Hair Splinters: Foolproof Prevention And Removal Tips From The Pros

how to avoid hair splinters

Hair splinters are just as nasty as they sound. When a sharp object makes its way into your hair, it can be nearly impossible to rid yourself of the problem — especially if you don’t have the know-how to deal with this common issue.

Hair Splinters: Foolproof Prevention And Removal Tips From The Pros 1

1) Call Professionals And Get Your Splinter Removed ASAP

Yes, you can try removing a hair splinter yourself, but it’s best to let the pros take care of business instead of wasting your time trying to remove something that can’t easily be removed without proper tools. A professional will have everything they need at their disposal to remove a hair splinter with ease — no pulling or tugging required! It’s more likely that they’ll use close-tipped tweezers rather than forceps, which are typically used for larger items. However, if you’ve been tweezing your brows out for years and never had a problem, go ahead and give it a try. If the end of the tweezers doesn’t fit over the object resting in your locks, opt to head to your local salon instead.      

2) Be Gentle!

Okay, so you’ve decided not to go with a pro because hey — paying somebody else to pick tiny pieces of your hair doesn’t sound very fun. But remember, if you are doing this at home: being gentle is key when picking at something that’s resting in your strands. Use tools like pins or bobby pins before resorting to using your fingers or other sharp objects meant only for piercing items. The last you want is for this splinter to rip a chunk of your hair out with it.

3) Clean Your Tools!

It’s absolutely critical that you clean the items you plan on using before dealing with a hair splinter. Any loose hairs, dirt, or other contaminants could easily get in between your strands and worsen the problem by spreading bacteria around even more. Even if you’re certain that whatever intends to be used is free from any nasties, use rubbing alcohol to rid it of any oils just in case.

How To Prevent Hair Splinters?

1) Secure Your Hair During Activities Like Swimming Or Sports

No matter what activity you partake in, it can be difficult to keep your strands completely secure at all times. Whether it’s the wind, the pool’s water, or any other force you come across during an activity that causes a hair splinter to occur, there are things you can do to lessen your chances of getting one.

2) Talk To Your Barber

If the thought of constantly being on guard whenever you step into nature makes your skin itch, consider visiting a barber or stylist that can take care of any pesky splinters instead — it’s worth trying out! He or she may use tweezers to remove the hair splinter but usually opt for small scissors instead. This makes for a much smoother cut and requires less tugging to remove the pesky item.

3) Be Gentle While Grooming

Splinters can happen anywhere, but they’re more likely to occur when you’re tugging at certain areas of the body. Thinner strands are definitely more vulnerable, so always take extra caution while grooming your brows or anything else that’s on the thinner side.

Hair Splinters: Foolproof Prevention And Removal Tips From The Pros 2

It’s not a fun experience to have a hair splinter, but it can be even more frustrating if you don’t know what to do. In fact, there’s a chance that you’ll make the problem worse without realizing it. For the best possible outcome, follow these steps to prevent and treat hair splinters.

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