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Just like the instant boost skincare serum does to the skin, a hair serum does the same. Unlike other hair products, the best hair serum for fine hair is absorbed deeply by the hair. This makes them an essential part of your hair care routine. Since they dive deeper into your hair, your hair will experience its maximum benefits. Moreover, hair serum works as a styling tool to treat various kinds of hair problems. These hair problems include dry and frizzy hair, hair loss, thin or thick hair, to name a few. Also, they are proven safe and effective to protect hair from hazardous environmental factors.

3 Best Hair Serum For Fine Hair

Although hair oil and hair serum look the same, they are actually different in so many ways. Hair oil is used to condition the inside of your hair. On the other hand, the best hair serum for fine hair can be used to instantly fix hair issues. Nevertheless, the downside of hair serum is its application process. This is one of the reasons why several people prefer not to use hair serum because the process of applying the product is kind of a hassle. Despite its amazing wonders, the process can make or break it.

The Do?s And Dont?s Of Best Hair Serum For Fine Hair

When buying the best hair serum for fine hair, knowing its benefits is not enough. In order to fully enjoy the benefits of hair serum, you must know how to do it. To give you a list of the do?s and dont?s when applying hair serum, keep on reading.

Do Apply The Serum To The Ends Of You Hair

A lot of people do not know this and end up overusing the serum. The best hair serum for fine hair must be applied at the ends of your hair, specifically on your split ends. You probably why, right? Primarily because it is the part of your hair that needs treatment. Hair experts, like Giuntoli, states that applying the serum starting from the roots may not yield positive results.

In addition to that, experts say that one must apply serum starting from the end up to the midsection. One tip Dr. Giuntoli said, is that one must always start at the end work their way up to the top of your hair, not the other way around. When you start from the roots, almost all the products will stay there, making your hair look oily and greasy. You would not want that, right? Once you reach the top of the scalp, you can massage your scalp with the oil for a few minutes. Do not let it stay for too long as some hair serums are hard to get rid of your hair. Lastly, by not giving too much attention to your roots, you are preventing serum buildup.

Don?t Apply The Hair Serum For Fine Hair Right Away

When looking for hair serum, you will notice they come in different textures and consistency. Some hair serums are thick and some are watery. This is because each hair serum is made to address a certain hair problem. There is a serum that promotes hair growth, soothes dry hair, etc.

Once you find the perfect serum for you, do not just apply it immediately on your hair and work for several minutes to make sure the serum was absorbed by your hair. Instead, place the product in your hands and spread it properly. This will allow the product to absorb seamlessly through the hair. Plenty of hair serum products come in thick consistency. So instead of applying it directly to your hair, you should let it stay for about 4-7 seconds in your hands. This is enough for the serum to liquefy or break down.

Do Known Your Hair Type And Condition

3 Best Hair Serum For Fine Hair

This one is very important. Before looking for the best hair serum for fine hair, you should know the current state of your hair. Like what I have mentioned earlier, not all serums are the same. Some are made for dry hair, some are made for oily and thin hair. That being said, you should what type of hair problem you want to treat. Otherwise, you might end up making it worse.

There is a misconception about people with fine hair. They say that those people must not use serum because their hair is in a great state. However, this is not always true. Even those with great hair may opt to look for the best hair serum for fine hair. This will help them maintain the great state there and give protection from harmful environmental factors. In the later part of the article, you will see the three best hair serums for fine hair.

Do Not Apply Too Much Hair Serum

This is a big NO. If you think that over-applying hair serum will let you see faster results, you are wrong. It will make your hair look greasy and oily so it is never a good thing. Always check how much you are applying. For fine hair, it should just be about a pea-sized since your hair does not need repair or treatment. For thicker hair, a quarter-sized amount will do. One thing you must remember when it comes to hair serum is that a little goes a long way.

Cómo usar un secador de pelo para evitar daños en el cabello

Why Do You Need The Best Hair Dryer To Prevent Damage?

If you always go to the salon whether to cut your hair, get a rebound, or hair color, then you probably know how uplifting it is to walk out of the salon with a Hollywood hairstyle. Almost all the time, before you leave the salon, the stylist will give your hair a dryer to make it look straight, add volume, and make it bouncy. Of course, anyone leaving the salon with such hair would want their heir to always look best. The truth is, the best hair dryer to prevent damage will help you achieve your ideal hair that will make hear turns as you walk. Moreover, properly styled hair always leaves a good impression on other people. Whether you are preparing for a special date or event, have an important meeting to attend, the best hair dryer to prevent damage is an essential styling tool in your bathroom.

How to use a Hairdryer to prevent hair damage 1
Photo Credits – Hair Adviser

While a regular hairdryer can also help you achieve a head-turner hairstyle, hair professionals recommend buying the best hair dyer to prevent damage. You can safely use this type of hair dryer every day because it will not damage your hair. Furthermore, this type of hairdryer is made with high-quality materials that make your hair look shiny, bouncy, and beautiful while preventing damage. We understand that it can be hard to look for the best hair dryers for you which is why we made this review. Upon careful evaluation, we came up with the 3 best hair dryers to prevent damage. All of them promise to take good care of your hair while making it look polished.

A lot of people shift to the maximum setting for airflow and heat just to lessen the time of drying their hair. Nevertheless, little did people know that hair dryers not only speed up your morning routine, it is also great in creating a perfect base for your hairstyle. Hence, choosing the right settings for your hairdryer makes it simpler for you to style your hair and tame flyaway hair.

The Correct Hair Dryer Setting Depending On Your Hair Type

*Pelo fino

On the off chance, you have thin hair, it is best to use a low heat setting of your hairdryer. This is because thin hair is prone to overheating. Apart from that, they tend to be fragile so you may want to be subtle when using a hairdryer on your hair. Also, since thin hair is prone to high-heat damage, choose a hairdryer that is made of ceramic. Ceramic hair dryers provide proper distribution of heat to your hair.

*Cabello grueso

You need to set the setting of your hairdryer high if you will use it on thick hair. This makes sure the excess moisture is removed. Also, you can fix a concentrator with it. This tool improves the flow and air and controls the dryer to properly dry the hair by section. When using the dryer, keep moving to prevent overheating.

*Dry Or Frizzy Hair

Muchas personas que usan secadores de pelo tienen cabello seco o encrespado. The problem is that the majority of them are not aware of the type of dryer that they must use. For frizzy hair, you should buy a hairdryer that uses ionic technology and tourmaline. They lessen the static, leaving your hair frizz-free. As for the dryer setting of frizzy hair, do not aim for a high setting because dry hair is fragile hair. Aside from that, since your hair is frizzy, you do not want the dryer to worsen it. That being said, make sure you buy the best hair dryer to prevent damage. Otherwise, it will leave your hair freezer.

*Curly Or Wave Hair

For curly or wavy hair, buy a hairdryer with a diffuser attachment. This keeps your hair in its natural curl. Also, it is best to use a hairdryer with ionic technology for curly hair. It lessens the static, hence maintaining the curls and waves in proper shape. Also, these features hydrate your hair.

*Dry Or Damaged Hair

The last type of hair that needs adequate attention is dry or damaged hair. I know you probably heard a lot of people saying that a hairdryer damages your hair. While this might be true even if you use the right dryer, you can prevent this from happening. Before using the best hair dryer to prevent damage to your hair, a towel dries your hair then apply for heat protection. As you can see, people with dry or damaged hair need to be extra careful when using a hairdryer. It is because it can worsen the damage of your hair if you do not use it properly.

Features To Look For In A Best Hair Dryer To Prevent Damage


The first important to look for in a hairdryer is wattage. This shows how powerful the tool is. When the wattage of a hairdryer is high, it means that is powerful enough to dry your hair faster. In some cases, a dryer with high wattage does not even need too much heat. The strength of the air is enough to dry your hair quickly. On the other hand, dryers with low wattage do mean that they are not effective. It just means that they tend to rely on heat rather than the air.

If you have dry or damaged hair, make sure not to buy a hairdryer with more than 1800 wattage. This will make your hairdryer. Hairdryers with more than 1800 wattage are for people who want their hairdryer to last for a long time. But of course, make sure not to buy hairdryers with too low wattage. Then tend to burn out easily.

*Materials And Quality

I think that this feature is the most important. Carefully choose the material depending on the condition of hair. A lot of hair dryers are made of high-quality materials to improve the process of hair drying. It focuses on how to care for your hair while making it look polished. For those who do not know yet, there are several choices of heating materials, like titanium, tourmaline. Aside from that, there are also ceramic and ionic. Keep on reading to understand what these terms mean. Ver también  ¿Cómo secar correctamente el cabello con secador en la mediana edad?

**Secador de cabello iónico

Ionic hair dryers are specifically designed to get rid of excess of too much moisture, lock the cuticle of the hair, and alleviate unwanted freeze, to name a few. Because of these features, this type of hair dryer makes it perfect for people who have thick and frizzy hair. On the other hand, if you have thin or fragile hair, you should not buy an ionic hairdryer. While they reduce the time for individuals with thick and voluminous hair, they can over-dry the hair of those people with thin hair.


Next to Ionic is tourmaline. Regular ionic hair dryers are consist of negative ions to make the hair drying process faster. The best hair dryer to prevent damages that utilizes tourmaline technology operates the same. However, tourmaline technology chooses to take one step ahead. The inside parts of tourmaline are made up of or coated with tourmaline, a semi-precious material that supplies additional negative ions to the air.

**Ceramic And Porcelain

When you are shopping for the best hair dryer to prevent damage, and you see ceramic and porcelain dryers, it means their internal parts are coated with these materials. When the heating parts of a hairdryer are made or coated of these materials, it makes the heat subtle and mild. Similar to ionic hair dryers, this type of hairdryer makes the healing process faster. With that being said, the ceramic and porcelain dryers are perfect for people who have weak hair. Also, it is suitable for hair that is damaged by previous hair dryers.


Similar to ceramic and porcelain, titanium makes the drying time more productive, Not only that, but it also evenly distributes the heat, maintains consistency in temperature. Also, what is great about the material titanium is that it is lightweight. So, hairdryers that are made up of titanium are usually lightweight and portable. Making them easy to bring anywhere.

When there is a titanium element in the internal parts of the dryer, the temperature of the airflow increases. With this, individuals with thick and voluminous hair will appreciate this material. On the other hand, those with fragile hair should not use titanium dryers.


Another factor to consider when looking for the best hair dryer to prevent damage is weight. This is important especially if you are planning to bring the dryer anywhere you go. As mentioned earlier, dryers that are made of titanium are lightweight. This is important because if you have thick hair, it will take at least 20 minutes to dry your hair. If you use a heavy hairdryer, the arm will easily get tired. Hence, when shopping for a hairdryer make sure to choose one that weighs a pound.

*Ajuste de calor

If you have thin fragile hair, a hairdryer with heat adjustment is important. Aside from that, in case of a morning rush, you can opt to adjust the setting for higher heat. On the other hand, if you think you have plenty of time, you can use low heat settings. This will prevent hair damage and keep your hair shiny and healthy.

tipos de secadores de pelo disponibles en el mercado

often people confuse what type of hairdryer to use so that We are going to cover a brief explanation about hairdryer Types And usage

  • Ionic Hairdryer
  • Ceramic Hairdryer
  • tourmaline hairdryer
  • Titanium Hairdryer

Ionic Hair Dryer

In ionic technology, the negative ions are created when the air passes through the current in the nichrome wire. These negative ions break down the positive ions in the water droplets molecules. The result of this ionic process is the hair is dried without eliminating the moisture. The hair ends up smooth, straight, and satiny. 

Dryers that have ionic technology have materials like nichrome and ceramic. These best blow dryers under 100 can have material combining tourmaline, ceramic, and titanium. These blow dryers can be a time saver since they result in quick drying times. The negative ions released clashes with the water droplet molecules, thus creating smooth cuticles with the moisture locked in. 

On the downside, these types of blow dryers are not great for styling. It won?t have a volumizing effect on hair. These are also not beneficial for fine hair or shorter hairstyles

Best Blow Dryer Under 100
Taipe of hairedrier

Ceramic Hair Dryer

These best blow dryer under 100 differ from ionic hairdryers in that the materials for heating is either ceramic or porcelain. Unlike metal, ceramic provides a more controlled heat and will not damage the hair. Hairdryers made of ceramic material produce infrareds that go deep into the hair roots and seal in the moisture inside the hair. These types of hair dryers also produce negative ions as well as hot air. 

The main advantage of using ceramic material is it heats up fast and provides well-dispersed heat using the nozzles and diffusers. In ceramic blow dryers, the ceramics are used in the internal parts to create the heating component. The heat becomes more evenly distributed because of the innate qualities of ceramic clay. 

An advantage of ceramic blow dryers is they can be used both for styling and drying all kinds of hair. Hair of any type ends up shinier with a satiny look. If you use a blow drier frequently, a ceramic type will not damage your hair. 

Tourmaline Hair Dryer

This technology is used in a lot of blow dryers. Tourmaline is a mineral gemstone. It has electric qualities in such a way that if pressure is applied to it, an electric charge is produced. This material generates negative ions and infrared. Tourmaline material can be used to create both ionic and infrared dryers

The main benefit of this material is it is more efficient and speedier than both ionic and ceramic hair dryers. Tourmaline is used in the internal parts of the hairdryer, and the tourmaline?s crushed molecules are then used as a heating component. Hairdryers with tourmaline material are safer for hair drying since they disperse heat evenly and gently. Hair is safer from heat and suffers less damage. 

These dryers are quicker than both ionic and ceramic dryers by at least fifty percent. This dryer works best for thick hair and hair with really tight curls. It is not beneficial for fine hair or short styles. 

Titanium Hair Dryer

Titanium is another material being used in hair dryers. In this case, titanium is used in the heating coil. This material is the quickest of the three materials previously discussed. However, dryers that use titanium are not safe to use for thin and fine hairs because the heat generated can destroy them. An advantage to titanium hair dryers is they are lightweight, allowing you ease of use.  

Elegir un secador de pelo para el hogar o salón profesional


A blow dryer with 1500 wattage is perfect for home use. The wattage will indicate the speed. The more wattage your blow dryers has the more speed it can generate. The end result is faster drying times for your hair. There are some driers available that are cheaper, but they will have a lower watt. They also tend to get broken easily so you will have to replace them regularly. Dryers you will be using for the home should at least be 1500 watts. 

However, the 1500 watts only apply to normal hair. If you have thicker hair or curler hair that dries slower, you have to increase the watts of the blow dryer you will buy for up to 2000 watts. Salons use the same wattage, so not only will you be drying your hair after you will also get salon-quality outcomes.  

Choosing A Blow Dryer for Home or saloon professional 2blowe drier undar 100″ class=”wp-image-4854″ title=”best blow dryer under 100 9″/>
Choose haire drier

Salons will be using higher watt dryers. They use these devices for all-day hours, so they need stronger power. However, 1500 wattage will do for blow dryers that will be basically used at home. 


It is crucial to choose a lighter dryer so you won?t strain your arms. It is a small feature that can have a serious impact on whether you will have comfort using your blow dryer. You want a lightweight, ergonomic model that is easy to hold while you are blow-drying your hair. It makes the process much easier, and you will have better chances of using your blow dryer frequently. To be specific, choose a blow dryer that is at least 0.5 kg in weight.

Heat Settings

It is crucial to get a dryer with various heat modes. Although it is crucial to get a dryer with the right kind of material and power, the blow dryer?s heat mode should allow you to adjust the heat level. There should be at least three modes: low, medium, and high. Having these three settings helps you give the precise temperature needed by your hair. 

Extras-Cool Settings

Blow dryers with a cool setting mode will stop flyaways and frizz. A cool shot promotes shiny and silky hair. This feature allows you to discharge cool air into the hair after drying it with warm air. This process seals in the nutrients in the cuticle for hair that will be shiny and lustrous. 

It is crucial to change to the cool shot setting when the hair is at least eighty percent dry. The cool air will finish the drying process without damaging and overheating the hair. 


A diffuser is a useful extra that your blow dryer should have. It is especially beneficial if you have curly hair. The diffuser allows the heat energy to get dispersed to a wider area while keeping the hair firmly in place. It is beneficial for curly and wavy hair since the texture will be maintained as it adds more thickness and volume. 

The diffusers are typically fastened at the edge of a blow dryer. It is detachable so you can only use it when needed. 


A blow dryer will straighten your hair more effectively if it has a concentration nozzle. A concentration nozzle functions much like a diffuser and is fastened at the edge of a blow dryer. It discharges air in a straight stream, so it is efficient when straightening hair. This extra feature also helps stop the frizz.

To use the concentrator nozzle safely point it downward, don?t allow the nozzle to touch your hair. When you use it to brush your hair, point the nozzle in the area to be dried. The result is super lustrous and straight hair. 

Best Blow Dryer Under 100

Extras-Comb Attachment

Choose a dryer with a comb feature to create ultra-smooth tresses. A comb feature is fastened at the edge of your blow dryer, just like the diffuser and concentration nozzles. If your hair is thick to curly, the comb feature can really stretch the hair creating a natural wave when you finally blow out and dry your tresses. 

¿Qué es el cepillo de masaje para el cuero cabelludo para el crecimiento del cabello? ¿Cómo funciona?

There are many types of scalp massagers, but overall, the techniques they employ are all effective. Some of the mechanisms used in scalp massagers include acupressure and vibration. Rolling motions are used to activate blood flow to the scalp. 

best scalp massage brush for hair growth 3

These massagers are easy to use and compact, and you can use them anytime and anywhere. You can even use them while you are just sitting down in front of the TV or taking a break from your work at your desk. Some are waterproof and can be used while bathing. They are best used with shampoo and massage oils. 

However, the best thing about these little beauty tools is that they don?t just make your hair beautiful but also contribute to your well-being.

Studies have shown that they help increase serotonin levels, which is the chemical neurotransmitter that makes you happy. You will also find that regular use of scalp massagers will lower your stress hormone levels and heart rate. 

If you have just come home from a stressful workday, relax with more than just a cup of tea and bring out your scalp massager and start working its magic into your hair and your mood. 

Best Scalp Massage Brush For Hair Growth?Different Types

Electric Scalp Massagers

This type of massager has a vibration motion or works in automatic mode to deliver massages. Some models offer only one of these features, while some others offer both. Naturally, they will cost more than the manual massagers. However, it should be noted that not all these massagers may be used in the shower since they may not be waterproof. 

If noise levels are a concern, this type does make noises, although some models have more subdued sounds. This may not entirely be a negative experience since the buzzing sound can be rather soothing. The electric type massagers also work in vibration mode, so they instantly stimulate blood circulation with less effort. 

Manual Scalp Massagers

There are many types and forms of manual scalp massagers out there. Some are specifically for shower use for the treatment of scalp matters. 

One massager has a hat shape in which you move through your entire scalp in one single motion. If your scalp massager is smaller sized, it will be more of a challenge to go through large areas of the scalp, and you will only be stimulating one small area at a time. You won?t get the full head body relaxing effects of a wider scalp massager. 

Hat shape massagers have great benefits because of their ability for wider coverage. However, you will only get stimulated in one direction, and there won?t be a lot of variety to the massage. 

Shower Scalp Massagers

These scalp massagers help you shower and work hair products into your scalp and hair more effectively. As a result, issues like dandruff and hair loss are effectively treated. 

These massagers are safe to use in water, and the material is typically silicone with rubber seals. They can be bother electric or manual. These e waterproof massagers are well built and provide full relaxation anywhere. Use them in your office chair or in bed when the lights are out. However, they show their fullest benefit when used under a hot shower or while soaking in the tub.

Best Scalp Massage Brush For Hair Growth?What Are The Benefits Of Using A Scalp Brush? 

Scalp brush massagers deeply clean and wash the hair while ensuring that the hair products go deep into the scalp to eliminate residue, dead skin, and other accumulated waste. The massager also has an exfoliating effect. 

The best scalp massage brush for hair growth stimulates like a massager. People with weak, fragile nails may have trouble massaging their heads, and this tool helps. 

Blood circulation is enhanced when you use a scalp massager resulting in increased oxygen supply and nutrients to the hair follicles, which will encourage better hair growth. 

Massaging the head can be relaxing. You will immediately feel the tensions and stresses melt away after a good scalp massage resulting in a refreshed feeling. 

Best scalp massage brush for hair growth helps get rid of nasty dandruff by removing residue and dead skin lodged on your scalp. The massager also helps distribute the natural oils on your hair and scalp, thus getting rid of dryness. Flakiness and itchiness are reduced. 

¿Qué causa el cabello graso?

Everyone has dealt with greasy hair at least once in their life. The sticky feeling is very uncomfortable, and the excess oil will weigh the hair down. Most of the time, hair greasiness is due to the overreaction of the sebaceous gland on our scalp. This leads to the overproduction of natural oils.

The truth is that this excessive oil is actually good for the hair. It serves as lubrication and nourishment to prevent hair dryness. However, it can become annoying, especially if you?re styling.

What Causes Greasy Hair? 3

Aparte de la reacción natural de nuestro cuero cabelludo, lo siguiente puede ser la razón por la cual tu cabello es demasiado graso:

You Touch Your Hair Too Much

Soy culpable de este hábito todo el tiempo, especialmente si llevo un peinado despeinado. Tengo la necesidad de estrujarme el cabello todo el tiempo, lo que hace que los aceites de mis manos se transfieran a mi cabello.

Imagínese, está tocando cosas o incluso comiendo bocadillos con las manos. Si te tocas el cabello sin lavarte las manos, estás preparando una receta para la grasa del cabello.

You Over-Apply Products

Sé que los sueros y los acondicionadores internos son nutritivos, pero también atraerán la suciedad si se aplica demasiado. El producto combinado con el polvo dará como resultado una sensación grasosa. También es posible que te estés pasando de la raya con tu acondicionamiento, lo que hace que el cabello se vuelva más grasoso.

You Don?t Wash Your Sheets

Si todo en tu estilo está bien, tus sábanas y fundas de almohada podrían ser las culpables. Los aceites de tu cara se pegarán a la funda de la almohada y se transferirán a tu cabello mientras duermes. La untuosidad será mucho peor si utilizas sérums faciales por la noche.

Acostúmbrate a cambiar tus sábanas y fundas de almohada al menos una vez a la semana.

Dry Shampoo Vs. Actual Shampoo
Una de las preguntas más comunes que recibo es sobre la diferencia entre un champú seco y un champú real.

First of all, dry shampoo, just like how it?s called, is used on dry hair. You don?t have to use water to wash the product. You simply spritz it to your hair, massage it, and voila! Your hair will have extra freshness with less oiliness.

Otra gran diferencia es que un champú real elimina la suciedad y retiene la humedad. Mientras tanto, el champú seco absorbe y oculta la grasa para ganar tiempo hasta el próximo lavado. Si no lava su cabello seco cargado de champú por mucho tiempo, se sentirá pegajoso y escamoso.

Recuerda que no hay nada mejor que lavarse con champú real. Pero si estás fuera de casa, rociar un poco de champú seco no te hará daño, siempre y cuando lo laves pronto.

Benefits Of A Dry Shampoo
✔️Control oiliness on the go. If you don?t have the chance to wash your hair, say you?re late for work, you can use dry shampoo as a quick solution. It will absorb the moisture and make your hair smell fresh. If used right, other people will not suspect that you didn?t shower.

✔️Adding volume to your hair. One of the greatest uses of dry shampoo is adding volume to your hair. Spray it on the roots and massage it to lift the hair. It?s a useful trick for those with thin and fine hair struggling with weighed-down tresses.

✔️Protect against heat damage. Depending on the formula, dry shampoo can help reduce heat damage to your hair. Still, it?s not a 100% substitute for actual heat protectants.

✔️Travel-friendly. If you?re traveling and busy, a bottle of dry shampoo is a must-have on your bag. It will freshen up your hair and make you look presentable even if you haven?t taken a shower in two days.

✔️Helps in treating lice. If your little one has lice, you can use an all-natural dry shampoo to combat the infestation. Try to look for diatomaceous earth on the ingredients list since it?s the one that kills bugs.

Dry Shampoo Buying Guide

Dry shampoo products aren?t made equal. Each bottle is made of different ingredients that will affect its efficiency and effects on your hair. To buy the best dry shampoo for greasy hair, I recommend the following tips:

Decide Between Aerosol And Powder
Dry shampoo products are available in either powder or aerosol forms. I personally use an aerosol dry shampoo since it?s easier to apply on the go. Some ladies like using powdered dry shampoo since it feels dry and can be massaged into the scalp with their hands. It also leaves a nice texture on the hair.

Ambos funcionan bien, dependiendo de sus preferencias. Recomiendo probar ambos para ver cuál te gusta más.

Consider An All-Natural Formula
Some dry shampoo products are notorious for drying the scalp after several applications. This is why I always look for a natural formula if possible. Natural extracts provide moisture to the hair while controlling the greasiness. Remember that leaving harsh chemicals on your scalp is a no-no because it can cause hair fall and even bald spots.

Buy Based On Your Hair Type
Independientemente del producto para el cabello que esté comprando, siempre compre según su tipo de cabello. Si tienes el cabello rizado, busca una fórmula que se adapte a este tipo de cabello. Para aquellos con cabello teñido, una fórmula amigable con el color es imprescindible para que no deteriore el peinado de su cabello.

Check The Smell

Por último, comprueba el aroma del champú seco. Dado que dejará este producto en el cuero cabelludo durante horas, también podría usar uno con un olor agradable. Lo último que quieres es que tu cabello huela a un brebaje químico. Los champús secos totalmente naturales a menudo tienen aromas celestiales sin lujos.

¿Qué son los cepillos de aire caliente? y como elegir

mejor cepillo de aire caliente para cabello grueso

Many stylists dub hot airbrushes as the ?future of hairstyling. Why not? It?s simple but ingenious, especially for someone like me who has thick hair. Instead of blow-drying, then brushing separately, you can do both at the same time. You get to free one hand for better hair control.

Basically, hot air brushes work just like a hairdryer. The difference is that the dryer is integrated into the brush, so your hair dries as you comb, straighten or curl. It?s also more compact than hair dryers.

I can still remember the first time I styled with a hairdryer. I was 13, and it was a hot mess. It looks easy among salon stylists, but it?s more complicated and difficult when doing it on your own. Up to this time, it takes me a while to achieve the style I?m aiming for when using hairdryers and a separate brush.

But with hot airbrushes, I can cut styling time by up to 50%. Sure, it has a learning curve, but it?s much easier to get used to than bulky hair dryers.

Moreover, hot air brushes can come in a paddle brush style or a rounded type. Both work well, depending on your styling method. If you are straightening, a paddle hot brush will work. However, for more styling versatility, I opt for the rounded airbrush.

Benefits Of Hot Air Brushes

Are you planning to get the best hot air brush for thick hair? The following are some of the benefits that you?ll enjoy:

✔️Excellent for adding volume. If your thick hair is always weighed down, a hot air brush will add volume to it. Since it?s a brush, you can style closer to the roots. It?s an ideal tool if you want your hair to have more body and texture.

✔️Lighter than hair dryers. Personally, my arm always ends up strained when styling with hair dryers. Hot air brushes prevent this from happening, thanks to their lighter build. It?s very easy to maneuver, and I no longer have to hold a separate brush with my other hand.

✔️Better temperature control. For those with brittle hair, hot airbrushes are a great option. It has less heat than hair dryers, which is a big plus if your hair gets damaged fast. Hot air brushes don?t get as hot as high-heat hair dryers or flat irons.

✔️Ideal for traveling. If you?re always traveling, a hot airbrush is a must-have. This 2-in-1 tool allows you to style without bringing bulky equipment. I have one hot airbrush that perfectly fits in my backpack, and I can take it on my trips.

✔️Better curls. Based on my experience, I can make better curls with a hot air brush than a flat iron curler. I can only speak from experience so it can be a different case for other people. Considering that the brush has the dryer built inside, it just makes sense why it?s much easier to use for curling.

How To Choose The Best Hot Air Brush For Thick Hair

When shopping for a hot airbrush, I always consider the following tips:

Paddle Vs. Rotating Hot Air Brush

Hot air brushes come in two types: a paddle brush and a rotating brush. Both are fantastic, but I have to warn you about the rotating type.

If you?re straightening and making curly tips, I highly recommend the paddle brush. It?s also my preferred hot airbrush for beginners.

On the other hand, rotating hot airbrushes are for more prominent curls. However, since it has a rotating motion, the curls would look tousled. It also has a steeper learning curve than paddle hot airbrushes. Anyway, a little practice will go a long way here. In the end, it depends on your styling method.

Consider The Barrel Size

If you opted for a rotating or round brush, you should check the barrel size. For those with thick and long hair like me, a thicker barrel is ideal. Those with shorter hair should opt for thinner barrels so they can wrap their hair around it quickly.

In general, I prefer hot airbrushes that are at least 1.5-inch in diameter or smaller. However, if you?re aiming for volume, look for a thicker barrel, probably up to 2 inches in diameter.

Check The Bristles

The quality of the bristles is as important as the other features. Remember that the bristles are the major styling tool, so they should be durable. Make sure that the tips have a ball or any coating so it will not scrape your scalp.

Another thing you should check is the heat resistance of the bristles. Hot air brushes can still get pretty hot, and the last thing you want is a melted tool.

Also, for those with thick hair, long bristles are ideal. It will allow you to reach the roots in every glide.

Look For Multiple Heat Levels

I always swear by hot airbrushes with variable heat settings. It lets me tweak the temperature based on the style I want to achieve. Beginners who aren?t familiar with the proper heat levels can benefit from hot airbrushes with presets.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué causa un cuero cabelludo seco para el cabello negro?

Basically, according to studies, dry scalp for dry hair is a hereditary condition. Moreover, it is very crucial to know that there are individuals with drier skin compared to others. However, having a dry scalp entails too many possible factors. That?s why it is better to determine the particular symptoms of this condition.

Estos son los síntomas comunes del cuero cabelludo seco para el cabello negro que debe tener en cuenta:

  1. Caspa
  2. Tiña
  3. Eczema
  4. Soriasis
What Causes A Dry Scalp For Black Hair? 4

Además, algunos factores externos también pueden considerarse como una causa de un cuero cabelludo seco y con picazón. Ejemplos de estos incluyen condiciones ambientales como el clima. Además, la forma en que cuida su cuero cabelludo, como usar la mejor crema hidratante para el cuero cabelludo seco, el cabello negro también puede afectar la sequedad del cuero cabelludo.

A continuación se presentan otras causas comunes del cabello negro del cuero cabelludo seco:

  1. Ansiedad
  2. Desequilibrio hormonal
  3. medicamentos
  4. Deficiencias de nutrientes
  5. Estrés

Además, si siempre te sometes a tratamientos capilares como el tejido capilar; estos también pueden causar problemas en el cuero cabelludo y el cabello. Sin embargo, algunas personas pueden experimentar síntomas más prominentes y necesitar atención adicional que otras.

What Is The Best Homemade Moisturizer For Dry Scalp For Black Hair?

Generalmente, los remedios caseros siempre están presentes en todos los rincones de nuestra casa para ayudar a aliviar el cuero cabelludo seco. Además, lo bueno de esto es que lo que pones en tu cuero cabelludo es totalmente natural. De hecho, muchas personas hoy en día están haciendo su propia solución para el cuero cabelludo de bricolaje porque generalmente no tiene asperezas. Sin embargo, todavía es bueno identificar cuál realmente funciona.

Estas son algunas de las mejores cremas hidratantes caseras para el cabello negro del cuero cabelludo seco:

Aceite de árbol de té

Naturalmente, el aceite de árbol de té actúa como humectante para prevenir la sequedad y la descamación del cuero cabelludo. Además, la buena característica de este aceite natural es que contiene propiedades antibacterianas, antisépticas y antifúngicas. Debido a esto, el aceite de árbol de té es realmente ideal para tratar el cuero cabelludo seco debido a una infección bacteriana o fúngica.

Vinagre de sidra de manzana

Básicamente, equilibrar los niveles de pH del cuero cabelludo es la función del vinagre de sidra de manzana. Además, contiene propiedades que combaten hongos y bacterias. Es por eso que el vinagre de sidra de manzana es la mejor solución casera para mantener la limpieza de tu cuero cabelludo.

Además, el uso recomendado de vinagre de sidra de manzana es un enjuague una vez por semana. Básicamente, a través de esto, se puede limpiar el cuero cabelludo y se evitará la descamación.

Aceite de coco

Primarily, there are many ways to use coconut oil in treating dry scalp for black hair. Moreover, the effective way to use it is through the type of hydrating mask. By simple melting of the oil and a gentle hair and scalp massage, you can experience the effect of coconut oil on the scalp. However, you need to keep it on your hair for some minutes or at least overnight before rinsing.  

What To Look For The Best Moisturizer For Dry Scalp Black Hair?

best moisturizer for dry scalp black hair product.scelp best moituriser.

Generally, hair and scalp moisturizers are typically different from shampoo and conditioner. Hair and scalp moisturizers primarily focus on the scalp to address the issues that it has. Below are some of the things that you need to consider when you want to buy the best moisturizer for dry scalp black hair.

A diferencia de otros colores de cabello natural, el cabello negro es totalmente único en varios aspectos. Generalmente, en ocasiones, este color de cabello natural necesita un cuidado especial. Es por eso que cuando busque un producto humectante para el cabello y el cuero cabelludo, busque los ingredientes que contiene. Básicamente, los ingredientes más comunes de los humectantes para el cabello y el cuero cabelludo son:

  • Aloe vera
  • Aceite de coco
  • Aceite de jojoba
  • Menta
  • aceite de arbol de te
  • vitamina e

Primarily, the main goal of those ingredients is to soothe the irritation on the scalp and locks moisture. Additionally, peppermint can also support scalp rejuvenation and enhance circulation to make the scalp stronger.

Furthermore, getting a moisturizer that has simple and more natural ingredients is basically effective for dealing with dry scalp and hair. This type of product will give nutrients to the skin without any harsh chemicals that can take off the hair?s natural oils.

Preguntas frecuentes

¿Qué es el aerosol de sal marina?

The traditional sea salt spray uses real salt mixed with various oils and other moisturizing ingredients. This formula gives texture to the hair for a cascading and beautifully messy look. It also adds volume to the hair, which is similar to the effect of being soaked in salty water. Personally, sea salt spray is my favorite hair product next to shampoo.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray For Beachy Waves.seea salte spraie
Photo by RODNAE Productions on

Hoy en día, algunas fórmulas de sal marina utilizan sal de Epsom en lugar de la típica sal. Sin embargo, dado que los aerosoles de sal marina pueden secar el cabello, existen versiones sin sal que usan extractos naturales para lograr el mismo efecto. Todavía se los conoce como ?spray de sal marina? aunque ya no usan sales.

Los aerosoles de sal marina no deben confundirse con los aerosoles de azúcar. A diferencia de los aerosoles de sal marina, los aerosoles de azúcar usan otra cosa que azúcar. Crea ondas suaves sin el crujido y la rigidez.

One thing that makes sea salt sprays appealing is it can turn flat and stick-straight hair into light and voluminous tresses. But just like any product, sea salt sprays shouldn?t be overused, and you should rinse it off your hair to prevent dryness and brittleness. You should also watch out for sprays that cause too much stiffness to the point that you?ll have ?helmet hair.

How To Use Sea Salt Spray For Beachy Waves

Los aerosoles de sal marina pueden ser tanto amigos como enemigos, dependiendo de cómo aproveches su potencial. Para asegurarse de tener las ondas crujientes y playeras, así es como debe aplicar el producto:

Step 1. Wet Your Hair First

Antes de bombardear tu cabeza con el spray, asegúrate de que tu cabello esté mojado primero. Solo húmedo mojado y sin goteo.

Una vez húmedo, peina tu cabello para desenredarlo. Es importante eliminar los nudos, o el rocío de sal marina solo empeorará las cosas. Además, los enredos darán como resultado un estilo que es más del lado más desordenado que del lado naturalmente ondulado.

Step 2. Shake, Shake, Shake

Antes de rociar, asegúrese de agitar la botella de spray de sal marina con cuidado. Las sales se asentarán en el fondo, y si no las agitas, tu cabello no obtendrá ingredientes uniformes.

Step 3. Apply The Sea Salt Spray

Comienza a rociar en las áreas medias de tu cabello. Concéntrese también en las raíces, para que su cabello tenga más volumen en lugar del aspecto plano de la coronilla. No tienes que aplicar mucho en las puntas ya que puede secarse rápido y estropearse.

Basado en mi experiencia, recomiendo rociar en secciones para que puedas peinar en consecuencia. Además, aplique una pequeña cantidad y avance a partir de ella. Además, no querrías un pelo muy crujiente y rígido.

Step 4. Style Away

Una vez que tu cabello esté completamente cubierto con spray de sal marina, el siguiente paso es peinarlo. Toma una pequeña porción de tu cabello y luego tritúralo retorciendo. Al igual que rizar el cabello, cuanto más giros, más ondulado se vuelve. Si te encanta el aspecto desordenado, simplemente aprieta y despeina tu cabello. Después de eso, rocía una pequeña cantidad en tu cabello para fijar los rizos.

Step 5. Blow-Dry, If Possible

Si llevaste una secadora a la playa, podrías secarte el cabello salado con secador para terminar el peinado. Usa el modo difusor, así imita el calor del mar. También evitará que tu cabello se queme y se seque. Si no tienes secador, deja que tu cabello se seque con la brisa del mar

Additional Tips

¡Los chicos también pueden usarlo! Los aerosoles de sal marina no son solo para mujeres; los chicos también pueden usarlo para lograr el cabello rizado y salado. Es un producto excelente para tipos con cabello grueso y largo.

Usa un poco de champú seco. Si quieres agregar volumen a tu cabello, te sugiero usar champú seco en las raíces. Puedes rociar el resto con spray de sal marina. Esto también reducirá el efecto de secado de los aerosoles de sal marina en el cuero cabelludo.

Nunca secar con toalla. Si está eliminando el exceso de humedad de su cabello, nunca lo seque con una toalla. El movimiento de frotamiento solo causará encrespamiento y enredos. El resultado es un cabello desordenado y rígido.

No aplicar en exceso. Usar demasiado espray de sal marina hará que tu cabello se vuelva demasiado apelmazado. No tiene un aspecto natural, sin mencionar que secará el cuero cabelludo y el cabello como un loco.

Frequently Asked Questions?

¿Qué causa el cabello encrespado?

El cabello encrespado puede deberse a una miríada de razones. Pero cualquiera que haya lidiado con este problema estará de acuerdo en una cosa: la humedad es lo peor.

The hot weather during summer causes humidity to increase, which, in turn, punishes our hair. The moisture from our hair evaporates fast, especially if we bask in the sun for long hours without any protection.

What Causes Frizzy Hair? 5

Además, si tu cabello ya está seco y los niveles de humedad están en su punto máximo, debes esperar el peor caso de frizz.

Aside from this one thing we can?t control, frizz can be due to some unexpected reasons. One of which is your choice of a hairdryer.

Algunos secadores de cabello utilizan más calor en lugar de flujo de aire para secar el cabello rápidamente. La temperatura muy alta secará la humedad de tu cabello. Y si lo usas a diario, el frizz está a punto de arruinar tu cabellera.

You should also be mindful of the hair products you use. Hair treatments with sulfates will strip off the natural oils of your hair. Sulfates, if you don?t know yet, are like harsh forms of detergent. The same goes for hair products with alcohol and other abrasive chemicals.

Para aquellos con cabello sensible, secarse demasiado con una toalla y usar herramientas calientes puede contribuir al encrespamiento. La forma en que te cepillas también tendrá un impacto en la salud de tu cabello.

What To Look For The Best Hair Dryer To Reduce Frizz?

A la hora de buscar el mejor secador de pelo para reducir el frizz, te recomendamos los siguientes consejos:

Look For Diffusers

Diffusers are attachments that disperse the airflow evenly all over your hair. This prevents heat from being concentrated on one spot. It helps a lot in curbing frizz by giving a gentle blow to your hair. Moreover, it also helps maintain your hair?s natural curls and waves. It?s also a great tool to add volume to your hair.

Concentrators Are Important

Next, you should also look for concentrators. Like diffusers, these are attachments that narrow down the airflow of your hairdryer. If used without heat, concentrators can help tame flyaways and eliminate frizz. This is very helpful for thick hair since it allows you to dry it fast.

Opt For Ionizing Hair Dryers

You probably heard about ionic hair dryers before. Ionizing hair dryers shoot negative ions, which help scatter water into your hair. This prevents water from soaking in and creating frizz during hair drying.

Another thing that ionic hair dryers do is close the hair cuticles, so each strand is smoother and more polished-looking.

Este es el mismo proceso para los secadores de cabello con turmalina. Sin embargo, a diferencia de los secadores de cabello iónicos básicos, la turmalina produce más iones negativos, lo cual es bueno para el cabello. El único inconveniente aquí es que los secadores de pelo de turmalina de alta calidad son bastante caros.

Choose A High-Wattage Model

The wattage of your hairdryer has a lot to do with how it functions. A hairdryer equipped with a high-wattage motor will use a higher force of the wind to dry your hair. On the other hand, low-wattage hair dryers utilize heat for drying your hair quickly.

Between these two options, it?s the high-wattage hair dryers that help with frizz. For the best results, look for the wattage of at least 1,600 to 2,000w.

Si tu cabello se daña fácilmente, debes evitar los modelos de bajo voltaje. Además de encrespar el cabello, el calor intenso provocará un desgaste más rápido de la unidad.

If Possible, Look For An Infusion

One of the hairdryer features we really like is an infusion. With this feature, you can load the dryer with a serum that will be diffused all over your hair. It could be keratin, argan oil, and other sustancias nutritivas that you?ll also use on hair irons.

Check The Temperature Control

When it comes to frizz, you have to keep an eye on the hair dryer?s temperature level. As much as possible, you should look for a hairdryer with the smallest increments. This way, you can use heat without frying your hair and causing more frizz.

También es necesario un calor constante para que tu cabello no se seque demasiado. Por mucho que el calor alto reduzca el tiempo de secado, tiene un precio que pagar si tiene cerraduras que se dañan fácilmente.

Speaking of temperature, you should try to look for a hairdryer with the Cool Shot feature. This blows cool air to your hair to seal the cuticle after styling with heat. It will also prevent damage and frizz on your hair, especially on high-humid days.

Consider The Airflow Level

Another feature you should check is the airflow level of the hairdryer. The ability to control the airflow will give more edge to your styling.

El flujo de aire de alta velocidad es ideal para secar el cabello áspero y grueso. Mientras tanto, el bajo flujo de aire te permitirá secar el cabello y minimizar los cabellos sueltos.

Muchos secadores de cabello de alta calidad utilizan tecnologías para minimizar la turbulencia del aire para que disfrute de un flujo de aire ininterrumpido.

The Right Weight Balance

Last, but not much of a deal-breaker, is the weight of the hairdryer. Less weight means easier styling and less strain on your hands. This way, you can style your thick and long hair without experiencing arm fatigue.

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