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El mejor acondicionador desenredante para cabello fino - Top 3

All types of hair will have their innate beauty. Embrace the beauty you were born with and take care of it. People with fine hair will often have their struggles in the upkeep of their tresses.

Some types of fine hair get tangled easily, and this can cause bad hair days. Luckily there are tons of products on the market that can remedy any hair problem. One of the best go-to solutions is a good detangling conditioner. The best detangling conditioner for fine hair can keep your locks in optimum condition and make it silky smooth and shiny and knot-free. Relish every moment when your comb glides easily on your tresses. Get increased confidence in your looks and let bad hair days be a thing of the past.

How to Detangle Fine Hair Without Damaging It– best detangling conditioner for fine hair

Like all hair types, fine hair will come with its advantages and disadvantages. Fine hair is easy to style you can make it, carefree or windswept, straighten it or even curl it.

Fine hair is fairly easy to color.

On the downside, this type of hair can get damaged easily. A lot of people celebrate fine hair because of its uniform quality. It seems that people with fine hair got it easy and have everything worked out for them. However, it should be noted that tangles happen easily on fine or thin hair, especially when it is wet, or you do activities such as swimming or exercising. Tangles can be pretty painful, and sometimes you have to get out the dreaded scissors in order to get rid of the knots!

The disadvantages of Having Fine Hair

Fine hair can be rather flat, and no amount of hair product such as hair spray or gel can give it volume or bounce. It also tangles easily even within a half-hour of brushing. If you’re fine here is super long it also has a tendency to get matted. Fine hair also tends to get oily, and it often shows, thus you will need to shower frequently. If your fine hair gets tangled because of the weather elements, detangling may take some effort.

Best Advice Ever

When you are dealing with matted hair, never start brushing from the top of your head downwards. Always begin at the bottom and brush up. It is crucial to work out the matted hair in the other parts of your tresses first. Brushing top-to-bottom should be the last step. You only focus on the tangles and mats if you try to brush your hair from top to bottom.

How to Detangle Fine Hair

best detangling conditioner for fine hair

It is crucial to brush your hair prior to washing it.

As you wash it only apply shampoo on the roots. Apply sufficient conditioner to the bottom ends of the hair and let it steep for a minute.

Rinse out the hair conditioner and gently towel dry your hair and avoid rubbing it.

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Divide your hair into either side of your shoulders.

Beginning with one side work with a portion of the hair first and start at the ends combing them out.

Use short brush movements and work on 1-inch pieces first before gradually making your way up. As you reach your roots stop brushing about 2 inches from it. After this, begin working on the back portion of your hair. Brush the two portions of your hair on the side you started on.

Repeat the same process on the opposite side. When all sections or parts have been combed out, flip your head backwards and move the brush from the top of your forehead to your head’s back. The comb should glide on your hair effortlessly. Move your hair to one side and work underneath the portion of your hair which is against your neck.

Brush the top to bottom of your hair several times.

Find the parting of your hair if you have one. At this point, keep your hair loosely in a bun until you want to set it free.

How to Get Mats Out of Hair

Mats are harder to remedy, but unfortunately, they do happen. Try not to give up and cut them off! If you have time, you will have to dedicate at least 30 minutes to save your hair from mats.

Dealing with Matted Hair?

If you’re dealing with severely matted hair ditch the comb because they will only exacerbate the problem. Instead, use your hands and a detangling brush.

How to Remove Mats

Begin at one side of your hair, starting at the edges.

Never start at the top portion of your head. Try to position yourself comfortably on a sofa or a soft bed so you can relax as you do this process. Begin at your roots and pull out the mats. Using your finger and thumb start pulling the hair out. With your less dominant hand, hold a matted hair and pull it loose in opposite directions with your dominant hand. This process should not be painful

Work to your hair towards the end. It would be helpful if you use a Conair brush once you have worked out the mats to untangle down to the rest of the roots. Work on your hair until it is completely tangle-free.

This process can take more than 10 minutes. Start brushing the tangle-free portion. Tie it up to keep it from mixing with the matted side.

Perform the same process on the matted portion. After your finished brush, your hair starting underneath. Finally, brush the face-framing portions. When you are mat-free, finally brush through all your hair. Always keep your hair in a loose style such as a low bun or ponytail to keep it from getting tangled if you’re going to do some active sports.

Tips to Prevent Long Hair from Getting Tangled in the Water

best detangling conditioner for fine hair

If you love swimming or any kind of water sports, it will help if you braid your hair before dipping in the waters. One option you can do is to tie your hair in a ponytail and secure it with an elastic band. You should also tie the tail end and secure it with a second elastic. Another option would be to style your hair with side braids. One great tip for swimmers is to use a conditioner just before swimming. Use the conditioner all over your hair or in areas where you know you have some trouble. Also, consider using a swimming cap. A bit of conditioner and hair cap will go a long way in protecting your hair in salty or chlorinated water.

Commonly Asked Questions– best detangler for coarse hair

Do I need a conditioner for fine hair?

Many people will think that their fine hair will not need any conditioner because it is already oily. This is a misconception a conditioner will help strands become softer, making them so much more manageable and easier to detangle. Apply conditioner on the bottom 2 inches of your hair if you have oily hair. You may also use a conditioner right before you apply shampoo. The residue of the conditioner will be washed off by the shampoo, and it will leave your hair untangled. Go for a leave-in conditioner if you have normal or dry hair. Apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair.

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If you apply the conditioner only at the bottom two inches of your hair, it can also help when you detangle.

How do you comb fine hair?

To comb fine hair always work from the bottom of the hair upwards. Use this method, especially on wet hair. Comb the first six inches of hair starting at the bottom when this part has been detangled move upwards until you reach the top portion of your head.

How do you brush out tangles in dry hair?


If you are dealing with dry hair and you don’t want to get it wet start by rubbing a few drops of serum on your palms, then apply it through your hair. The properties of the serum will help detangle the knots as you apply a comb through your hair. If you don’t have a serum, you a leave-in conditioner will do the trick. Put this product on before combing and detangling.

Best detangling conditioner for fine hair?Top 3


Living proof Full Conditioner

Living Proof Full Conditioner, 8 oz
2,198 Opiniones
Living Proof Full Conditioner, 8 oz
  • Living Proof Hair Care
  • Beauty and Personal Care Product
  • El embalaje puede variar

This best detangling conditioner for fine hair adds super volume to fine hair that is flat. The best detangling conditioner for fine hair gives your locks fortifying power with its lightweight conditioning properties, and its state of the art patented healthy hair molecule which is safe for hair that has been treated with color and dyes. The result of using this best detangling conditioner for fine hair is visibly healthy fine hair that looks volumized and thick. This product is also amazing at detangling hair, and the subtle citrus scent stays all day.

This best detangling conditioner for fine hair gives off shine and helps fine flat hair to have the appearance of naturally volumized and thick hair. The secret ingredient lies in the patented healthy hair molecule. This formula allows the hair to get detangled without making it feel heavy. It also helps get rid of dirt and oil to make hair clean for longer. Your hair will end up visibly healthier and cleaner throughout the day.

This best detangling conditioner for fine hair has molecules which do things big. The molecules are an effective way to bring lush fullness and volume to hair. A pattern of the dots on the hair is created and it and make long-lasting touchable fullness for the body and volume you have always desired.


Give your fine flat hair the full transformation it needs. Use this best detangling conditioner for fine hair and get the benefits of a patented technology that gives your hair long-lasting revivified fullness that you’ve always desired. Begin using this product by starting with a full shampoo. After that apply this best detangling conditioner for fine hair thoroughly throughout the hair and rinse.

Pros contras

  • Silicone-free paraben-free phthalate-free
  • cruelty-free
  • Lightweight conditioning gentle detangling
  • No negative reviews so far

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JASON Thin-to-Thick Extra Volume Conditioner

Jason Conditioner, Thin to Thick Extra Volume, 8 Oz
550 Opiniones
Jason Conditioner, Thin to Thick Extra Volume, 8 Oz
  • One 8 oz. bottle of Jason Thin to Thick Extra Volume Conditioner
  • Provides weightless manageability and volume to fine, thinning hair
  • Crafted with a wholesome, nourishing, and hair-strengthening blend of panthenol,...
  • A formula inspired by nature's best, free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates and...
  • Always cruelty-free, never tested on animals

This best detangling conditioner for fine hair is budget-friendly and can give your fine hair the pick-me-up it needs. Best detangling conditioner for fine hair volumizes for just under $10. The formulation used in this best detangling conditioner for fine hair includes panthenol and biotin, which give strength and stimulates the growth of hair. You will also get the benefits of vitamins a c and e for improved health, volume, and reduced split ends. Get out under the sun because you will also get protection from the harsh environment and UV rays. With regular use of this best detangling conditioner for fine hair you will get improved health for your hair.

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Best detangling conditioner for fine hair is a weightless formula that gives manageability and volume to fine hair and thinning hair. The panthenol ingredient promotes hair strengthening properties, and biotin stimulates hair growth. Vitamin c and e nourishes hair at the shaft level for improved thickness and reduced flyaways and split ends. Best detangling conditioner for fine hair makes hair shiny and volumized. This best detangling conditioner for fine hair is made with safe and gentle ingredients which exclude parabens, sulfates, petrolatum and other harsh chemicals. Be guilt-free because this product is not tested on animals

This best detangling conditioner for fine hair has faith in the power of natural ingredients to improve everyday health and wellness. The Jason brand is a pioneer of safe, wholesome personal care products. The earth’s bounty is utilized to create products that are refreshing and restorative.

Pros contras

  • Provides weightless manageability
  • Adds volume to fine, thinning hair
  • Contains panthenol, biotin and vitamins C and E
  • No negative reviews so far

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Jack Black – Nourishing Hair and Scalp Conditioner

Jack Black - Nourishing Hair and Scalp Conditioner, 10 Fl Oz
1,292 Opiniones
Jack Black - Nourishing Hair and Scalp Conditioner, 10 Fl Oz
  • This lightweight conditioner offers long-term conditioning benefits to improve...
  • Helps reduce itching and dryness. Thickens and promotes flake-free hair growth....
  • Massage a quarter size amount into wet hair and scalp following shampoo. Leave on...

This best detangling conditioner for fine hair provides deep moisturization and rich conditioning which leaves the scalp and hair super healthy and hydrated. The results do not weigh the hair down. The patented pure science formula nourishes hair and scalp and hydrates and stops frizz. Best detangling conditioner for fine hair can be applied to all types of hair.

It is deeply moisturizing and has a rich conditioning property that leaves the hair and scalp ultra-healthy and hydrated without making it feel heavy.

With this best detangling conditioner for fine hair, you get the benefits of proteins vitamins and natural oils. These ingredients work together to reduce itchiness and dryness in the scalp and prevent the onset of dandruff. Provitamins are included to help keep the moisture of the hair. It gives shine and volume. Biotin is a complex vitamin that is known for strengthening and thickening hair. Lustrous body and manageability to hair are achieved with the silk proteins added. The natural oil such as tea tree and antioxidants relieve irritation and soothe the scalp. Jojoba and peppermint have softening and moisturizing qualities that protect the skin via a lubricating cushion. Sea kelp botanicals improve hydration and have anti-inflammatory effects. You also get antibacterial benefits with this best detangling conditioner for fine hair from the basil and green tea extract.

Pros contras

  • Appropriate for all hair types
  • leaves hair and scalp healthy and hydrated
  • a deeply moisturizing, rich conditioner
  • No negative reviews so far

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Pensamientos finales

Regardless of your hair type, you should have the crowning glory you deserve. Get increased confidence by having a routine that promotes the health and beauty of your hair. Invest in the best detangling conditioner for fine hair and get the benefits of top-quality ingredients that will revivify and revitalize your hair.


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