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A hair dryer, hairdryer[1] or blow dryer is an electromechanical device designed to blow normal or hot air over damp hair to accelerate the evaporation of water particles and dry the hair. Blow dryers allow better control over the shape and style of hair, by accelerating and controlling the formation of temporary hydrogen bonds inside each strand. These hydrogen bonds are powerful (allowing for stronger hair shaping than the sulfur bonds formed by permanent waving products) but are temporary and extremely vulnerable to humidity. They disappear with a single washing of the hair.

The normal use of a hair dryer
Hairstyles using blow dryers usually have volume and discipline, which can be further improved by the use of styling products and hairbrushes during drying to add tension, hold and lift.

Blow dryers were invented around the end of the 19th century. The first model was created by Alexander F. “Beau” Godefroy in his salon in France in 1890. The handheld, household hair dryer first appeared in 1920. Blow dryers are used in beauty salons by professional stylists and in the household by consumers.

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best hair dryer to reduce frizz

3 Best Hair Dryers to Reduce Frizz & Hair Damage

Are you looking for ways to tame your frizzy hair? For the most part, hair dryers may not seem like an answer. But if you choose the best hair dryer to reduce frizz, you can say goodbye to fly-always and wiry texture. This equipment, together with a healthy hair regimen, will transform your locks into gorgeous tresses.

Here are three of the best picks in the market that you can shop right away!

ELCHIM X Lite Dryer
AMAXY Limited Edition Real Infrared Light Hair Dryer With Patented Ceramic Honeycomb Technology To Get More Volume, Smoother, Frizz Free & No Heat Damage (Free Mini Flat Iron)
ELCHIM X Lite Dryer
AMAXY Limited Edition Real Infrared Light Hair Dryer With Patented Ceramic Honeycomb Technology To Get More Volume, Smoother, Frizz Free & No Heat Damage (Free Mini Flat Iron)
Price not available
ELCHIM X Lite Dryer
ELCHIM X Lite Dryer
Price not available
AMAXY Limited Edition Real Infrared Light Hair Dryer With Patented Ceramic Honeycomb Technology To Get More Volume, Smoother, Frizz Free & No Heat Damage (Free Mini Flat Iron)
AMAXY Limited Edition Real Infrared Light Hair Dryer With Patented Ceramic Honeycomb Technology To Get More Volume, Smoother, Frizz Free & No Heat Damage (Free Mini Flat Iron)

What causes frizzy hair?

Frizzy hair can be due to a myriad of reasons. But anyone who had dealt with this problem will agree about one thing: humidity is the worst.

The hot weather during summer cause humidity to increase, which, in turn, punishes our hair. The moisture from our hair evaporates fast, especially if we bask on the sun for long hours without any protection.

Moreover, if your hair is already dried and the humidity levels are at a peak, you should expect the worst case of frizz.

Aside from this one thing we can’t control, frizz can be due to some unexpected reasons. One of which is your choice of a hair dryer.

Some hair dryers utilize more heat instead of airflow for drying your hair quickly. The very high temperature will dry the moisture in your hair. And if you use it daily, frizz is about to ruin your tresses.

You should also be mindful of the hair products you use. Hair treatments with sulfates will strip off the natural oils of your hair. Sulfates, if you don’t know yet, are like harsh forms of detergent. The same goes for hair products with alcohol and other abrasive chemicals.

For those with sensitive hair, towel-drying too much and using hot tools can contribute to frizz. The way you brush will also have an impact on the health of your hair.

What to look for the best hair dryer to reduce frizz?

When looking for the best hair dryer to reduce frizz, we recommend the following pieces of advice:

Look for diffusers

Diffusers are attachments that disperse the airflow evenly all over your hair. This prevents heat from being concentrated on one spot. It helps a lot in curbing frizz by giving a gentle blow on your hair. Moreover, it also helps maintain your hair’s natural curls and waves. It’s also a great tool to add volume to your hair.

Concentrators are important

Next, you should also look for concentrators. Like diffusers, these are attachments that narrow down the airflow of your hair dryer. If used without heat, concentrators can help tame flyaways and eliminate frizz. This is very helpful for thick hair since it allows you to dry it fast.

Opt for ionizing hair dryers

You probably heard about ionic hair dryers before. Ionizing hair dryers shoot negative ions, which helps scatter water into your hair. This prevents water from soaking in and creating frizz during hair drying.

Another thing that ionic hair dryers do is closing the hair cuticles, so each strand is smoother and more polished-looking.

This is the same process for tourmaline hair dryers. However, unlike basic ionic hair dryers, tourmaline produces more negative ions, which is good for your hair. The only downside here is that high-quality tourmaline hair dryers are quite pricey.

Choose a high-wattage model

The wattage of your hair dryer has a lot to do on how it functions. A hair dryer equipped with a high-wattage motor will use a higher force of the wind to dry your hair. On the other hand, low-wattage hair dryers utilize heat for drying your hair quickly.

Between these two options, it’s the high-wattage hair dryers that help with frizz. For the best results, look for the wattage of at least 1,600 to 2,000w.

If you have easily-damaged hair, you should steer clear of low-wattage models. Aside from making your hair frizzy, the intense heat will cause faster wear and tear on the unit.

If possible, look for an infusion

One of the hair dryer features we really like is an infusion. With this feature, you can load the dryer with a serum that will be diffused all over your hair. It could be keratin, argan oil, and other nourishing substances that you’ll also use on hair irons.

Check the temperature control

When it comes to frizz, you have to keep an eye on the hair dryer’s temperature level. As much as possible, you should look for a hair dryer with the smallest increments. This way, you can use heat without frying your hair and causing more frizz.

Consistent heat is necessary, too, so your hair will not become too dry. As much as high heat cuts drying time, you have a price to pay if you have easily-damaged locks.

Speaking of temperature, you should try to look for a hair dryer with the Cool Shot feature. This blows cool air to your hair to seal the cuticle after styling with heat. It will also prevent damage and frizz on your hair, especially on high-humid days.

Consider the airflow level

Another feature you should check is the airflow level of the hair dryer. The ability to control the airflow will give more edge to your styling.

High-speed airflow is ideal in drying coarse and thick hair. Meanwhile, low airflow will let you dry your hair while minimizing flyaways.

Many high-quality hair dryers utilize technologies to minimize air turbulence so that you will enjoy an uninterrupted airflow.

The right weight balance

Last, but not much of a deal-breaker, is the weight of the hair dryer. Less weight means easier styling and less strain on your hands. This way, you can style your thick and long hair without experiencing arm fatigue.

Best Hair Dryer to Reduce Frizz

Top 3 Picks!

OUR TOP PICK: Elchim X-Lite Ionic Hair Dryer

If you’re looking for an ionic hair dryer you can count on, you’ll never go wrong with the Elchim X-Lite. It has a ceramic technology for even heat distribution as well as two concentrators for styling and blow-drying.

The advanced ionic technology of this hair dryer helps prevent frizz, so your hair remains moisturized and lustrous. Inside, three interchangeable fluo filters add style to this lightweight equipment. It helps add volume to your hair, especially if you have easily-damaged and fragile tresses.

ELCHIM X Lite Dryer
  • Ultra-lightweight: one of the lightest professional dryers in the market; ideal even...
  • Ergonomic: prevents problems with carpal tunnel
  • Powerful and noiseless: equipped with a last generation hybrid motor for exceptional...
  • Ecologic: great power but with a very limited electricity consumption
  • Respect of the hair integrity: the advance ceramic technology creates ions naturally...

Moreover, Elchim X-Lite comes with a 2,400-watt hybrid motor that provides powerful airflow for a frizz-free finish. This unit has a lot of power while using a minimum amount of electricity.

We also like its well-balanced construction so you can style without feeling too much strain on your hands. The motor is also quiet, even at high airflow settings. It’s an ideal choice for traveling and long hours of styling.

This is a compact hair dryer suitable for thin to medium hair types. It also has five levels of heat and speed setting. If you wish to use a diffuser, you can purchase the Elchim Cocoon separately.

Lastly, this hair dryer is protected by a limited lifetime warranty. It’s an added security for your purchase should quality issues arise. So if you’re looking for a hair dryer that will help with frizz for years, this Elchim unit might be the one.

  • Ionic and ceramic technology
  • 2,400-watt motor
  • Built-in silencer/filter
  • None so far


Amaxy Professional Hair Dryer

Another hair dryer that we recommend is the Amaxy Professional. This has the ceramic honeycomb technology paired with infrared light. With this technology, the hair dryer uses low but deeply penetrating heat to dry your hair. This is an ideal choice for those with damaged and frizzy hair who can’t use high heat tools.

Moreover, this hair dryer is equipped with a powerful motor that offers excellent airflow levels. You can dry your hair twice faster and with consistent temperature control.

Aside from that, this hair dryer has the ionic technology that locks in your hair’s moisture. This way, you can style without sacrificing the health of your locks.

AMAXY Limited Edition Real Infrared Light Hair Dryer With Patented Ceramic Honeycomb Technology To Get More Volume, Smoother, Frizz Free & No Heat Damage (Free Mini Flat Iron)
  • ✅ MAXIMUM SHINE AND HEALTHIER HAIR: Using Our Professional Blow Dryer With Infrared...
  • 💇FAR INFRARED HEAT: Far infrared Light Infuses Gentle, Healthy Heat Into the Core...
  • 🕛 A HAIR DRYER FOR YOUR EVERYDAY USE: Not All Hair Dryers Can Be Used In A Daily...
  • 🔋 WHY AMAXY HAIR DRYER: Powerful Motor Dries Hair In Less Time And Lasts Twice As...
  • 💯 100% SATISFACTION: If For Any Reason You Were Not Happy With Your Purchase,...

Another thing that we like about this hair dryer is it comes with a free hair iron. It’s a 2-in-1 purchase, perfect for those who are beefing up their beauty kit.

This third-generation hair dryer and hair iron from Amaxy offer re-engineered features that provide more power. It’s also made more hair-friendly to suit those with easily-damaged locks.

Also, if you’re not happy with this hair dryer, you can send it back to get a refund. Amaxy will honor this money-back guarantee even if your unit breaks down after a year or so. For a pair of hair styling tools, this is already an unbeatable value.

  • No questions asked money-back guarantee
  • Comes with a free flat iron
  • Ionic and ceramic technology
  • Quite heavy

HDT-2000 Professional Hair Dryer

Our last recommendation is HDT-2000. It’s a fast-drying hair dryer with dual technologies of tourmaline and ceramic technologies. Also, it’s ionic to lock in the moisture of your locks.

Moreover, this hair dryer comes with two concentrators and three temperature heat settings. It’s also equipped with a professional AC motor that gives excellent power output to blow high levels of air. With this, you can get your hair dry in as fast as five minutes.

Thanks to its ceramic and tourmaline technologies, this hair dryer is hair-friendly, even if yours is dry and frizzy. We also like that it has a quiet operation, rich airflow, and negative ions to keep your hair lustrous.

In addition, the HDT-2000 neutralizes static, diffuse fizz, and dry safely. For those with healthy hair and looking for high heat, this unit will not disappoint. With such a vast setting range, this hair dryer is a versatile choice for almost any hair type.

Aside from blow-drying, you can also use this equipment or curling and straightening. You no longer have to purchase a separate flat iron just to style your hair in a breeze.

Lastly, we appreciate the extras like the 12-feet power coed, ACLI plug, and rubber button grip. It also has a double-layered barrel that keeps the device cool to touch even if you’re styling in a high heat setting.

  • Double-layered barrel
  • Combo ceramic and tourmaline technologies
  • Quick-drying
  • A little heavy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a hair dryer reduce frizz?

A: Yes, a proper choice of hair dryer can help reduce frizz by controlling temperature and airflow use. An ionic hair dryer will also prevent moisture loss by shooting negative ions to utilize water particles in your hair.

Q: How do I reduce the frizz on my hair?

A: To reduce the frizz of your hair, take it easy with harsh hair products and hot tools. Also, avoid terry cloth towels and brush properly. Using lots of conditioners and moisturizers will help bring back the shine and health of your hair.

Q: Is frizzy hair damaged hair?

A: Damaged hair will appear frizzy and dull. Over time, the frizz will worsen if you don’t moisturize your hair and quit abrasive hair products. This will result in brittle hair, which is a much bigger problem.

Q: Does using high heat on a hair dryer bad for the hair?

A: If you already have frizzy hair, high heat will only make the matter worse. The high temperature will strip your hair off its remaining moisture. As much as it speeds up drying, it also leaves damages. It may not be visible at first, but the damage will accumulate from the regular use of high heat.

Final words

Having frizzy hair is a nightmare for styling. It’s unkempt and difficult to manage. But with the help of the best hair dryer to reduce frizz and proper hair regimen, you will have healthier locks. Also, you should give your hair a break from any styling and products from time to time. That way, you can protect your locks from further damages. What do you think of the hair dryers we reviewed here? Let us know below!

Best Travel Hair Dryer And Best Travel Blow hairdryer products Review

In a world of humidity and static, it’s difficult to find the best way to keep your hair looking good. This problem becomes even worse when traveling. There is nothing to fear with the best travel blow dryers. These small drying guns contain all the features of their larger brethren – able to give you the equivalent smoothness and flexibility in a smaller package. Arm yourself against the damaging effects of moisture and frizziness!. Best travel hair products. feature: drying time, cool shot button, the diffuser attachment

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Conair MiniPRO Tourmaline Hair Dryer

travel smart by conair makes excellent beauty machines for an affordable price, and this portable little dryer is no exception. With a pair of heat and speed settings, you can get natural and beautiful looking hair. The tourmaline ceramic technology gives negative ion output, cutting back on static and frizz. The ergonomic handle is comfortable, and the no slip grip gives you the finesse necessary to obliterate moisture. The dual voltage means you’ll be able to find a plug for this just about wherever you go. When not in use the handle folds up for maximum portability.

Conair Travel Smart Hair Dryer

Proving again why they are one of the most notable brands in beauty, this Conair dryer is tough and small. The dual voltage means this machine can plug in both 110 and 220 outlets, making is usable just about anywhere. The dual settings lets you customize your hair drying experience, which can happen in minutes with the powerful 1200 watt dryer. This all plastic machine is tough, while the foldable handle allows you to fit this machine easily into luggage. The 5 foot line cord allows for simple movement.

Revlon Perfect Heat Compact Dryer

This stylish Revlon hair dryer has a complementary nozzle. The ergonomic design allows to maximize the airflow coming out of the impressive 1875 watt motor. Customize your drying with the pair of heat settings. This champagne colored machine has a cold shot feature to keep your style in place after it is dried. As one of the best travel hair dryers, this machine’s handle folds up to fit in even the smallest bag or suitcase. In addition, this dryer is dual voltage – allowing for use with both 110 and 220 volts. This maintenance free machine requires no cleaning or lubrication.and concentrator nozzle

BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Hair Dryer

One of the best blow dryers has dual voltage capabilities and a folding handle, making it perfect for travel regardless of your destination. Able to plug into both 110 and 220 outlets, this dryer is notable for drying hair fast without any of that nefarious heat damage. The ionization feature charge millions of particles negatively to cut away at frizz and get super smooth and natural looking hair. The tough 1000 watt motor has the far reaching infrared heat that gets to the root of your moisture and your hair.

Conair Dual Voltage Hair Dryer

With ionic technology, this machine blasts away frizz and ugliness with a simple click of the handle. This small machine packs a punch and has variability to boot: With adjustable heat and speed setting you can customize your hair how you see fit. The cool shot feature cools down your hair quickly, while the 6-foot cord ensures safety and maneuverability. The dual voltage means you can take this machine even out of country. With an easy twist you can fold this handle up to make an already small gun even smaller!

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Amazon Travel Hair dryer Best seller


best travel hair products With ionic technology to cut back on frizz and infrared features to get an even drying, these portable hair blowers have everything you need to be stylish. The dual voltage that all of them have means you can plug it in anywhere with a 110 or 220 volt without worry. The foldable handles consolidate these machines into snug compartments letting you fit other necessities. These portable hair dryers are a must have for those that want to look their best regardless of the circumstances. Get your holster ready and prepare yourself to shoot your way to beautiful luxurious hair in no time!

Top 5 Best Blow Dryer

Shampoo, conditioner, and rollers – all used to make stylish and sexy hair. In every hair stylists, repertoire is the blow dryers. Blow dryers of today are powerful machines that use scientifically derived principles to create wonderfully amazing hair in just moments. Become part of the bon ton with the multiple different settings and features on these dryers. Fire away at your wet hair and get super silky and shiny quality with the best blow dryers!

Best Travel Hair dryer

Best Cordless hair dryers

John Tourmaline Ionic Blow Dryer

JOHN Hair Dryer, Professional Salon Blow Dryer with 2200Watts Powerful Ceramic Ionic, Fast Blow Drying, Blast Turbo 6900, Black
  • [Turbo 2200W Hair Dryer] Drying time is up to 5X faster for long and thick hair as…
  • [Ionic and Ceramic] Thanks to modern technology, hair dries more quickly, softer and…
  • [Straightener Effect] Slim nozzles designed for salon use, provide hair quick…
  • [Convenience of Use] Handheld design that is ergonomic and comes with a 9-foot…
  • [Service] There is a 12-month warranty on the hairdryer.

Get a guaranteed long life and superior performance with this hair dryer’s AC turbo motor. The powerful 2200 watt motor will give you beautiful hair in a fraction of the time. For a completely customized experience, the versatility switches offer you a myriad of different possibilities. Shot away that moisture with the built-in turbo device that is proven to increase airflow. When needed, the air filter is easily removable and cleaned. Probably the best blow dryer on the market today, the John blow dryer has over 9 feet of flexible cord – allowing you to move completely unhindered.

Wazor Professional Hair Dryer

Wazor Professional Ionic Hair Dryer with Diffuser, Infrared Salon Grade Blow Dryer with Comb Attachment, 1875W Powerful Quiet Hair Blow Dryer, Tourmaline Ceramic Hairdryer with Nozzle, Black
  • PROFESSIONAL 1875W AC MOTOR FOR EXTRA LONG LIFE The durable salon quality AC motor…
  • FAR INFARED HEAT Far infrared heat has a longer wavelength than conventional heat,…
  • 2 SPEEDS, 3 HEAT SETTINGS WITH COOL SHOT BUTTON 2 speed (strong/gentle) and 3 heat…
  • REMOVABLE LINT FILTER Double safety net, prevent hair will not be sucked into the…
Wazor Professional Tourmaline Hair Dryer 1875W Fast Drying Blow Dryer with Concentrator & Diffuser & Pik Lightweight Ionic Hairdryer with 2 Speed and 3 Heat Setting
  • Wazor negative ionic technology control frizz well, make hair shiny and heath….
  • 3 Heat Settings and 2 Speed Settings suit all hair types and styling flexibility,…
  • Lightweight ergonomic design easy to hold, concentrator and Diffuser included,…
  • Professional 1875 Watts of power and long-lasting AC motor produces strong airflow…
  • 1.8m cord salon hair dryer with hanging loop, One-year replacement, ETL certified and…

This tourmaline hair dryer has an ionic ceramic technology that is proven to provide softer hair with less static. With a professional 1875 watt motor, you’ll get salon level results in super fast. Pulling from scientific principles, this machine uses infrared heat that is shown to dry your hair from the inside out. For more flexibility and customization there are three heat setting – a high heat, low heat, and cool burst setting. The lint filter is removable and easily cleanable. Notably, this filter also comes with a hair safety net to ensure hair doesn’t get sucked in while you’re drying.

Berta Negative Ion Blow Dryer

2000 Watt Negative Ions Ceramic Hair Dryer Professional Salon Blow Dryer, Lightweight Powerful Travel Hairdryer,Cool Hot Button,3 Heat & 2 Speed Settings with Concentrator Nozzle
  • 2000 Watt Ceramic Hair Dryer: Featuring Tourmaline ceramic technology plus…
  • Negative Ions Hair Care: Natural negative ion output helps fight frizz and bring out…
  • 3 Professional Salon Attachments: Unique, dual airflow quick dry nozzle helps dry…
  • Comfortable buttons for styling: 2 hairdryer speed settings and 3 heat settings let…
  • Lightweight for Travel: Drying and styling with ease. Go from washed strands to…

This sleek and sexy dryer uses incredible ionic technology. Producing negative ions, this machine is proven to give a healthier glow with less frizz. The 1875 watt motor is long-lasting, giving enough sufficient power to dry even the thickest hair in minutes. For extra versatility this machine has 2 speed – high and low – along with 3 heat settings – hot, warm, and cool. The nifty concentrator nozzle is proven to improve airflow and increase the speed of your hair drying. The power cord is 6 feet long and contains a hanging loop when not in use.

Revlon Pro Collection Infrared Dryer

REVLON Infrared Hair Dryer | 1875 Watts of Maximum Shine, Softness and Control, (White)
  • INFRARED TECHNOLOGY: Penetrates the cortex of hair heating it from the inside out….
  • CERAMIC COATING: Helps reduce heat damage from over-styling with even heat…
  • TOURMALINE TECHNOLOGY: Maintain neutral charge on hair’s surface, leaving it looking…
  • ALL HAIR TYPES: 1875 Watts for maximum drying power. 2 heat/ 2 speed settings for…
  • PRECISION: Added concentrator and volumizing finger diffuser attachments give you…

Revlon is world renowned for making amazing beauty products at an affordable price – and this infrared dryer is no exception. Being one of the best blowdryers out there, this machine uses infrared technology penetrates to the scalp, drying the hair from inside to outside. The ceramic technology evenly dries hair in just moments, avoiding hair follicle damage. Get the perfect style with a pair of heat and speed setting, along with complementary diffuser and concentrator. When not in use this machine can easily be put up with the hanging ring.

Babyliss Pro Ceramix Xtreme Dryer

BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer, Ceramix Xtreme 2000-Watt Blow Dryer, Hair Styling Tools & Appliances, BX2000
1,856 Reviews
BaBylissPRO Hair Dryer, Ceramix Xtreme 2000-Watt Blow Dryer, Hair Styling Tools & Appliances, BX2000
  • Country Of Origin: China
  • Model Number: BX2000
  • Item Package Dimension: 3.75″ L x 10.75″ W x 11.125″ H
  • Ingredients: ceramic

An amazing hair dryer to give you amazing hair. This powerful machine has 2000-watt motor that’ll blow away moisture with ease. The ceramic technology produces a gentle and even heat, while the infrared feature gets to the root of the moisture. Getting voluminous and shiny hair in just moments is easy for everyone with 4 different heat setting and 2 different speeds. The ergonomic handle easily fits the contours of your hand, while the no slip grip gives you the finesse needed to dry your hair.

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From cool to hot, from low to high speed, these best blow dryers have everything you need to get the best quality hair in just a fraction of the time. The ionic technology charges the ions negatively, cutting back on static and frizz. The infrared capabilities of many of these machines allows for an even and luscious drying. Here there are machines with long cords and extra nozzles, or simpler machines with a no nonsense style. Arm yourself with these dryers, and messy wet hair will be a thing of the past!