with Air-Silk Technology
  • FOR FINE OR FLAT HAIR - John Frieda Volume Lift Thickening Spray enhances fullness...
  • ENHANCES VOLUME IN 1 USE - Maximize the fullness of your hair and obtain maximized...
  • FOR COLOR-TREATED HAIR - Safe to use on color-treated hair and perfect for voluminous...
  • SOFTENS HAIR - Volumizing and weightless root booster spray leaves hair soft with...
  • NEW PACKAGING - Presenting the new Volume Lift collection - formerly Luxurious...

This best root pump for fine hair is not only a root boosting hair product but also give a lift up to your roots. It adds volume from top to bottom. The secret formula to this best root pump for fine hair is the air silk technology that gives this hair product a lightweight texture that is silky and makes you feel like you have nothing on your hair. This best root pump for fine hair is lightweight enough to smoothen your crown up to its tips. Even though this hair care product is created as a blow-drying lotion, you can put it on and allow your hair to air dry as well and get the same blowout effects. Just smoothen a little bit of this best root pump for fine hair and let your hair dry. 

Watch as your hair rises literally. 

A lot of reviewers have praised this best root pump for fine hair. Many have used it for a decade on thin hair. They use it this way:

Spray hair when wet and do not blow-dry. Liftoff the roots with your fingers while your hair is still wet. The results of this best root pump for fine hair are strands that feel nice and separated and don’t stick together.  

This product gives ultra-lightweight results. There is no perceptible stickiness, coating, or powder felt.

Pros & Cons

  • enhances fullness
  • obtain maximized hold full style creation
  • Volumizing and weightless root booster spray
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray

BOLDIFY Hair Thickening Spray - Get Thicker Hair in 60 Seconds - Stylist Recommended Hair Products for Women & Men - Hair Volumizer + Texture Spray Hair Thickener for Fine Hair - 4 oz
  • Thicker, more voluminous hair in 60 seconds, Unique non-sticky formula - Our super...
  • Best For: Medium to Oily hair of all lengths and colors. Finish Appearance:...
  • Made responsibly in the USA, results guaranteed - Boldify hair styling products are...
  • Makes hair easier to style - Perfect for use as a pre-styler as it gives a light...
  • Great for your hair - Packed with minerals and nutrients, our thickening tonic's...

This best root pump for fine hair is a little on the higher end price spectrum. However, this best root pump for fine hair has the added plus of featuring a super lightweight formula that doubles as a texturizer for hair that is thin and straight. 

To use this best root pump for fine hair, just spritz it directly onto your damp roots and air-dry hair or blow dry it. The result of this best root pump for fine hair is a feeling of softness and flexibility without the brittleness that is common in other products. It is also good to know that the formulation of this best root pump for fine hair is paraben-free, so you should have no worries putting it on your hair. 

A lot of reviewers love this best root pump for fine hair. Some users have had hair loss and thin strands. When they use this best root pump for fine hair, instant volume was added to their hair without it being sticky or weighing the hair down. Surprisingly, the volume lasts all through the day. It provides a root lift, which makes the styling experience all the more enjoyable.

Pros & Cons

  • for enhanced thickness and instant volume
  • gives a layered, textured finish
  • provides a light hold that looks great and lasts the entire day
  • No negative reviews so far

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Garnier Fructis Root Amp Root Lifting Spray Mousse

Garnier Fructis Root Amp Root Lifting Spray Mousse, 5 Oz
4,185 Reviews
Garnier Fructis Root Amp Root Lifting Spray Mousse, 5 Oz
  • Extreme Volumizing Power: Needing volume right at the roots? Garnier Fructis Root Amp...
  • All Day Mega-Lift: Formulated with cotton flower extract, this powerful root lifter...
  • Perfect Root Lifter: This spray mousse is an effective root booster for hair volume....
  • Over 100 Years of Pioneering in Hair Care: Since 1904 Garnier has blended naturally...
  • Inspired By Nature: Garnier carries an array of products for your hair and skin care...

This best root pump for fine hair creates miracles for all types of hair. To use this best root pump for fine hair, just place a small dime-sized amount on to wet hair and massage directly up to your roots. After applying this best root pump for fine hair blow-dry your hair and create tons of added volume in a short time. Unlike other hair care products out there, this best root pump for fine hair won’t create build up so your locks will be left soft and fresh all through the day. This best root pump for fine hair is affordable and will only cost you $4. This popular product is a total steal. 

Many reviewers love this best root pump for fine hair, especially those with thin and limp hair. After towel drying their hair, they spray the products on to the hair up to the roots. They enthuse that this best root pump for fine hair doesn’t leave their hair feeling greasy even if they spend days without washing. They claim that the product gives their thin hair much-needed volume and lift.

Pros & Cons

  • Helps Boost Volume
  • With extreme volumizing power
  • No product buildup
  • No negative reviews so far

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Final Thoughts


You don’t have to be a victim of dull, thin, and dry hair. The best root pump for fine hair can give you instant luxurious volume for an unforgettable crowning glory. Liberate yourself and style your hair any way you want and know that the best root pump for fine hair is backed by the latest technology and the best ingredients mother nature offers.


Best Hair Product For Wet Look And Hold- Top 3 7

Best Hair Product For Wet Look And Hold- Top 3

The wet hair look is seen on a lot of celebrities and models in recent times. Contrary to its name, it doesn’t mean that you have to step foot outside with a wet head of hair. Even if you don’t have a stylist get the wet look hairstyle all on your own. Achieving this look is actually easy to do in any season, including winter. The wet look gives off beach vibes and is a perfect style all year round. Aside from being versatile, it is easy to accomplish. You only need the best hair product for wet look and hold, and you are good to go.

Best hair product for wet look and hold—getting the wet look

Best Hair Product For Wet Look And Hold

STEP 1: begin with damp hair

It is a misconception that you need to start with your hair soaking wet to achieve the wet look style. Once you know the reasons that you should start with damp hair, it will make sense. To set the right look, you need to start with damp as opposed to wet hair. If you use hair products on hair that is sopping wet, it won’t stick. If you are using a gel, it won’t stick to wet hair so you won’t manipulate your hair to get the desired style.

STEP 2: pick the right hair gel product

It is crucial to pick the right product for a result that is stunning. For gels, choose something that is non-sticky and has a high shine. A strong hold gel will keep your hair in place and be gravity-defying throughout the night and day.

STEP 3: apply a huge amount of hair gel up to your roots

When it comes to achieving the wet hair look, you should put huge amounts of hair care products. You have all-out permission to put on tons of hair gel. Put a generous amount of hair gel and work it through your tresses starting at the roots. A dollop of gel will suffice, but feel free to add some more as you take your wet look to the next level. Try to feel and see if you like the results and keep in mind that the more gel you put it on your locks, the wetter it will look.

STEP 4: Comb your hair back

There are plenty of combs and hairbrushes you can use to style your strands to a specific look. For the wet look, go for a fine-tooth comb. Once you have applied the hair gel, get the comb and work it through your strands from root to tip. A boar bristle will also give good effects and result in a sculpted look. The boar bristle’s soft bristles can help smoothen back your hair and evenly dispersed the hair gel throughout your hair without creating any lumps.

STEP 5: Spray on a glossy hair product

Now that your roots have achieved a glossy finish, you should focus on the rest of your tresses. Make the edges of your hair blend with the top by applying a glossing spray. Hold the spray bottle up to 8 inches away from your hair and spray it in an even manner throughout your locks and keeping it away from the roots.

STEP 6: Keep your hair locked and place with hairspray

Any hairstyle, which includes a wet hairstyle uses a hairspray at the end of the styling process to make everything stay in place.

Go for a shine-enhancing hair care product and spray it on your hair all over. Even if you’re out at dinner, having a date with your significant other or dancing at a bar with some friends using a hair spray can help keep your hairstyle locked in place, so you don’t have to be hassled by touch-ups. Your baby hairs will also be kept in check by hairspray.

Wet hair looks for women–Best Hair Product For Wet Look And Hold

Best Hair Product For Wet Look And Hold

You can achieve the wet look hairstyle no matter the length of your hair. If your hair is short, you can completely cover it with hair gel, but with long hair, only portions of it are styled to look wet. If you have a part in your hairstyle, make sure to create a straight part by using a styling comb.

Sleek short hair

Give your freshly shampooed hair a comb through up to your scalp. Apply the gel generously to create the desired wet and slick look.

Sleek ponytails

Disperse the hair gel on the top of your head before gathering your hair to a tight bound ponytail.

Faux bobs

Give your hair the wet, slick look by putting on the gel from the roots to the tips and then combing it. After putting up your hair in a ponytail, tug the scrunchie down to the ponytail’s ends. Turn the ends of the ponytail and lock it in place with hair clips for a nice-looking bob.

Ponytail and smooth side part

After making a side part apply gel and comb back your bangs or the hair above your forehead. Avoid putting gel to the rest of the hair, which is gathered into a loose ponytail.

Partially gel-treated hair

Moisten your straight hair next to the scalp before combing it down in a straight manner with the aid of a hair gel wax. Apply hair spray for extra shine and hold. In this kind of wet-look hairstyle, you can comb your hair behind the ear or fall straight.


You may want to achieve a style that looks like a semi updo.

Simply put on gel on the top and sides of your hair and gather all your locks into a clip or chignon.

How to Get a Wet Look Hairstyle for Men– best hair product for wet look and hold

Styling with Mousse or Gel

Step 1

Wash your hair and shampoo and conditioner. It is crucial to get your hair moist to achieve a wet look. Shampoo removes the residue and buildup while conditioners smoothen the surface of the hair.

You can use any shampoo and conditioner that you already have.

Step 2

Tap your hair until it is dry and use a towel to squeeze out a bit of water and excess moisture. To use mousse and gel effectively, your hair should be flexible.

Your hair should not be completely wet but only damp. To remove the excess water on hair, grab handfuls of hair gently with a towel, squeeze them, and then release it.

Step 3

Squeeze a generous amount of mousse on to your fingers.

To achieve the wet look, you will need a generous amount of hair care products. However, it is best to start little then adding some more. You may start with a pea size on your fingers.

You can add in more later if you think you need it. If you over apply the gel or mousse, your hair may end up greasy and stiff looking, which will be difficult to modify. You can also make use of hair gel.

Step 4

Apply the mousse product on to your hair. In this case, use your fingers for massaging the mousse on to your hair. To disperse the mousse down to your roots, use your fingertips. If this process is difficult, try using a comb to apply the product. When you finish, the mousse should completely cover your hair.

Step 5

Style your hair with either a comb or your fingers.

Run either a comb or your fingers through your hair to sculpt it into the style you want. Use a comb to style your hair if you want a clean, sculpted look.

If you want a softer, less stiff look, use your fingers. Mousse products give you a wide variety of options, so choose what looks best on you. This technique will make your hair look fuller and wet, regardless of how you have styled it. For example, if you want to achieve the messy bed head look, you can use your fingers.

Top 3 best hair product for wet look and hold


Redken Water Wax 03 Texturizing Pomade

This best hair product for wet look and hold give your fresh out of the shower and slick back look. Consider this pomade your partner in crime for achieving the best-wet looks.

Apply this best hair product for wet look and hold for a look that is sculpted and controlled that will last you all through the day and night. The water-based formula of this best hair product for wet look and hold feels like the consistency of wax, but it is non-greasy and applies smoothly on to the hair. For truly wet-looking hair, apply a huge amount of this best hair product for a wet look and hold. As a bonus, you should know that no matter how much you apply this product on your hair it won’t harden it or make it brittle.

This best hair product for wet look and hold is a texturizing pomade to achieve defined looks. This professional product offers mild hold and keeps moisture levels on hair balanced throughout the day to be manipulated and restyled anytime.

This best hair product for wet look and hold is water-based and provides texture and shine. Rub a pea-sized amount between your hands and apply the product on to your damp or dry hair. This best hair product for wet look and hold helps you achieve a soft sculpted look with high shine. This hair pomade gives definition and anti-frizz control to your locks. The water-based formula of this best hair product for wet look and hold gives your hair moisture and leaves no residue or flakes.

Pros & Cons

  • texturizing pomade for defined looks
  • provides mild control
  • stays moist throughout the day
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel Stronger Hold

OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Stronger Hold Gel, 8.5 Fl oz (Packaging may vary)
1,393 Reviews
OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Stronger Hold Gel, 8.5 Fl oz (Packaging may vary)
  • Advanced Climate Control Heat & Humidity Stronger Hold Gel, 8.5 Fl oz

This best hair product for wet look and hold is a perfect match for curly haired individuals. The secret to finding the perfect gel for curly a formula is a reliable hold but, at the same time, allows the curls to keep their shape and bounce.

This best hair product for wet look and hold was created with humidity in mind, which is every hair stylist’s bane.

The patented formula in this best hair product for wet look and hold includes anti-freeze nanotechnology, which works to stop flyaways as it defines curl patterns. When temperatures and humidity increase the formula in this best hair product for a wet look, keep your curls in check without the awful looking hair gel brittleness.

Humidity is the enemy of every curl. The reason behind this is curly hair has a unique structure that exposes its cuticle when humidity is up. When humidity gets in the curls, it will expand the strands, and the result is extra unwanted volume and a frizzy look that looks undefined and dull. This best hair product for wet look and hold has frizz-fighting properties that transform wayward curl patterns into a firm and well-defined frizz-free curls. The patented anti-frizz nanotechnology in this best hair product for a wet look and hold lock the cuticle’s moisture as it removes humidity. The dedicated UV system shield hair from damage from environmental elements. The results are defined, shiny, and firm curls with better definition under any condition.

Pros & Cons

  • Locks out humidity
  • defines curls
  • long-lasting gel
  • No negative reviews so far

Check Price on Amazon!

R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel

R+Co Motorcycle Flexible Gel, 5 Fl Oz
  • Sunflower Seed Extract protects against free radicals and repairs damage from...
  • Keratin conditioning agent provides luster and volume
  • Heat styling complex protects hair from thermal damage

This best hair product for wet look and hold offers flexibility and innovation styling. It is a multitasking hair product that delivers the ability to structure with hair gel and the shine and texture you will find with wax. The formula of this best hair product for wet look and hold is also ultra-nourishing and packed with hair-friendly ingredients such as coconut oil, sunflower oil, keratin, and argan oil. Also, the heat styling conditioner gives your locks protection from heat damage gained in styling tools so you can manipulate your hair any way you want worry-free.

If you happen to ride a motorcycle, you should know that this vehicle can take you anywhere. The same holds for this best hair product for wet look and hold.

This brand has the support and control of a gel while having the flexibility of a wax product. Depending on how you use it, it will change the effects of styling. This best hair product for wet look and hold knows that what matters is how you get there.

This product gives you a controlled hold. We guarantee no heavy residue and buildup, and your locks will be supported and controlled flexibly. This best hair product for wet look and hold is versatile and unique and lets you achieve any style. It behaves both like a gel and wax, offering control support and shine.

Pros & Cons

  • lets you achieve just about any style
  • Flexible like a wax
  • Offers control and support
  • No negative reviews so far

Check Price on Amazon!

Final Thoughts


Be on-trend and get a crowning glory, just like the stars. Trendy looks are easy to achieve, and you don’t need to fork out a huge amount for a hairstylist or salon visit. Invest in the best hair product for wet look and hold and get style and nourishment and moisturization. Strut in style and make every street feel like a catwalk.


How To Stop Gray Hair From Growing 8

How To Stop Gray Hair From Growing

Your hair goes through natural cycles. It dies, and then it would regenerate afterward. As your hair follicles age, less color will be produced. Your genes will determine the age when you will start having gray hair. However, for the majority, gray hair will start to appear once you hit 35 years old. Follicles that have aged will likely produce white or gray hair as a replacement for the hairs that have died. Although many people will welcome their gray hair because it is a sign of wisdom and maturity, a great majority feel that gray hair makes them feel and look older. How to stop gray hair from growing? Once the gray hair starts growing, they would like to prevent its spread and stop it altogether since they prefer their youthful colored locks’ appearance.

How To Stop Gray Hair From Growing

How to stop gray hair from growing—top tips

Get enough vitamins

How to stop gray hair from growing? Vitamins such as b12 are essential for maintaining the health of the skin and hair. Once you have a deficiency of this vitamin, your hair can lose some of its pigment prematurely and even fall out. The same goes if you have a zinc deficiency. If you have a vitamin deficiency, your hair may go gray or even make you bald. Other sources of essential vitamins are animal products, beef, and poultry, which include eggs and chicken. You can also find them in fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other dairies.

Another essential vitamin to prevent gray hair growth is vitamin D, which can be sourced from sun exposure. In this study, researchers found that children with low vitamin D levels similarly had visible signs of graying hair. Apparently, the findings showed that vitamin D has an influence on the melanin production of hair follicles. 

If you can’t take vitamin D from the sun, you can also opt for vitamin D supplements, or consume foods rich with vitamin D, such as red meat, oily fish, egg yolks, liver, and vitamin D-fortified foods.

It is vital to take multivitamin supplements to avoid going gray too early. How to stop gray hair from growing? You should take vitamins, especially if you suspect that you aren’t getting enough essential vitamins and nutrients with the food you eat. Supplements aren’t exactly a miracle product that can stop the onset of gray hair, but it can give you some time before your hair actually turns.

Deficiency is common among vegans because it is hard to get these vitamins through food not sourced from animals.

Vegans should be mindful of their b12 intake, and supplementation is necessary for them. Sources of b12 for vegetarians are milk and egg products.

Egg oil massage

How to stop gray hair from growing? Every couple of weeks, massage your scalp with egg oil and let it steep overnight. Crucial substances are present in egg oil, which include antioxidant-rich xanthophylls like lutein and zeaxanthin, which stops the premature onset of gray hair and can even reverse the early stages of graying hair. You can cover your bed with a plastic sheet as you lay for the night as a tip. It can be a hassle and maybe uncomfortable, but when it comes to cleaning time, it saves you tons of time.

Quit smoking

How to stop gray hair from growing? Tobacco smoking has been linked to the onset of gray hair at a young age. If you are a smoker all your life and are concerned about getting gray hair, you should start taking measures to quit smoking right now because smoking encourages gray hair growth. If you are just an occasional smoker, you may stop the habit without external assistance. However, if you are a heavy smoker, you probably need a support system to help you quit. Either way, when it comes to the onset of graying hair, it’s never too soon to start quitting tobacco products. How to stop gray hair from growing? All forms of tobacco products will be harmful to the hair. In addition to gray hair, smoking also causes hair to look drab and brittle. Hair that is damaged easily falls out compared to healthy hair. Your skin also gets a beating from smoking and even changes its color to a grayish hue. Your teeth also get ruined by smoking and make them weak, promoting gum disease, and enamel damage, which will cause the premature loss of teeth.

Visit Your Salon Occasionally  

Gray hair is excessively stubborn. While the methods mentioned above may be effective to stop hair gray growth, it could take a while before the desired effects start to show. If you have an important event to attend soon, you can’t easily stop your gray hair in this short period. Instead, you must visit your favorite salon for a new hair color that’ll hide your gray hair growth effectively and immediately. 

When choosing a good salon, ask for the recommendations of people you know. As much as possible, look around your area for top-rated salons. If you’re located in Mississauga, Canada, take a look at this hair salon Mississauga.

Depending on the severity of your gray hair, your hairdresser may opt for a temporary coverage by using a touch-up pen or completely recoloring your hair. You can also ask for additional hair-friendly treatments to keep your locks looking healthy and beautiful.

Haircare maintenance is crucial to prevent hair loss


Although healthy hair doesn’t necessarily turn gray sooner than healthy hair, unhealthy hair is likelier to fall out. How to stop gray hair from growing? As your hair grows back, unhealthy hair will have less pigment than the normal hair. This phenomenon especially happens as you get older. Think of ways to improve your hair care routine to keep your hair healthy, undamaged, and strong so it won’t easily fall out. If your hair has undergone bleaching, coloring treatments, and straightening, your hair will fall out. The use of hair extension also causes hair loss, especially if they are used improperly.

Using heated styling tools such as hair dryers and curling irons also causes much damage to the hair even if you use a heat protectant. It is better to air dry hair and go natural.

When you brush your hair, especially when it is wet to detangle it, hair loss can also happen and breakage. How to stop gray hair from growing? Always be gentle with your hair and use a wide-toothed comb every time you the tangle

Natural remedies for hair vibrance

How to stop gray hair from growing? Although studies are not conclusive to show that natural supplements can stop gray hair, there are many remedies popular in India and other Asian countries that are said to prevent gray hair. If you decide that adding these supplements to your diet daily diet will be helpful, it will be good to consult with your doctor first or nutritionist to ensure there won’t be adverse effects on your health.

The following are some of the popular natural remedies you can incorporate into your diet:

  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Black sesame
  • Chlorophyll supplements
  • Nettle leaf
  • Seaweed
  • Amla

Home remedies for gray hair– how to stop gray hair from growing

People who are advocates of natural healing suggest some natural remedies for gray hair which include:

Coconut oil

How to stop gray hair from growing? Massage coconut oil on to your hair and scalp every other day right before bedtime. The following morning do your hair washing routine.


Consume a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger with a tablespoon of honey every day.

Blackstrap molasses

How to stop gray hair from growing? Eat a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses each day.

Blackstrap molasses is sourced from sugarcane juice and not from beet sugar. It is widely believed that it stops the graying of hair.


Every day drink about 6 ounces of amla juice and massage some amla oil onto your hair each week.

Black sesame seeds

How to stop gray hair from growing? Eat a tablespoon of black sesame seeds at least three times a week to slow down the process of graying hair and possibly reverse it.


How to stop gray hair from growing? Massage hair and scalp with ghee or clarified butter every couple of days every week.


Put on fresh amaranth juice at least three times a week

Wheatgrass juice

Every day drink one to two oz of wheatgrass juice and add a tablespoon of wheatgrass powder to your diets such as your smoothies and soups.


In China, Fo-ti is taken as an internal supplement. How to stop gray hair from growing? Consume 1000 mg two times a day with the food you eat to stop and reverse the graying hair process.


Crush the onion in a blender and use a filter so that you are left with the onion juice. How to stop gray hair from growing? A couple of days every week, apply the onion juice on to your scalp and hair and leave it to steep there for up to 30 minutes and then rinse it out with shampoo.

Carrot juice

Every day drink at least 8 ounces of carrot juice


How to stop gray hair from growing? Catalase is a food rich in enzymes, so it is crucial to eat foods rich with this substance:

  • garlic
  • cabbage
  • sweet potato
  • kale
  • broccoli
  • almonds

Curry leaves

Combine 1/4 cup of curry leaves and 1/2 cup of yogurt and turn it into a paste. Put it on to your hair and scalp and rinse it off after 30 minutes. Repeat the process up to 3 times a week.


How to stop gray hair from growing? Take in the Ashwagandha supplement together with your diet.

Almond oil

Mix almond oil with lemon juice and amla juice in equal parts. Put on the mixture to your hair and scalp. How to stop gray hair from growing? Do this routine a couple of times each day for three months.


Get an 8 oz jar and fill 1/3 of it with dried rosemary.

Fill the rest of the jar with extra virgin olive oil and leave the jar under the sun for 4 to 6 weeks, often shaking every few days. After six weeks have passed, you can use this substance as hair oil.

Natural hair dye– how to stop gray hair from growing

How To Stop Gray Hair From Growing

Using various herbs, you can make your hair dye.

However, it should be noted that these dyes wouldn’t be as strong as commercially manufactured chemical dyes.

How to stop gray hair from growing? The process of dyeing must be repeated several times before you see obvious changes. The following are the crucial ingredients that can be used in the natural hair dyeing process:

  • For blonde hair, you can use chamomile flower tea, lemon peel, saffron as well as marigold flower
  • Red hair will benefit from beet juice, carrot juice, and rose petals
  • You can achieve brown hair by mixing coffee and cinnamon
  • Black hair will need ingredients such as black walnut, black tea sage, and nettle
  • Advocates of natural hair dyeing suggest the following recipe:

Black pepper

Mix a tablespoon of freshly ground black pepper and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice. Combine this with 1/2 cup of plain yogurt. Put the mixture on to the hair and scalp and leave it there to steep for up to one hour and then rinse it off. Repeat this process for up to three times a week.


Mix a sufficient amount of henna powder into one cup filled with black tea or coffee to make a paste with the same consistency as yogurt. Cover the bowl and let it steep. After 6 hours, mix in a couple of tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil and then apply it on to your hair and scalp. Rinse the ingredients off your hair after 3 hours. You can steep this mixture on to your hair for longer or shorter depending on the color depth that you want to achieve.

Frequently Asked Questions on how to stop gray hair from growing

Can gray hair be reversed?

If your hair has already turned gray, there is a little chance of reversing the process, although you can still dye it. If your hair hasn’t turned gray though, there are some chances that you can delay the onset of gray hair by making sure that you are getting enough nutrients from your diet especially getting enough vitamins b12 and b6. It would be best if you also got a cocktail of b8, biotin zinc, and vitamin d. Your food is the best source of these vitamins and nutrients.

Consult with your doctor before you take supplements. It is also crucial to quit smoking if you are a smoker and get enough sleep regularly

Can my gray hair ever turn black again?

How To Stop Gray Hair From Growing

If your hair has already turned gray, the best way to turn it black again is to dye it. There are tons of commercial and natural coloring treatments available. If you want to go for natural dyes, indigo and coffee can help turn gray hair to a medium brown or even black shade. You also have the option of going natural and just letting your gray hair salt, and pepper appearance be since it can also be quite attractive.

Are there mineral deficiencies connected with gray hair?

Although premature graying is often related to genetics, it can also be associated with low or insufficient amounts of minerals, including b12 folic acid and biotin. However, even if you consume nutrients, you can still go gray since your genes have been programmed for it. If you are below 35 and your hair is turning gray go to a doctor to see if there are health reasons behind it. Some reasons for the early onset of gray hair are nutrient deficiencies, illnesses, or hormonal problems. Graying hair is a natural process if you are over 35, but everyone will have a different genetic predisposition when it comes to the onset of graying hair.

Final Thoughts

Seeing gray hairs on your head signals a transition and can be a life-changing event. Some people will embrace the idea that they are getting older. Gray hair is a mark that they have gained wisdom and experience in life. However, they will want to delay the graying process as much as possible for a lot of people. How to stop gray hair from growing? There are tons of remedies for graying hair. You can target it directly by coloring it or dyeing it, or you can go the route of applying lifestyle changes and quitting harmful habits.

Best Curling Cream For Naturally Curly Hair- Top 3 Products 9

Best Curling Cream For Naturally Curly Hair- Top 3 Products

Curly hair needs proper maintenance in order for it to look its best. Even if your hair is naturally curly, you will need styling aids to help the curls pop out. Curls that are well-defined look amazing and help you stand out. The best curling cream for naturally curly hair helps you achieve your desired look in no time. Best of all, these products have additional benefits that help your crowning glory look its best. 

How To Use best curling cream for naturally curly hair

Do you know everything that goes into using curling creams? Whether you are a beginner or already an expert or something in between, there are some things that you should know about curling creams that can help you. 

Curling cream is a unique name given to a cream that enhances curls. Once you apply it on your hair, it produces amazing results and nourishes hair. It works on every type of hair and any curl type. 

Put the cream on while your hair is very wet

Best Curling Cream For Naturally Curly Hair

 When you wet your hair, you would want to apply the cream immediately after rinsing out your conditioner. Your curls will be styled best if the curling cream is put on very wet hair. Your curls will be styled best if the curling cream is put on very wet hair and evenly coated through each strand.

Once distributed through your curls, your hair should appear smooth and follow its natural curl pattern. The final look should not be messy, nor should the strands look separated. If you fail to achieve this effect, try putting on a bit more water and work through your hair with your fingers. Once you have achieved the desired look of nice and smooth looking curls, you can squeeze the excess water out section by section. 

Think of curling cream as if it were a conditioner and coat your strands generously with it

As long as your hair is soaking wet, it is ok to run your fingers through your curls to smoothen the tangles and make sure the curls are clumped together. You can also use a wide-tooth comb to make sure that the product is evenly distributed through your hair. In the styling process, this is a very important stage. You can manipulate your curls by twisting and directing them in sections where you want them to fall when they are finally dry. 

Avoid towel drying hair before applying cream

If you squeeze out too much water before applying cream, it can be detrimental. Your curls are ultra-smooth when they are wet, and you want to capture that wet look with styling. This is the only way that you can lock in the best look of your curls.

Don’t just scrunch it

Running your fingers through your soaking wet curls will disperse the product evenly. It will also remove tangles on your curls and give you the base to get soft curls with zero frizz. It also gives you the chance to manipulate your curls and place them exactly where you want them to be once they are dry. However, if you fail to coat them with the cream, you won’t get the desired look. 

Run your fingers through your hair first and then scrunch it up after. 

 Avoid touching your curls while they are drying

 Once the frizz-free foundation is already applied to your curls, you don’t want to disturb it. Try to touch your curls as infrequently as possible after styling. Using a diffuser and air dry or blow-dry the curls gently, and once they are totally dry, you can shake out or plump out your curls as much as you want. You can also separate the curl clumps to give the look of added volume. Be sure that you do not touch your curls as they dry because this is essential to achieving the desired final look. 

Best curling cream for naturally curly hair-top tips for healthy curls

Moisture is crucial to curly hair

Best Curling Cream For Naturally Curly Hair

Moisturization is vital to hair, and you should moisturize as if your curls depend on it. Moisture is vital for maintaining healthy curls and in keeping hair healthy overall. 

Compared to other hair types, curly hair tends to be drier. You can maintain your curls by using a nourishing leave-in conditioner in between wash days. 

Don’t overuse hair care products

 It is crucial to maintain the balance of giving your hair the essential nutrients from hair care products while avoiding product buildup. To avoid residue, you should know the proper amount that you should apply in hair per product. For example, most shampoos and conditioners would need you to apply a quarter-sized amount while styling products would need about a dime-sized amount.

Avoid shampooing too much

Each time you shampoo your hair, you are removing natural oils and moisture. Wash your hair three times to four times a week. It is also crucial to discover the right shampoo for your hair type. Steer clear of sulfates when analyzing shampoo ingredients since they can remove your natural moisture at a fast rate. 

Refresh hair often

You may have discovered the best shampoo schedule that is right for you, and it is good to refresh your hair as well. A lot of curly-haired individuals have said that their second-day hair is the best looking. Use a cocktail of leave-in conditioner with water and put it on your dry strands for the third and fourth day. Doing this can add the needed moisture for the curls to stay fresh and look beautiful as you let it rest between washes.

Use a protective hairstyle

Put your hair up on the protective hairstyle to make your strands tough against damage and give them a rest from styling. However, it is crucial that you only put your hair up on the protective style for a maximum of up to eight weeks and anything past that points can lead to breakages and split ends. 

Handle the ends of your hair with care


Your hair’s ends are the most sensitive part of your hair. 

This part requires special care and attention. The ends need to be treated with care thus, you should avoid wearing styles that are too tight, which can add pressure on the edges and result in breakages.  

Never detangle your hair when it’s dry

It is usually much easier to detangle your hair in the shower when your hair is loaded up with a silky conditioner. You can also make use of a disentangling brush after you shower as long as you put on tons of leave-in conditioner to ease detangling the knots without destroying your hair.

Wrap your hair

You are not giving your hair the protection it needs if you go to bed without wrapping your hair. The pillowcase causes friction on your hair and its edges, causing you to have a bad hair day the next day. When you wrap your hair in a silk or satin bonnet, you will ensure that it is protected throughout the night. 

Avoid hair dyes

Ammonia, as well as other harmful chemicals, are present in many hair dyes. The result is dry and damaged curls. If you want to color your hair go for gentler options like henna.  

Avoid the heat

Heated tools can give you quick styling, which will give you the desired look you want however, you will pay for it with damaged hair. 

Extreme heat can lead to dry and brittle tresses. To keep hair healthy and make it as natural looking as possible, opt for a wash and go routine.

Top 3 best curling cream for naturally curly hair


Ouidad Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream

OUIDAD Advanced Climate Control Featherlight Styling Cream, 5.7 Fl Oz
  • Defines curls with ultra-light, pillow-soft hold - won't weigh hair down
  • Locks out humidity and helps protect curls from heat and UV damage
  • Prevents frizz and flyaways

This best curling cream for naturally curly hair is a clear winner. This product ads definition to curls as it keeps it looking super touchable with zero frizz. This best curling cream for naturally curly hair doesn’t weigh hair down. The combination of olive and soybean oil plus humectants helps achieve great results for hair. 

Another plus to using this best curling cream for naturally curly hair is it works well under humid climates. Users have praised how it keeps moisture levels balanced for days and days. 

The patented advanced climate control featherlight style and cream have anti-frizz properties that helped define curls and stop the frizz and flyaways and provides ultra-light hold. This best curling cream for naturally curly hair has a special blend of humectants and natural oils that nourish the hair and flexible styling polymers that help define the curls.  

The anti-frizz nanotechnology present in this best curling cream for naturally curly hair has proteins derived from silk and seals in the cuticle’s nutrients to create a barrier that locks in moisture as it keeps humidity out. You also get the benefit of UV protection and barrier against other environmental aggressors.

Pros & Cons

  • Cream styler defends against frizz
  • Defines curls
  • Locks out humidity
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activating Cream

Cantu Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream with Shea Butter for Natural Hair, 12 fl oz
  • 7 ESSENTIAL OILS: nourish hair with shea butter infused with 7 essential oils
  • SMOOTH STYLE: define & add shine to natural curls, coils & waves
  • GREAT FOR: Type 2 waves, Type 3 curls & Type 4 coils
  • NO HARSH INGREDIENTS: formulated with no mineral oil, sulfates, parabens, silicones,...
  • CRUELTY-FREE: absolutely no testing on animals

This best curling cream for naturally curly hair gives you perky curls that don’t come with a high price tag. You will get a budget curl cream that gets the job done well for just the cost of a coffee. The formula used in this best curling cream for naturally curly hair includes shea butter and other essential oils for a hefty moisture and frizz control dose. 

The only thing you need is a little bit, and you will get the ideal amount of nourishment. Most curlies praise this best curling cream for naturally curly hair, saying that it helped define their curls without weighing it down. 

This best curling cream for naturally curly hair helps you embrace your beautiful curly texture and help you own up to your unique style. This brand helps you with the look and style you want for your textured hair. Styling is easy with this best curling cream for naturally curly hair. Apply the product to your hair section by section. Reapply to dry hair as needed for added moisture and extra shine. You can use the hold and mist at night for added style and twist and braid your curls to keep the style for longer.

Pros & Cons

  • smoothens and enhances natural curl pattern
  • reveals frizz-free volume
  • great for a quick wash-and-go
  • No negative reviews so far

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Amika Curl Corps Defining Cream

curl corps defining cream, 200ml | amika
  • Controls Curls
  • A Smoothing Curl Control Cream That Adds Bounce And Definition To Hair.
  • Fights Frizz, Anyone With Natural Curls, Coils, And Waves!
  • A Hair Styling Cream That Moisturizes, Softens + Enhances Curls.
  • Free From Sulfates, Parabens, Phthalates, Mineral Oil, And Petrolatum

This best curling cream for naturally curly hair knows that thick hair can be a challenge to maintain, but it doesn’t have to be. This curl cream is essential for anyone with thick curly hair. The smoothing formula of this best curling cream for naturally curly hair is full of antioxidants to guard hair against environmental damage that cause color fade and damage. It has humidity blocking ingredients that stop the frizz. Many users claim that in the end, they have gotten shiny and bouncy curls that feel lightweight

This best curling cream for naturally curly hair is a cream that gives smoothing control and causes curls to pop out while keeping the frizz down. The ingredients of tapioca starch help define curls and give soft hold. Oat peptides give nourishing properties and repair hair from the cortex level, so hair regains its health from the inside out. Peptides form a barrier of protection on hair which locks in moisture and delivers a shinier and silkier quality. 

The control cream encourages smoothness, softness and stops frizz and eliminates split ends and sagging in hair. 

This best curling cream for naturally curly hair softly controls curls and doesn’t make it hard or brittle. The light conditioner smooths and stops the frizz.

To use this best curling cream for naturally curly hair, gently work the products through damp or dry curls from root to tip.

This product is sulfate-free and paraben-free. It is safe to use on color-treated hair

Pros & Cons

  • helps provide definition and soft hold to curls
  • Free of sulfates, sodium chloride, parabens, and artificial colors
  • forms a protective barrier on the hair to lock in moisture
  • No negative reviews so far

Check Price on Amazon!

Final Thoughts

You want to get your curls looking their ultimate best. 

Unfortunately, weather conditions, as well as environmental elements, damage your natural curls. Make sure to protect your curls by having a healthy hair care routine and investing in the best curling cream for naturally curly hair. The result is a crowning glory that is well defended and look stunning under any situation.


Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair-Top 3 Products 10

Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair-Top 3 Products

Curly-haired individuals are often told to stick to alcohol-free hair products. Alcohol can cause extreme drying of the hair. However simply saying alcohols are all bad is a misconception. Because of this, alcohols are still present in a lot of hair care products. Some alcohols do cause dryness and frizz, but others work to give conditioning to the hair. Not all curly hair is the same, and there are some products that your hair will love and some that will cause it damage. If you think that an alcohol-free product is a better match for your hair, start updating your hair care arsenal from your shampoos to conditioners to gels. If you especially style your hair often choose only the best alcohol free gel for curly hair and never have to give up your style. 

alcohol free gel for curly hair–Good Alcohols vs. Bad Alcohols

Alcohol is commonly regarded as a substance that is drying to the hair. Since the explosion of the natural hair movement, many have become educated on hair care needs. Curly hair will need specialized products compared to straight-haired individuals. 

It is crucial to be educated on the ingredients present in hair care products to make sure that every hair routine brings forth moisturization, health, and strength for the hair. If you know what’s in your hair care product, it will save you time and money on trial and error.

Are alcohols entirely bad for hair?

Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair

Not all alcohols are bad for hair, and people must learn the differences. Doing a bit of research is crucial to get enlightenment. There at least two types of alcohol, one of them being the short-chain type which is considered to be bad for curly-haired people. Short-chain alcohol has a minimal amount of carbon atoms which means they dissolve the natural oils on your skin and hair because they act as solvents.

The bad alcohols

Alcohols are considered bad because they have few benefits for curly. Short-chain alcohols are sometimes used in hair care products because they promote dryness. They can evaporate fast which is helpful in certain cases, however fast-drying cant strip away the moisture crucial to hair health. Short-chain alcohols will benefit those with looser hair textures such as wavy hair. Overall, these products should be used in minimal amounts for tighter textures. 

Styling products also utilize short-chain alcohols to ensure the proper distribution of the hair products on the tresses.

The following are the so-called bad alcohols

  • Ethanol alcohol
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Propanol alcohol
  • Alcohol denat
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Isopropanol alcohol
  • Benzyl alcohol 

These alcohols will have similar functions in hair care products. Their main purpose is to combine oil and water, and they’re also sometimes used for their antiseptic properties. These chain alcohols are small-sized enough to enter the shaft of the hair and are often the reason for the eruption of frizz. Isopropyl alcohol is used as a solvent to get other substances into the hair follicles and is a commonly used ingredient in color treatments and dyes. 

The good alcohols

Fatty alcohols or the good kind of alcohols are good for curlies. These long-chain alcohols come from natural sources such as coconut oil and palm oil. 

They do not behave like ethanol. Each of their molecules will have more than 12 carbons and, because of this higher number, it makes them oilier hence they are called fatty alcohols.

The good guys

  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Stearyl alcohol
  • Lauryl alcohol

They are good for hair and have the following effects

  • These alcohols promote moisture by drawing water into the hair
  • Detangles the hair
  • Makes hair care products thicker
  • They act as emulsifiers that aid in combining water and oil and conditioners, which helps in distributing the conditioner more efficiently over the hair.
  • They are too large to enter the hair shaft, and they’re not very good at cleansing the hair. Their main use is to condition hair so that it will end up smoother and softer. 
  • The main function of good alcohols is to keep the cuticle flattened. 

Hair Care Tips for Curlies –alcohol free gel for curly hair

Ditch the brush or comb

Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair

For curlies brushing the hair is a cardinal sin especially if the hair is completely dry. If you brush your hair, the curls will tend to break, making it more likely to get frizzy. Instead of yanking at your curls with the comb after showering detangle your hair gently with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Twist the curl clusters and lock it in place. After that tie everything up in a scrunchie.

Shampoo your hair less often

Curly hair is prone to dryness and oils help improve the moisture levels. If you cleanse your hair, often it will eliminate the natural oils on your scalp and hair. The oils are crucial in promoting smoothness and hair health. 

Use a diffuser for curly hair

If you use the highest heat setting on your blower every time, your hair is dripping wet stop this habit. Using extreme heat on hair can severely damage your hair which will leave it completely unmanageable. Go for a lower heat setting or couple your blow dryer with a diffuser when drying your curly locks. A better option would be just simply to air dry your hair. Do not use a lot of styling tools on your hair since you also need to save on electricity.

Condition your hair frequently

Applying a conditioner frequently to curly hair is crucial. Conditioners promotes extra moisture and stop the frizz and makes the hair more manageable. Apply conditioner after shampooing and leave it on for up to 5 minutes before washing it out so the vitamins and nutrients can infuse into the hair strands.

Go easy on the styling

Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair

As you wake up in the morning style, your curly hair and don’t touch up anymore for the rest of the day to stop the frizz. You may be tempted to change styles at some point during the day or want to make sure that each curl is locked in place. It may seem harmless, but it actually promotes frizz. 

Touching your locks and twisting and twirling will contribute to its stress which will weaken it. Your curly hair will have a will of its own so just let it be.

Go to a professional hairstylist

Choose a good hairstylist that you can trust and know their way around natural curly locks. The hairstylist that you choose is crucial to maintaining the health and beauty of your curls. Not a lot of hairstylists have the know-how on cutting or styling curly hair. A good hairdresser knows what they are doing, and they will often cut your hair and dry it first before snipping off the stands ensuring that they are cutting it according to the curl pattern. These hairstylists can also teach you how to style and maintain curly locks properly. Searching for the perfect hairstylist is like searching for the one, but when you do find a hairstylist that can answer all your needs, it will be totally worth it and expect glorious hair days ahead.

Top 3 alcohol free gel for curly hair


OUIDAD Vitalcurl+ Tress Effects Styling Gel

OUIDAD Vitalcurl+ Tress Effects Styling Gel, 33.8 Fl oz
  • Item Package Length: 7.62cm
  • Item Package Width: 7.62cm
  • Item Package Height: 25.4cm
  • Item Package Weight: 1.134kg

This alcohol free gel for curly hair lets you achieve and maintain the ideal moisture levels, which acts as a base for the hair providing maximum style under any weather condition. This alcohol free gel for curly hair is infused with memory lock gel and contains provitamin b5 and clove oil to smoothen the lifted cuticles so you can set any style you want. Preserve your hairstyle and help define frizz-free curls.  

When you put in a lot of effort to make your curls amazing you want your look to stay for the rest of the day. It’s all a matter of choosing the best alcohol free gel for curly hair so your curls will have staying power. This alcohol free gel for curly hair has patented biotechnology which keeps curls strong, consistent and well-formed throughout the day. The infused memory lock technology forms lightweight bonds to manipulate and hold the pattern of the curls and rework it when water is applied.

This alcohol free gel for curly hair has botanical omega complexes sourced from natural ingredients such as chia seed Japanese Camellia, and Sunflower oils. It targets hair’s dry areas to enhance the lipid barrier and help curls keep its moisture, bounce, and elasticity. Expect healthy high performing curls that have a consistent pattern with this alcohol free gel for curly hair.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong hold gel defines curls all day long
  • extends the life of your style
  • lightweight
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-seal Styling Gel

Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-seal Styling Gel, 8 Ounce
  • Rough, tangled and damaged curly hair is never pretty
  • For all types of hair
  • Helps hair resist breakage

This alcohol free gel for curly hair is specially formulated with mongongo and hemp seed oils ingredients. As a result, this alcohol free gel for curly hair can tame frizzy curls by sealing the hair cuticle, blocking out humidity and stopping frizz. The result of using this alcohol free gel for curly hair is shine, smoothness, and perfect curls. The proteins and apple cider vinegar present in this alcohol free gel for curly hair also enhances the shine and texture of the hair and keeps frizz in check by promoting smoothness in otherwise rough hair cuticles.

This alcohol free gel for curly hair is meant to tame wild and frizzy locks so you will end up with silky strands and smooth style to rock your world. It provides a strong hold while smoothening the hair cuticles to stop the frizz. 

This alcohol free gel for curly hair is something amazing. When applied on damp hair, it will result in instant softening of the hair. Combined with the leave-in hair product results will be doubly outstanding.

Your hair will end up shiny and lustrous since all the moisture will be sealed in. Using this alcohol free gel for curly hair also cuts down drying time. It is recommended that you use this gel with a good leave-in hair product on damp hair and use a light oil to improve the gel’s appearance. This product doesn’t disappoint!

Pros & Cons

  • For all types of hair
  • Helps hair resist breakage
  • gives you a silky-smooth style
  • No negative reviews so far

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DevaCurl Arc Angel

This alcohol free gel for curly hair provides maximum hold. 

If you want a totally non-drying product you will get your maximum curl control moisture retention and long-lasting frizz-free definition without the crunchy looking appearance with this product. Your search is over. This alcohol free gel for curly hair uses an effective formula to give your curls hydration while giving ultimate strong hold throughout the day. This styling gel gives control and can be used on curly types from waves to super curls. 

Before applying this alcohol free gel for curly hair, make sure to wet your hair. Put a dime-sized amount into your palms and rub it. Bend your head forward and apply this alcohol free gel for curly hair in an upward motion. Gently towel dry your hair to soak up the excess water. As your curls completely dry shake the roots and scrunch it to promote softness. This method will give you crunch-free curls that have body, bounce, and look and feel moisturized. 

Pros & Cons

  • non-drying gel
  • gives maximum curl control
  • adds moisture
  • No negative reviews so far

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Final Thoughts

Not all products are made equal, and you may find yourself using a product that is not giving beneficial results to your hair. 

It is crucial to examine the label and be knowledgeable about how the different ingredients react to the physical properties of the hair. Some types of alcohol are used in hair products and can be used by curlies as well. 

However, if you find that your hair is reacting adversely even to the good types of alcohol, it is time to go completely alcohol-free. Even if your hair has certain sensitivities, you will still have to style it to be on-trend. Thus, it is crucial to use the best alcohol free gel for curly hair so you can follow your fashion without compromising your hair’s health.


Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair- Top 3 Products 11

Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair- Top 3 Products

If you are ready to go for a new style and get unicorn colors to stick to your hair, you will need to bleach your hair. Shifting to a lighter colored hair requires you to undergo a hair bleaching process. If you want to achieve results right in your home instead of a salon, you should follow the correct procedure for a successful outcome. The best hair bleaching kit for dark hair can liberate you from dark locks and give you the freedom to choose sparkling light shades or just about any color on the rainbow.

Best hair bleaching kit for dark hair–can I just dye my dark hair directly?

Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair

If you have light-colored hair, to begin with, going blonde or lighter is fairly easy. But if you have midnight black hair or brunette hair, it will be an entirely different ball game. Transforming your dark locks to lighter locks, whether dyed or natural, cannot be attained without undergoing a hair bleaching process. Bleach doesn’t work in the same way as a hair dye, although both products transform color. Dyes injects pigments into the hair but does not break the bonds crucial for the dark pigments to happen. Layering another color over dyes is not possible. Thus, the importance of bleach comes in.

Strips color 

Instead of changing the hair color directly, which attacks the pre-existing color, it opens up the hair cuticles, which allows the perfect base for dyeing hair. It uses a chemical compound called hydrogen peroxide, which infuses the hair with oxygen making it alkaline and opens up the hair cuticles. In this process of oxidization, molecules break the bonds of the atoms, which gives color. These atoms are otherwise known as melanin.

Because of its efficiency at removing hair color, bleach is an often-used chemical treatment before hair dyes. The result of bleach is a blonde shade, so some people just leave it as it is. The bleach transforms the shade of your hair, depending on how long you leave it on.

It will first turn into a reddish hue, then a light-yellow shade and finally a pale blonde hue.

Best hair bleaching kit for dark hair–Types of Hair Bleach

Oil Bleach

Oil bleach is based on a type of sulfonated oil, the primary ingredient of which is hydrogen peroxide. This ingredient is mixed with volume developers and other activators, which promote lightening effects. An oil bleach can give lightening effects of up to three shades.

This type of bleach is great for targeting roots. It is also great for creating highlights.

Cream Bleach

Creme bleach’s consistency is thicker compared to oil, nor does it drip nor run. As a result, it is easier to apply. The Thickening agents are mixed with conditioners that minimize hair dryness.

Although cream-based bleaches do not provide quick results, using it gradually turns your hair color shades lighter so you can stop when you have achieved the shade you desire.

Powder Bleach

Powder bleaches deliver quick action compared to other products. The process involves making a paste out of the powder. You combine the developer, the main ingredient of which is peroxide, to get a thick consistency. You have to be careful using this bleach type since it has zero conditioning ingredients and may end up drying your hair completely.

Unknown facts About Hair Bleaching– best hair bleaching kit for dark hair

Bleach will dry out your hair

Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair

It is a fact that bleach will completely dry out your hair, so you have to have a good conditioner handy at all times. Before bleaching treat your hair to an ultra-moisturizing process that will stop possible hair damages. If your hair has just been color-treated, you may need time to pass before allowing chemicals to touch your hair.

Patience is the key

A safe way to bleach your hair without sacrificing its health is to bleach in separate sessions at two- or three-week intervals. In this method, your hair can be given rest after each chemical treatment. Hair that has never been chemically treated will be fine with one session color treatments.

Bleached hair is high maintenance hair

Once you have bleached your hair, its properties will change, making it porous and elastic. It will be less soft. If untreated, this may make your hair prone to split ends and breakages. Moisturization is very crucial after bleaching.

You may have to go on regular salon visits for hair trims and conditioning treatments to promote hair health. Other treatments also keep hair healthy, and this is something you can buy in beauty aisles and drugstores. A good example are restorative masks that restore the structure of your hair.

It should also be noted that your hair cuticle may change. You will have to stick to shampoos conditioners and other hair care products that are protein-rich and sulfate-free, so your hydration needs will be met.

If you use styling tools, frequently make sure to apply a heat protectant prior to styling.

Different hair types mean different reactions

Best Hair Bleaching Kit For Dark Hair

Once you bleached your hair, you will lose its natural texture. A common outcome would be fine hair will turn out rougher and thicker while if you are curly-haired, the bleach will turn it into a wave pattern. If you want to return to your hair’s original texture, go for leave-in treatments that will heal the damaged protein bonds, and stop breakage.

You can’t go back to dark

When you have stepped into a lighter shade of hair, you can never go dark again. Bleached hair will only accept lighter shades. The only way to get your natural colored locks back is to cut it off or outgrow the bleached hair. If you need to grow out your hair, you can use growth vitamins and supplements. Before committing to a color, you can always test the bleach on a small area of hair. Dab a little bit of the formula on your hair area and leave it there for up to 5 minutes. Repeat the process until you have achieved the desired shade. If you feel uncertain or have questions, go to a professional colorist.

Best hair bleaching kit for dark hair—bleaching hair at home

If you want to bleach your hair at home, you can simply purchase a hair bleach kit. If you have a kit, it makes the process simpler since everything you will need is there, including bleach powder, developers, gloves, and instruction. Bleaching instructions will differ from brand to brand.

However, to give you an overall idea, you will need to combine the bleach component and developer. After that, apply the formulation on to your hair, but be careful not to get this stuff on either your skin or garments. As you finish applying the bleach, leave it on your hair for up to 30 minutes. The length of time the bleach will have to stay on your hair will vary depending on the base color of your hair and the brand you are using and the type of developer and whether your hair been previously bleached.

Once the bleach is ready to be removed, you will have to shampoo and condition your hair completely to eliminate the product. Many bleach kits have free conditioner, so be sure to use it and apply generous amounts of conditioner to your strands. When the bleach is washed off completely, air dry your hair and look in the mirror and see an instant transformation.

Top 3 best hair bleaching kit for dark hair


Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener

Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder Lightener, 28.2 Ounce
  • Intense and vibrant color results
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • For care and gentle-on-hair results

This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is perfect when you want to go blonde with your natural hair color. Apply this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, and it will turn your hair at least seven shades lighter. It is recommended that for you to get the best results with this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, you should remove any hair highlights. If your hair’s base color is black or wheatish, then you might have to bleach several times using this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair.

Wella blonder best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is a professional level product. However, you don’t need to have a colorist license to purchase this bleach.

This is a ready home kit that you can use right away, and all you need is to know the tip and tricks of applying this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair to get professional results.

This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is powder type, so when you apply it, you will give a silky-smooth feeling to your strands. Another advantage of this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is its anti-dust formula, making it safe for your lungs. Plus, it results in intense, vibrant shades.

Pros & Cons

  • Intense and vibrant color results
  • Highest quality ingredients
  • Gentle-on-hair results
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

L’Oreal Quick Blue Powder Bleach

L'OREAL PARIS Quick Blue Powder Bleach, 16 Ounce
  • Delivers Faster and Brighter Superior Lightening Powder.
  • Extra Strength Lightening Action Lifts Up To 7 Levels.
  • Dust-Free, Non-Drip Concentrated Formula.

L’Oreal quick blue powder bleach best hair bleaching kit for dark hair contains at least a pound of finely powdered bleach. It has an anti-dust property, which makes it safe for your lungs. This is a professional-level product, so it is crucial that if you are using it on a client, they are not left with a dusty feeling during the bleach’s application.

This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is exclusively made for salons by L’Oreal. It is meant to be used by professionals. However, the good news is the product is now available for the public as a home bleaching kit.

If professional experts are using this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, then it is certainly a good option as a home kit.

Who wouldn’t want salon level products for their home hair bleaching projects?

The advantage of this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is its mild smell. Bleaching is a time-consuming process, so a lot of professionals go for products with little or zero smell. The same will apply to you as well since you wouldn’t want a product that leaves behind a bleach chemical smell after the application.

Pros & Cons

  • Delivers fast and bright lightening results
  • Lifts to 7 levels
  • Dust-Free
  • No negative reviews so far

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Manic Panic Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit

MANIC PANIC Flash Lightning Hair Bleach Kit 40 Vol
  • Forty Volume Cream Developer; This Hair Bleaching Kit Lifts Hair Up To Seven Levels;...
  • Dust Free Bleach Powder; The Dust Free Bleach Powder Helps To Gently Prepare Hair For...
  • Hair Bleach Kit Includes; One Dust Free Bleach Powder; One Forty Volume Cream...
  • Cruelty Free And Vegan Formula; This Bleaching Kit Features Vegan Ingredients Tested...
  • Intended Use; This Hair Bleach Powder And Forty Volume Cream Developer Is Intended...

Manic panic flash lightning best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is a dust-free hair bleaching product. It comes in fine powdered form. This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is a good option for people who want to achieve darker to lighter shades. However, it is crucial to slowly use this product to achieve the desired shade to maintain hair health and avoid damage.

In this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, all the required bleaching equipment are included along with the main hair bleaching products. Once you open this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair, you will find the mixer box, developer, hand gloves, and plastic cup. A tinting brush is available too. Overall, this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair is ideal before you get multi-colored shades on your hair.

This best hair bleaching kit for dark hair will lighten up your hair’s color by seven shades. You may end up with brownish to dark blonde shades. If you want to undergo dye treatments after bleaching, this best hair bleaching kit for dark hair will be of great help. You need to apply this product frequently if you want to go lighter.

A blue toner is included in each kit. These extras are crucial to coming up with professional style outcomes. There are detailed instructions included so you can apply the main bleach properly as well as the accessories.

Pros & Cons

  • this kit prepares your mane for intense hair dye colors
  • Ensures the hair lifts evenly
  • achieves medium blonde to very light blonde results
  • No negative reviews so far

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Final Thoughts


Once you have achieved your desired light blonde look, you can turn up the magic on your hair. The latest technology infused into the best hair bleaching kit for dark hair can make your locks ready for the trendiest colors. Experimenting with your look has never been so easy. With a little know-how and choosing the best products on the market, you can achieve dramatic transformations.


Lightening Shampoo For Black Hair- Top 3 Products 12

Lightening Shampoo For Black Hair- Top 3 Products

Hair that is sleek and black is gorgeous; however, it is notorious for being difficult to color. Although black is beautiful, sometimes you may want to change styles and go for lighter hair color. The beauty world is full of choices when it comes to hair color. It is only natural that if you see a new magazine, you may want to try on a style. However, how do you go about lightening your black locks? When you lighten black hair, you will have to go through some hurdles, but you can certainly do the process successfully with a little bit of research and know-how. Invest in the right products that have top quality ingredients. Use the best lightening shampoo for black hair regularly and get your black locks turning a shade lighter in no time.

How to Lighten Black Hair– lightening shampoo for black hair

Don’t rush when you color

Lightening Shampoo For Black Hair

When your black hair undergoes a color treatment, you must take time so that your hair’s integrity will be maintained. 

While your final goal may be lighter locks, you should know that it will take some time and you have to undergo a few color sessions to achieve the best results. Do not try to get a super light result in a single treatment. Color your hair two shades from your natural color at a time. Let your hair rest for a few weeks before resuming lightening sessions again. If you are getting your coloring procedure from a professional, they will know the proper process on how you can achieve the desired level of color on your locks. Getting a lighter hair color entails bleaching your hair and if you have black hair, the process will take longer.

Home hair coloring kits

If you don’t want to go to a salon for your major hair color transformation no worries because there are tons of beauty aisle home hair coloring kits you can choose from to lighten your black hair. You can choose from a variety of shades of home hair coloring kits. There are plenty of brands that have superior ingredients in them that will give you outstanding results. Make sure to follow the instructions included in the package so you will have successful outcomes.

Get highlights

Maybe you don’t want a major color transformation for your hair; instead you just want a sun kissed effect to your dark locks. 

If this is the case, opt for balayage. 

This type of coloring procedure was an innovation by French colorists back in the 70s. The term Balayage mean sweeping motion. When you apply this technique, a colorist hand paints the colors on to your hair. The result is a more natural-looking hair color compared to classical highlight effects. Don’t want to fork out a ton of money for the salon? No worries since there are brands which offer home kits that let you get the balayage effect right at the convenience of your home.

Maintenance of your color treated hair

Lightening Shampoo For Black Hair

If you have gotten the desired color transformation for your hair, the next step is to make major changes in your hair care routine. Hair that has undergone color treatment requires extra care so go for shampoo and conditioner as well as other hair care products that give special care for color treated hair. Check out brands that are safe for color treated hair. After you apply shampoo on your hair, get some conditioner on to your wet hair and leave it on for about 3 minutes. At least twice a week use a hair mask instead of a conditioner and leave it on for up to 5 minutes. Rinse out everything with warm water.

Cover roots

If your hair has been colored treated but gray roots are popping out you can apply a root cover-up spray to hide the root’s color temporarily. Do this method until you have time to do a touch up of your hair color. There are products that can achieve these results. 

They are available in a variety of shades, and you can just quickly spray them on the affected areas. To use this product, hold the can about 6 inches away from your head and target the new growth. Also, spray through the length of your hair to color blend.

If you want something other than lightening shampoo for black hair try natural lemon

Lemon juice is a great natural home ingredient if you want to achieve lightening effects on your hair. It can lighten dark brown hair. It is a great home remedy for lightening hair. Lemon juice has a property which makes it versatile in bleaching and hair lightening. If you want to go for a home remedy and you research online, you will find tons of methods and processes that will use lemon juice as an ingredient.

There are tons of ways to use lemon juice. Some dilute it in the water while others prefer to add the lemon deep hair conditioners. Others use the lemon in combination with olive oil so that their coloring treatments will be nourishing as well as bleaching. 

An advantage to using natural lemon juice is that if you use it correctly, it causes less harm than its chemical counterparts which are hair dyes. These chemicals can damage your hair. However, on the downside lemon juice can dry your hair, so it needs to be diluted with water. 

You may have to treat your hair with lemon juice several times before you get the desired result. Compared to chemical dyes, lemon juice will have a more subtle hair lightening. 

Why Does Lemon Juice Lighten Hair?

You may be wondering what the properties of lemon juice that make it effective as a hair lightener. The key property of lemon juice is citric acid which is responsible for lightening the hair strands. Citric acid has bleaching power that reacts to natural pigments on the hair and lightens it over time. The result is a lighter shade of color with marks of highlights. 


Sunlight and lemon juice work wonders in the lightening of your hair. When the citric acid is exposed to sunlight, its components get activated. The hair cuticles are opened up, and the hair strands are exposed to ultraviolet light.

Ultraviolet rays have natural bleaching effects for the hair. The double bonds on the hair pigments are reduced to single bonds; thus, bleaching of the hair happens. Using lemon juice on the hair amplifies the effects of UV lights and speeds up the bleaching process. The lightening effects are made much stronger when lemon juice is applied on the hair, and it gets exposure under the sunlight.

How to Use Lemon Juice to Lighten Hair

Lemon juice can help in the bleaching effects of dark hair. The next step is to use lemon in lightening hair

The ingredients required for this process is:

  • 1/4 cup of lukewarm water
  • 1 cup of lemon juice that is freshly squeezed although you may also use lime
  • One spray bottle


  • In a small bowl combine the lemon juice and water
  • Pour the entire solution on to a spray bottle
  • Spray the solution on your hair as needed. If you want to lighten your entire head, you can spray it all over but if you only want to have lightening effects on some parts, choose the areas where you want to have highlights.
  • Sunbathe for 30 to 60 minutes or simply sit under the sunlight. Be sure to put on a generous amount of sunscreen so you will be protected from harmful UV rays and not get sunburned.
  • Rinse off the lemon juice with lukewarm water shampoo your hair and finish up by applying a deep conditioner to counteract lemon juice’s drying effects.

Top 3 lightening shampoo for black hair


Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo

Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo, 10.1-Ounce
  • For nourishing and illuminating highlighted hair
  • Cleansing your highlighted hair with our extraordinary sulfate-free shampoo
  • Restores hairs optimal pH level, banishes brass, and produces a luscious lather

The manufacturers that made this lightening shampoo for black hair knows that hair demands timely nourishment and care that stop damages that happen from careless routines. Thus, this lightening shampoo for black hair was created to enhance the quality of the hair and give its supreme protection from all kinds of harm. Joico Blonde Life Brightening Shampoo lightening shampoo for black hair is one of the brightest shampoos on the planet celebrated by blonde people around the world. 

This lightening shampoo for black hair gets rid of oil, dirt and gunk that makes your hair look dull and lifeless. The PH levels of your hair are also restored, and the brassiness is removed. Furthermore, this lightening shampoo for black hair hydrates your hair from root to tip and gives you lustrous shine and softer feel on your hair. The ingredients in this product is a mixture of exotic blends that give a natural glow to your tresses. The patented bio advanced peptide complex detangles any knots and snags. Damaged hair and processed hair get optimum replenishment from this lightening shampoo for black hair. 

Get a natural glow to your hair with this lightening shampoo for black hair and feel ultra-clean up to your roots. Get the benefit of bio advanced peptide complex and bring back moisture and hydration to dull and damaged hair!

Pros & Cons

  • Sulfate-free shampoo
  • Banishes brass
  • Gives a luscious lather
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

Crème of Nature Argan Oil Moisture & Shine Shampoo

Creme of Nature Professional Argan Oil Moisture and Shine Shampoo, 20 Ounce
  • For radiant shine, nourishment and protection.
  • Hydrates and detangles hair.
  • Sulfate-free formula.

This lightening shampoo for black hair is one of the most amazing shampoos on the market. It induces shine on the hair and gives it moisture. This product comes with tons of other benefits as well. Aside from enhancing the shine on your dull and lifeless hair, this lightening shampoo for black hair will have zero sulfates and parabens, making it extremely nourishing and hair health-promoting.

This lightening shampoo for black hair is deeply nourishing with the ingredients of Moroccan argan oil, which is rich in natural phenols and vitamin e. Together, these ingredients provide not only moisturization for your hair but also deeply nourishes the scalp to stimulate your hair up the root level and promote hair growth. Hair is made lustrous and incredibly shiny with the argan oil ingredients. Above all this lightening shampoo for black hair strengthens hair at the follicle level and gives a good amount of moisture on the scalp.

Moroccan argan oil is rich in properties that promote the health of hair. It is a natural source of vitamin e that deeply nourishes and moisturizes hair. Experience a lightening shampoo for black hair that strengthens your hair at the follicle level. Be confident with your shiny hair that is both thick and lustrous. Get a detangled mane and brush your locks effortlessly.

Pros & Cons

  • Gives radiant shine and nourishment
  • Hydrates and detangles hair
  • Sulfate-free formula
  • No negative reviews so far

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Joico K-Pak Clarifying Shampoo

Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo 10.1 oz
138 Reviews
Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo 10.1 oz
  • Removes chlorine and buildup
  • Deep-chelating shampoo
  • Leaves hair feeling moisturized and conditioned

If you want to get the best lightening shampoo for black hair or something to enhance the quality of your tresses, then this might just be the right product for you. This lightening shampoo for black hair has it to all and is the one go-to product for all your hair maintenance needs. If you use tons of products on your hair, it can have negative effects on your hair. Instead of getting top-notch locks, your hair may end up dull and heavy looking. 

This lightening shampoo for black hair has clarifying properties that will get rid of all the excess residue and build up in your hair and leave it in a pure and natural state. Furthermore, this lightening shampoo for black hair promotes moisture balance on your hair with the cocktail of proteins that promotes sturdiness and strength. The lightweight formula of this lightening shampoo for black hair gets rid of any residue and you are left with cleansed and hydrated locks. Different types of hair will get optimum benefits from this lightening shampoo for black hair. Thick hair to thin hair will get outstanding results.

Experience strong and sturdy hair with this lightening shampoo for black hair. Give your hair a breather and experience cleanliness up to your hair roots. Simultaneously get lightening effects and maintain a stylish look.

Pros & Cons

  • Removes buildup
  • Deep moisturizing shampoo
  • Leaves hair conditioned
  • No negative reviews so far

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Final Thoughts

Lightening Shampoo For Black Hair

Because we are inundated with constantly changing fashions and head-turning trends, we will want major transformations in our look. Following a style and changing up your look is made effortless with the tons of products available on the market. If you want to go from dark brown locks to light locks, get the best lightening shampoo for black hair and start your transformation today.






Curly Hair Routine — Tips and Tricks-5 Steps

curly hair

Curly hair requires a lot of attention. Many people see well kept curly hair and they go, “oh wow! You have beautiful hair”. What most of these people don’t know is that the amount of effort and time that goes into taking care of the hair is pretty significant. 

It’s like a pet or a baby. It always seems to have enough presence of mind to draw your attention, but not enough to take care of itself. And if you wish that there was an easy way to reduce the struggles of maintaining healthy curly hair, your wish has come true. 

In fact, there isn’t just one way. There are a good number of tips and tricks that make managing your curly hair very easy.

1. Don’t Shampoo Too Often

Shampoo used for

Shampooing your hair is a good habit. But if you do it too often, you risk drying out your hair. And dry hair is a breeding ground for dandruff and scalp irritation. So, you need to reduce your shampooing to about once a week. 

You might even go for longer before you shampoo. But! If you don’t shampoo your hair for too long, dirt would accumulate in it and cause more irritations. So, don’t wait for too long in between shampooing. 

If your hair gets dirty quickly, restrict your shampooing to about 6 to 8 times in a month. And if your hair doesn’t get dirty quickly, four times (or less) in a month should do.

And when you’re shampooing, spend more time on the roots of your curls. That is where most dirt accumulates.

2. Condition Your Hair Often


Hair conditioners make your hair softer, shinier, and untangled. And since curly hair seems to tangle up of its own free will, hair conditioners are your new best friend. Use the conditioner every time before you shower. 

Conditioning your hair while it is yet dry allows your hair to absorb enough conditioner. Getting your hair wet before you condition means that your hair has to struggle to absorb the conditioner after it has absorbed lots of water.

So about 20 minutes before you shower, apply the conditioner to your hair, and wear your shower cap. Wash your body before you rinse off your hair. And as you rinse your hair, try to untangle it from the root to the ends.

3. Use After-Shower Cream

shower cream

After-shower creams are the unsung heroes of curly hair. While shampoos clean your hair and conditioners keep it soft and untangled, shower creams help you to maintain beautiful looking curls. 

This is often what makes the difference between the attractive beauty pageant curly hair and the boring looking, not-so-curly-yet-not-so-straight-but-definitely-messy curly hair. 

Besides that, after-shower creams help you nourish your curls and make them look fuller. After you step out of the shower and comb your curls, apply the after-shower cream from the root to the ends.

4. Occasional Use of Hair Masks

Hair masks keep frizz away from your hair and make your curls look healthier. But unlike the after-shower creams and conditioners and shampoos, you can easily make hair masks right from your kitchen. Oil extracts like coconut oil and olive oil are usually the primary ingredients. 

You may apply hair masks to your hair once or twice a month.

5. Don’t Expose Your Hair to Heat Without Protection

Before you blow-dry your curls or try to use a flat iron to flatten them, apply heat protectant sprays. 

When you apply heat directly to your hair, you risk damaging its growth and making it dry. 

Dry hair attracts dandruff, which is not what we want. So before you expose it to heat, spray your hair with a heat tamer spray.


There you have it! The tips to having beautiful looking curly hair. The kind that draws second glances from strangers.

But if, by any chance, you grow tired and want to straighten your curly hair, you definitely need some of the best hairbrush straighteners to help you through the process.