Destroy and prevent dandruff from your hair home and herbal remedies tips

Anti dandruff raid method home remedies tips and tricks

Prevent dandruff

Wash the oil twice a week and bathe. Eat foods rich in ghee, milk, butter etc.
These fatty foods are available to the skin to get the necessary oils, thus protecting the hair from the effects of potato germs.

Destroy the pudding

Natural herbs are best to get rid of pudding completely.
Fiberglass 2 handle
Good pepper – 15-20
Pouring the head on both sides of the head is soaked for 1 hour and washed away from the head.
White pepper or good pepper in a non-breast milk, rubbing on the head and bathing after 1 hour is not dandruff.
Take the juice of the nectar and mix it with coconut oil and scrub it on the head and protect it from the scorching of the head.

The powder and warmth balm can be scratched every day in the country.
4 tsp of white pepper
2 tablespoons of dill
In both non-breasted cowballs, packed in half of the head and packed in hot water for a half hour, dandruff will grow out of the hair.

Remove the small onions and grind it on the head and bathe after half an hour to get rid of dandruff.
Add the coconut oil and mix it on the head.
Coconut milk – 1/2 cup
Lemon juice – 4 tablespoons
The fenugreek is slightly soaked and soaked
If the three of these are mixed together, rubbing on the scalp and bathing will remove dandruff. The hair tip is stretched without bursting.
Grind the spinach and rub it in the head and bathe dandruff and make it a good conditioner.
Use any of these tips to get rid of dandruff and have a long hair

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