Conair Instant heat Curling Iron

Conair Instant heat Curling Iron

This product is the one for you if you like medium to loose curls in your hair. Now you can create beautiful curls that look professionally done sitting in your home. It is suitable for any type of hair from thin, medium to thick. It heats up fast and a light indicator turns on to indicate that the iron is ready for use now. The best part is that you need not worry about voltage issues while traveling because it is adjustable from 125V – 250V, you only have to change the setting and you can use it in any country.


  • It has a 1-inch barrel for creating medium to loose bouncing curls
  • It has a patented Euro design
  • The handle has a non slip grip
  • The multilayer technology distributes heat uniformly
  • It has smart technology, which ensures stabilized heat
  • There is a turbo heat option which gives a 36F boost for faster result
  • There are 25 temperature settings
  • It turns off on its own
  • The cord is 5-foot swivel


  • It comes with a two-year warranty
  • It is suitable for any hair type as it has different heat setting options
  • It has smart technology to stabilize heat and avoid hot spots that could damage the hair
  • It heats up within a minute to save time, energy and money
  • If left unattended, it turns off on its own (safety counter reset) saving energy
  • It creates cute bouncy curls.
  • It has dual voltage settings suitable for traveling abroad
  • You can increase temperature settings with turbo heat
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • It has a long cool tip so don’t worry about getting injured
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  • At such a reasonable price with so many features, it doesn’t really have any cons.

Go ahead and buy it now if you like to have bouncy curls.


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