Uso de extracto de semilla de granada para el crecimiento del cabello: ¿es efectivo?

Uso de extracto de semilla de granada para el crecimiento del cabello: ¿es efectivo?

Is your hair feeling dry and lifeless despite cleansing and conditioning it every day? Well, it looks like your shampoo and conditioner might not be doing their job to keep your mane soft and healthy-looking. In fact, many hair growth nutrients are not found in these hair care products, which can affect hair growth. But with a hair growth serum, nutrients can intensely penetrate and provide what your hair is lacking.

If you believe that your locks are in dire need of deep nourishment, you can start using a serum with pomegranate seed extract. This type of fruity hair growth serum does not only contain potent nutrients, but it does bring a myriad of benefits for your growing locks. Check out the following benefits of pomegranate seed extract for your dull-looking tresses.

5 Benefits Your Hair Can Get From Pomegranate Seed Extract

There’s more to eating juicy pomegranate fruits. You can also use the seeds for growing healthy locks. Here are five essential benefits that your hair can get from pomegranate seed extract.

  1. You can receive an ample supply of antioxidants for your hair follicles.

Your hair follicles can be sensitive to oxidation, which can lead to their miniaturization. It?s a good thing that pomegranate seed extract can be your go-to source for follicle-protecting phenolic compounds like anthocyanin, flavonoids, ellagitannins, and punicalagin. These phytoconstituents protect your hair follicles against free radicals caused by oxidative stress.

  1. You can enjoy the hair growth benefits of vitamins C and E.

لن يتخطى شعرك التغذية بالفيتامينات أبدًا. مستخلص بذور الرمان غني بفيتامينات C و E ، والتي يمكن أن توفر لك أفضل مظهر. أنت بحاجة إلى ما يكفي من فيتامين سي لزيادة إنتاج الكولاجين لأن شعرك يحتاج إلى أحماض أمينية من أجل التقرن. من ناحية أخرى ، يحتوي فيتامين (هـ) على خصائص مضادة للأكسدة تحمي شعرك أيضًا من الإجهاد التأكسدي. إن الحفاظ على خصلات شعرك بهذه الفيتامينات سيضمن لشعرك أيامًا مجيدة.

  1. You can protect your scalp from inflammations.
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Your scalp can easily get irritated by bacterial invasions or sebum build-up, which can block hair follicles and hamper hair growth. A specific type of antioxidant known as punicic acid has strong anti-inflammatory properties that can prevent your scalp from suffering inflammations. The pomegranate seed extract is also a clarifying agent that can help remove excess oils on your scalp, thereby avoiding inflamed pores and aggravated follicles.

  1. Your hair strands get protected from aging and thinning.

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays can age your hair prematurely, causing strands to become sparser, more sensitive, and greyer. But thanks to many researchers, they have found that pomegranate seed extract has potent antioxidants that can protect your tresses against UVB-ray damage. It can also encourage DNA restoration activity for your impaired hair follicles, thereby stimulating hair regrowth.

The pomegranate seed extract is also a pH balancer. It is especially useful for protecting your hair cuticles, resulting in smoother hair strands. The extract also acts as a humectant because of ellagic acid, a phytonutrient that locks in moisture for your tresses.

  1. Your hair can prevent baldness because of pomegranate seed extract.

A lack of keratinocyte proliferation is also a common culprit of hair loss problems since keratinocytes are essential for the onset’s hair growth cycle. If left untreated, anagen follicles can be forced to shift phases and undergo premature shedding. Here’s the good news: pomegranate seed extract can stimulate keratinocyte increase for hair follicle growth.

Include Pomegranate Seed Extract in Your Hair Care Regimen.

Finding a multipurpose hair growth product is not easy-peasy. Even your shampoo and conditioner might not be enough to target your hair’s specific needs. Thus, you need something packed with active ingredients which can easily penetrate and get the recuperative job done for you. Therefore, you should try using pomegranate seed extract because it can mitigate your hair growth problems effectively. By including pomegranate seed serum in your hair care regimen, you’ll never have to worry about your weary locks again.

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