Cordless and Portable Hair Dryers: All You Need to Know

What is a Cordless Hair Dryer?

Cordless hair dryers are what you always wanted to replace your conventional hairdryer with. It does not require to be plugged into a power source. Also, you need not worry about the length of the cord as it does not come with any. 

Cordless hair dryers work on batteries and use DC motors. It can be used when there is no power source near or in case of no electricity supply. Moreover, it is really lightweight which makes it portable and equally fit for indoor and outdoor use. 

Benefits of Cordless Hair Dryers

Cordless hair dryers feature a number of benefits that conventional hair dryers failed to deliver. Their usefulness has made them increasingly popular for regular use. People who blow-dry every day would well realize the significance of cordless hair dryers. 

Here are the key benefits of a cordless hair dryer:

Best Cordless hair dryer

Best for travelling and outdoor use

If you are a frequent traveler, you must come across issues such as different types of sockets. Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that your hairdryer cannot fit in the plug. That’s when a cordless hair dryer comes in handy. 

If you travel internationally once in a while but love to travel in your own country for camping, hiking, biking, and outdoor stays, you are less likely to find electricity or a power source in such remote areas. So if you are a traveler, no matter local or international, a cordless hairdryer is all you need for a good hair day every day! 

Uses less power 

The best thing about cordless hair dryers is that it takes up less power, unlike conventional hair dryers. An average hairdryer uses 1,700 watts to 2,400 watts of electricity. It can largely increase your electricity bill if you use your hairdryer on a daily basis or if most of the people in your home blow-dry their hair. 

Safer to use

Cordless hair dryers are safer to use. You need not worry about any electricity or fire hazards if electricity supply is short or if your dryer accidentally falls into the water. Most of the cordless hair dryers are water resistant. 

No more EMF 

Conventional hair dryers produce electric and magnetic fields (EMF) when plugged into a power source, like all the other machines that operate on electricity. With a cordless dryer, there is no artificial EMF interrupting natural EMF and so, there are no negative effects on the human body. 

Easy and simple to use

ping hair portable hair dryer

Another benefit of cordless hair dryers is that it is easy and simple to use. All you need to do is learn about the settings and operate it on the one that suits best to your hair. Also, there are now different types of hair dryers for different kinds of hair. 

Suitable heat output for kids 

A cordless hair dryer comes with low heat output. This allows easier use on kids and people with short hair without damaging their scalp. So, mommies with young kids are good at using cordless dryers. Also, there are no cords for kids to mess up with! 

Great to use for pets 

It is very difficult to dry up your pet after it is just out of shower. As pets, especially cats and dogs, love to run here and there, a corded hair dryer can be very dangerous. A cordless hair dryer offers better control and suitable heat output for animal skin. 

Significant Features of a Useful Cordless Hair Dryer

When it comes to a cordless hair dryer, there are several things you make it different from a conventional hair dryer. Each hair dryer offers some unique features but the essential specs are common. Here are some significantly common features of a useful hair dryer:

Good battery power

For how long you can use your hair dryer depends on the power rating of its battery. If you use a hair dryer on high heat settings, you need one with an excellent battery. The average power usage of a good battery is 400 to 500 watts. 

Make sure you go for the one that comes with a high power rating that offers at least 20 to 30 minutes of continuous use. However, the exact time you require depends on the length and thickness of your hair. 

Less charging time and Replaceable Batteries

Some cordless dryers charge fully in 2 hours while others can take up to 4 hours. Many cordless hair dryers feature fast-charging or allow use of replaceable batteries. So, when one is on charge, you can put the other one to use. 

The average charging time is 3 hours.

Lightweight and compact

Weight and size are important to consider to ensure high portability. The typical weight of a cordless hair dryer is less than 2 lbs. and should come in a compact size. This makes it easier to pack in your luggage. 

Additional Features

Some other features include 

  • Cool shot – to use on less wet hair, say 20% wet
  • Ionizers – to smoothen rough and frizzy hair
  • Dryer attachments such as diffusers and concentrators

Drawbacks of Cordless Hair Dryers 

As cordless hair dryers do not use traditional power sources or use high operational power, you might come across some drawbacks. These include:

Lesser airflow

As cordless hair dryers feature DC motors, it is less powerful than an AC motor and offers lesser airflow and low heat. You might not be able to give your hair salon blow dry look at home. 

Limited use

As single charge allows limited use, you always need to charge it if two or more people share the same hair dryer. Having one with replaceable batteries is the best way out!

Not ideal for thick hair 

If you have thick, frizzy or coarse hair, you cannot just go with any regular cordless hair dryer. It might lead to battery overheating. You need one that is specifically designed for thick hair. 


With minimal drawbacks and maximum benefits, cordless hair dryers are problem solvers. These make the best option for travelers, adventurers, young moms, homeowners with frequent power cut issues and pet owners. Get your cordless hair dry today and dry your hair anytime, anywhere! 

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