Can E-Cigarettes Cause Hair Loss? Everything You Need to Know

Can E-Cigarettes Cause Hair Loss? Everything You Need to Know

Several research projects have found out that e-cigarettes are safer than traditional cigarettes in many ways. Individuals that have tried to use e-cigarettes have reported positive changes in their smoking habits since they can control their nicotine consumption.

An e-cigarette is designed to help people quit smoking, but it also has some health risks that people should pay more attention to. Different research suggests that e-cigarettes cause hair loss since nicotine contains different chemicals that are harmful to the hair follicles and also the flow of blood.

With that in mind, it is worth knowing more about e-cigarettes and hair loss.

What is an E-Cigarette?

It is a device designed to produce vapor that contains nicotine, flavors, and other compounds, unlike traditional cigarettes, which deliver nicotine in the smoke. E-cigarettes are electronically powered and use vape juice as the consumable element. People vape as e-cigarettes for many reasons such as leisure, health, or quitting smoking.

What Effects Does Nicotine Have on Hair?

Unfortunately, various research findings have linked nicotine to premature hair loss. This has been a concern in the medical world and experts are still working to know exactly what happens. Here is how it results in hair loss:

·   Causes damage to the hair follicles – Nicotine is full of compounds that are dangerous to the hair follicles. once consumed, it slows down the normal growth of hair by weakening the hair follicles. The hair could also start to fall off, especially in older adults.

·   It affects blood circulation – Minerals, nutrients, and oxygen are the primary requirements that promote hair growth. When you consume large amounts of nicotine, it tampers with the normal circulation of blood, which causes premature hair loss. Hair development has four stages with the resting stage being one of them. Nicotine consumption stresses hair follicles, causing them to undergo a long period of rest. The hair will continue to fall off and the follicles will fail to replace them since they are now dormant.

·   Weakens the immune system – The more you consume nicotine, the weaker your immune system becomes. When this happens, the chances of your scalp getting infected by different bacteria and fungi are high. As a result, your hair follicles will get damaged and become reluctant from producing hair.

How to Prevent Hair Loss When Using E-Cigarettes

There are different measures you can follow to reduce hair loss when using e-cigarettes. This is highly recommended by medical experts, especially if you have an underlying condition that could aggravate hair loss. They include the following:

·   Alternating to other types of e-juices – The good thing about e-cigarettes is that you can replace nicotine with other types of e-juices. Search for e-juices that don’t have any negative side effects on your hair and body. As a newbie, finding the best e-cigarette can be challenging, but you can visit ePuffer web shop for quality e-cigarettes.

·   Reducing the amount of nicotine consumed – You can always train yourself to reduce the amount of nicotine you consume. By doing this, you will be reducing the side effects it brings to your hair and body.

·   Consuming healthier e-juices – Some vape juices contain ingredients such as essential oils, vitamins, and minerals that promote the growth of strong hair and good blood circulation.


Different research shows that e-cigarettes are the best alternative for people who are trying to quit smoking. However, the nicotine presence may cause devastating side effects such as hair loss. The above article provides you with everything you need to know about e-cigarettes and hair loss. Therefore, make the right choices to prevent any further damage.

8 Best Style Of Glasses That Will Give You A Fabulous Look

The eyes are the windows of the soul. They capture moments of sadness, happiness, and, most of all, beauty. This is the primary reason why in fashion, the eyes are given utmost priority. Eyeshadows to color the lids and emphasize the eyes, mascara to achieve full, thick lashes, and contact lenses to flaunt stunning (although unnatural) eye colors—these are all used to display the beauty of the eyes.

8 Best Style Of Glasses That Will Give You A Fabulous Look

But, those aren’t the only ways you can showcase your eyes. You may also take advantage of glasses, which can change your aura in almost a snap. With them, you can go for the ‘nerd look,’ ‘professional look,’ ‘sharp look,’ or even the ‘strict look.’ There are many brands and styles available for you to choose from, but below are the best types of glasses that will give you a fabulous look.

  • Crystal Clear Glasses

This type of glasses is the top hit. The crystal clear color emits freshness and neatness. Moreover, due to their plain color, they can easily be worn with any outfit, regardless of the color. Any mood or any time is the best time to wear them. If you want to get yourself a pair of crystal clear glasses, purchase them at the best place to buy glasses online with insurance.

  • Double Brow Bar Glasses

If your goal is to look trendy during the summer, such as going for the retro vibe with a modern touch, then double brow bar glasses are the best choice!  Originally worn mostly by men back in time, this type of glasses has already made it to women’s closets. You may try pairing them with square pants and a loose suit for a professional yet fun outfit. Also, double brow bar glasses were never out of style for men. They looked good then; they certainly look good now.

  • Metal Glasses

Metal glasses usually come in gold and silver, which exude class and elegance. These types of glasses reflect that simplicity is, indeed, beauty. Moreover, these glasses give the wearers an ‘intelligent’ and ‘sharp’ look. The thin frames make them look fragile, but such features are what make them lightweight.

Although they’re metal, they don’t necessarily leave marks on the nose area.

Of Glasses That Will Give You A Fabulous Look
  • Retro Flat Top Aviator Glasses

The retro flat top aviator glasses scream nothing but bold. They come with thick frames with oblique shapes that cover the entire eye area. They’re best for fashion statements that emphasize the hair, as well as the outfit. Also, this type of design is best for sunglasses due to their size and lenses. 

  • Thick-Rimmed Geometric Glasses

If the theme is playful cosplay or a fashion statement based on animated characters, thick-rimmed geometric glasses are your best bet. The glasses incorporate geometrical shapes, such as circles, squares, or any kind of polygon, showcasing to the wearers’ humorous and playful side.

It’s important to note that the character play will not be effective if the entire transformation is incomplete. If there are fabulous glasses, there must be fantastic hair to match, too!

  • Round Glasses

Round glasses give the wearer a cute and fabulous look. Also, this type of style draws out the innocent side of the wearer. Their thin frames and round lenses display the colorful orbs of the eyes. Due to that, many teenagers prefer this type over the others.

Furthermore, they look best on people with small faces. In terms of outfits, they look great on short dresses or, basically, any casual wear.

  • Fashion Cat Eye Glasses

This type of glasses gives the wearer a feline vibe—sleek, smooth, and unapologetic. Fashion cat eyeglasses also come in different colorful animal prints, which exude a ‘strict’ and a ‘professional’ look. The edges are pulled upward to the side, seemingly stretching the direction of the eyes. They’re best worn with a sleek bun or loose hair to match their energy.

  • Hipster Black Glasses

Hipster black glasses have this accessible and friendly vibe. They’re mostly used by those who’d like to keep a pleasant aura. Musicians, writers, and teachers are most often seen using this type of glasses.

Pro tip: buying prescription glasses online, with the added benefit of insurance, will surely be super convenient during these times as you won’t have to go outside and risk getting infected by the coronavirus.


Glasses are great accessories and can also be essential items. Some are only for fashion, while others are meant to correct eye grades, protect the eyes from radiation, and aid in eye problems.

How to Properly Blow Dry Your Hair in Middle Age?

If the words blow dry trigger thoughts of frizz and a sore arm, you’re in the right place. Blow drying can be a dreadful step in your haircare regimen. The good news is, with the right techniques, a salon-quality blow out can be achieved right from your bathroom. Continue to read for a step-by-step guide on mastering the art of blow drying in your middle age.

How to Properly Blow Dry Your Hair in Middle Age?

Pre-Blow Drying

It is essential to properly prepare your strands to endure heat. Here are a few pre-blow drying measures to take:

  1. Use a microfiber towel to soak up excess moisture. You shouldn’t blow dry your hair when it is sopping wet. To avoid frizz and save yourself time, carefully blot your wet strands with a microfiber towel. Allow your hair to dry at least 50% before picking up the blow dryer.
  2. Separate your hair into sections. It can be helpful (and less overwhelming) to separate the hair into several sections to ensure your hair is completely dry. There is no golden rule as to how to section your hair, but the sections should be small enough to manage.
  3. Use a heat protectant. There are no exceptions to skipping this step! Heat can permanently damage your hair shaft and alter your curl pattern. A heat-protectant will serve as a shield against heat. Step #2 allows for a more thorough application of a heat-protectant.

Blow Drying

It’s time to blow dry. Use these techniques to maximize your blow-drying efficiency.

  1. Understand your heat settings. High heat works best to change your hair’s shape, medium heat is for pre-drying your locks, and cool air sets a style. For example, if you’re going for bouncy curls, you should roll them with a round brush, blow with hot air, and then set with cool air.
  2. Start by drying the lower layers with a brush, on high heat. Dry the neckline and sides of your head first, and work your way towards the front. Always keep the blow dryer moving to completely dry every strand without over-doing one section.
  3. Take advantage of your blow-dryer’s attachments! A diffuser or concentrator nozzle can work wonders on controlling air flow to provide a smoother finish. The attachment should be placed in the same direction as the handle of the dryer, not perpendicular to it.
  4. Hold your blow-dryer 6 inches away. To minimize heat exposure, it is best to keep your dryer 6 inches away from your head.
  5. Blow in the right direction. For the roots, blow in the opposite direction of which your hair is parted. So, if you part your hair to the left, blow it to the right. This technique will give your roots a boost in volume. On the other hand, for your ends, blow in a downward direction to increase smoothness.
  6. For extra volume, flip your hair upside down. If voluminous, full hair is your desired look, try turning your hair upside down towards the end of your blow-drying session. While doing so, brush your hair downwards, keeping the blow dryer behind the brush.
  7. Before finishing, double check that all strands are dry. Pat down your hair to make sure all sections of your hair are dry. If parts are still cold to the touch, then continue drying. Leaving your hair damp can allow your natural curl pattern to peak through.
  8. Lastly, set your blow-out with cool air. Cool air will seal the cuticles and set flyaways into place.

Post-Blow Drying

You’re almost done! Here are the final steps to nail down your blow-drying routine.

  1. Apply hair oil after you blow-dry. Aging hair can often feel dry and brittle, so reach for an oil to restore hydration and increase shine.
  2. Or, use an alcohol-free hairspray. A light hairspray can keep your blowout in place and keep frizz at bay.

Ready, Set, Go!

You officially have the tips and tricks needed to properly blow dry your hair in your middle age. The correct blow drying techniques can leave your hair bouncy and voluminous as if you just walked out of the salon.

Qualities to Look For When Buying a Hair Dryer

Qualities to Look For When Buying a Hair Dryer

A lot of people think that all hair dryers are the same, while that might be the case back in the day nowadays you have a video range of models with different settings of all price ranges! It all depends on what kind of hair do you have – but even if your hair is short and pin-straight, some hairdryers can help you style it better, no need to go to a salon! So here are some of the main qualities to look for when buying a hairdryer!


One of the main things you should consider when buying a hairdryer is how strong the hairdryer is. It all comes down to the strength of the motor, the highest the wattage the stronger the hairdryer will be. This is tightly connected to its ability to dry hair fast or slow depending on the strength! So if you have a full head of, long thick hair, you need to pay attention – weak hairdryers won’t do the trick no matter how many other features they may have, less wind means slower drying! Opt for a hairdryer with a wattage that around 2000, but many professional dryers have even higher wattages than that! Another bonus of getting a higher wattage hairdryer is the fact that you won’t experience burnouts and having to take pauses for your dryer to cool down as the motor is well adapted to the heath!


Hairdryer prices range from 50$ to 500$, so you might want to consider what’s your budget before heading to the store and buying one! It’s always best to get something on the higher-end side, as professional products tend to perform better in the long run – you can always find useful sales and coupons on the internet as this page states, so you have a chance to snag something high quality for less money! Make sure to check the features, rather than opting for the cheapest option, as a better quality dryer will last you the longest, saving money in the process!

Weight and size

Now, this might not even cross your mind when thinking about hairdryers, but some can be heavy and too big for handling! This is especially important if you like to straighten your hair and give yourself blowouts – imagine having to hold a heavy dryer for an extended period, depending on their hair length…sounds like a nightmare! So make sure that you are well aware of its build before you buy it, especially when ordering online – just try to find any information that details the dimensions and weight of the dryer, just to make sure! Some are lighter than you think, whilst others are smaller yet heavier, so don’t let the looks deceive you!

Different types

Nowadays, there are lots of different types of hairdryers, and the differences are always good to know! It’s better to find something that suits your hair type and hairstyle, rather than getting a regular hairdryer and call it a day. From different materials to different purposes, make sure you have it all in mind when choosing the right dryer for you! Yust know what you’re working with, to get the right product!

Ionic Hairdryers

There is a lot of buzz around certain hairdryers, with people arguing what’s the best type of dryer for curly hair and what’s the best dryer for straight hair. A lot of people preach that ionic hairdryers are perfect if you just want to dry your hair, especially if your hair is on the curlier side, the technology behind ionic hair dryers will make your hair less frizzy! It works as a fast-drying process that removes moisture from your hair shaft, making the result sleek, super dry, and ready to go!

Qualities to Look For When Buying a Hair Dryer 1

Porcelain/Ceramic Hairdryers

A lot of people are unaware that regular hair dryers are not as accurate, and create an uneven heating source, whilst those that are ceramic tend to have a more tamed and well-distributed heath. The ceramic dryers are meant to hold on to the heath for longer, making it easier to regulate it. If you want to use a hairdryer to straighten your curly or coarse hair, it’s best if you opt for this option, as porcelain and ceramic hair dryers are great for erasing any frizz after you’ve done drying the hair!

Titanium Hairdryers

Similar to ceramic hair dryers, titanium ones are also meant to distribute the heat evenly and retain the temperature. But with that being said, this kind of dryer is extremely powerful and can get hot, so if your hair won’t be able to withstand the potential heath damage, you should probably opt for something else. But if your hair is strong, long, and thick this is a perfect option for you, as it has both the strength and the high heath to do your hair justice!

Additional features

Back in the day you only had the on and off button, no additional settings, and nozzles and attachments. So you need to see what kind of additional features might work best for your hair and styling habits! It all comes down to what kind of hair texture you have, and also what type of hairstyle you have, as it can determine the type of attachment you’ll need. Also, the additional settings like cooling are great if you’re used to straightening your hair, as it can set the hairstyle in place and cool it down so it won’t budge!

At the end of the day, you should always strive for the best – if you can get your hands on a pricier, professional driver, it’s not only going to do a superb job, it’s also going to last you many, many years, so you’ll be saving money in the long run! It’s important to do a bit of research, maybe take a look at some reviews of people with the same hair as you, and see if they are satisfied with your chosen hair dryer or not, and only then buy it! Why spend money in a salon, when you can get the right hairdryer and do it yourself!

How to use kaolin clay for hair

Kaolin Clay for hair is not just another interesting DIY doing rounds, it is an effective home remedy backed with proven results and wonderful science-backed benefits. Clays, in general, have gained a reputation in the beauty and therapeutic industry as a powerful clarifying and detoxifying product. They have been used since ancient times to beautify hair and skin and we’re here to present a detailed overview on the former.

How to use kaolin clay for hair,
what is kaolin clay

What Is Kaolin Clay?

Kaolin is one of the mildest and purest forms of natural clay available. Its main ingredient is the mineral kaolinite, which gives it a fine, powdery texture. The clay can be found all over the world, but the chief manufacturing countries are China, USA, and Brazil.

There are many different hues of kaolin (red, white, yellow, pink, etc.) which differ only slightly in the benefits. Owing to its nourishing, soothing and cleansing properties, kaolin is a widely used ingredient in skin and hair care products.

Benefits of Kaolin Clay For Hair:

Here are some main advantages of using kaolin clay in hair care:

  • Kaolin is rich in silica, a naturally occurring mineral that strengthens hair and prevents thinning. An often overlooked ingredient in hair care, silica ensures hair follicles have all the essential nutrients necessary for the strands. This keeps their elasticity intact and makes them more manageable. Using Kaolin clay supplies ample silica to your tresses, which then works its magic on them.

  • Kaolin has amazing absorbing properties, as also outlined by a research paper published in 2010. When applied topically, kaolin frees the scalp of any toxins, impurities, contaminants, oils, and secretions. The end result is a squeaky clean scalp without the horrible itching or dryness.

  • Kaolin clay gently exfoliates the scalp and improves blood circulation. Scalp exfoliation removes excess skin cells, oils, dirt and dandruff, making way for new and healthy hair growth. Hair experts vouch for the idea of gentle scalp exfoliation to achieve mane that’s strong and well-nourished from within.

  • The clay can help fight scalp acne, the weirdest acne type, in my opinion. It makes combing your hair a task because there is always this fear of running it through the damn pimple and writhe in the stinging pain. Kaolin is your savior here. It fights acne from the core, by unclogging the pores in a gentle, non-inflammatory way. 

How To Use Kaolin Clay For Hair:

After going through its amazing benefits, I know you’re eager to try it on. Here are 3 easy ways to use kaolin clay for hair:

#1 As a dry shampoo:

To use kaolin clay as a dry shampoo, you can either use the powder as it is or mix clay with arrowroot powder in a 2:1 ratio along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

For application, brush your hair well and sprinkle some powder on the top of your head. Concentrate on areas that tend to get more oily.

Don’t rub the powder in as it will discolor your hair. Let it sit for 5 to 10 minutes. The clay absorbs all excess oils within this time frame.

Now, turn your head over and brush the extra powder off. Avoid using too much clay as it can create clumps in your hair and give a cakey appearance.

#2 As a mask

Kaolin clay hair mask is an effortless DIY you can do every week. Mix 2-3 tbsp of kaolin clay with warm water to create a runny paste with no lumps. As an added nourishing ingredient, mix in 2 tbsp aloe vera gel to the pack.

Apply the mask mostly on your scalp region and wait for about 10 minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. There’s no need for using a shampoo after the pack because kaolin is a natural hair cleanser and nourishing agent.

#3 As a hair cleanser

Instead of a weekly mask, kaolin clay can be used as a daily, no-poo rinse. Ingredients for a DIY kaolin clay shampoo is as follows:

  • ½ cup filtered water
  • 1 tbsp kaolin clay
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • 1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

Combine all these ingredients in a non-metal bowl and massage the smooth paste onto wet hair. Leave it on for 3-5 minutes before washing. These measurements are for one-time use, you can increase the ratios to store it for a maximum of 1 week.

Kaolin Vs Bentonite Clay For Hair

Kaolin clay is often compared to bentonite, another popular clay type used in the beauty regimen. While both have similar benefits in terms of detoxifying, clarifying, and nourishing properties, there’s a difference in their absorbing powers: bentonite ranks higher on the scale. So, in the debate of kaolin vs bentonite for hair, there’s only one rule to follow. Dry and normal skin beauties should stick to kaolin and oily ones should use bentonite. Click here to learn more about this..

Side-Effects Of Kaolin Clay:

Kaolin clay is a naturally occurring, safe ingredient with no reported side effects. That being said, some beauty products can be irritating to some people. Before using large quantities of it, we’d suggest you do a patch test and if there’s no irritation for 24 hours, you’re all good to go!

Here Are Some Effective Solutions For People With Thin Hair

What makes the world such a diverse place is that every individual on it is unique! There are no two people who are the same anywhere on the planet and we are all born with our individual, one-of-a-kind features, both psychologically and in physical appearance. Some of us are born with the aspirations of becoming the next famous face, gracing the stage or the silver screen. Then there are those who dream of making a positive impact on the world, becoming the teachers who influence the lives of our youths, or put the hard work in to graduate as the next life-saving doctor, performing life-changing miracles. Every person possesses their own hopes and dreams, making the world a phenomenal place.

Then comes our appearance. Some people on the planet we meet possess radiant blue eyes, the next could be gifted with the color of hazel or can even belong to the members of the gracious greens. We are brought into the world maybe as the next blonde bombshell, others fall into the category of the bold brunettes or could be defined as the black-haired beauty or ravishing redhead of today. It’s true, we are all different in our own special ways, which makes the people on the planet extraordinary.

Here Are Some Effective Solutions For People With Thin Hair 2

Some Of Us Wish To Enhance Our Assets!

However, sometimes in life, we are born with features that we may wish to optimize, to transform ourselves into the best possible version of ourselves. We long to find ways to build up our self-esteem and add confidence to our image. Our hair plays a major part in our appearance and we can sometimes feel we are lacking when it comes to possessing that ultimate voluptuous look we crave for. After all, not all of us are born with a thick head of hair that is full of life and bounce, so we choose to set ourselves on the mission of finding the essential tools that will aid us in transforming our thin and lifeless hair into a fuller, vibrant masterpiece. Well guys, here are some effective solutions to apply to your locks to achieve the dreams you have for your head of hair.

Opt For a Thickening Shampoo and Conditioner

The first crucial tool you can apply to your hair is shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated to give your flat, thin hair more volume. Look for labels that state the product is to thicken or volumize fine, thin hair. Often specific thickening produce contains lesser ingredients than typical hair washing products which cause heaviness to your locks, weighing them down.

Stay Hydrated

It is so important to keep ourselves hydrated for both our physical well-being and the health of our hair. Becoming dehydrated allows our hair to fall into a state of disarray and it becomes brittle, incredibly dry and soon leads to our hair becoming visibly thinner. If you keep hydrated, making sure to drink enough water throughout the day and also get the correct intake of essential nutrients then you will prevent any unnecessary damage to your hair. This will contribute to your locks staying healthy and will result in avoiding any visible signs of hair loss. 

Invest in Top-quality Hair Extensions!

Hair extensions can be a fantastic way in achieving that bold and voluptuous look you anxiously desire. A trip to the salon to get extensions applied professionally can provide you with a quick effective solution to achieving that natural, fuller look that others will envy. You can also purchase clip-in extensions that you can apply yourself, spacing them throughout your hair to provide it with a thicker appearance.

Try Volumizing Products

Here Are Some Effective Solutions For People With Thin Hair 3

Adding products specifically created for the sole purpose of giving your thin hair signs of life can go a long way in achieving a fuller look. There are masses of products available on the market today that include products in the form of mousses, gels, and serums that can all be applied to damp hair and left in to provide you with a boost of volume, resulting in more vibrancy.

Maintain Your Hairs Health

It goes without saying to keep your hair at its ultimate best, it is important to inflict minimal damage! Heat is a major contributor to the destruction of our luscious locks and by choosing to use heat defense products on our hair, it can make a huge difference in its preservation. Applying heat defense products before drying, curling and straightening can prevent the breaking and sizzling of our locks and can significantly add to maintaining our hair’s health. It is also important not to adopt the lifestyle of washing our hair too frequently. Washing our hair on far too many occasions inflicts more damage than good and causes our hair to lose its full-looking appearance and its strength. By cutting down you are potentially prolonging your hair’s life, as less washing results in creating a more voluminous and healthier look over time!

Dry Shampoo Can Be Your New Best Friend!

You may think the only use for dry shampoo is to give it that speedy freshen up on a hectic and busy day however, you could not be more wrong! Using dry shampoo and spraying a few bursts along your roots can provide you with an instant lift and a blast of volume. Dry shampoo is packed with nutrients and powder including starch that adds friction to each strand of hair and takes up oil, resulting in instant volume. 

Yes, it’s true! Every person on earth is different and sometimes we are not satisfied with the features that God has bestowed upon us. We seek to find ways on how we can enhance our appearances and our hair is one of those missions. Just know people, you are not on your own! Not all of us are blessed with the voluptuous locks of a goddess and possess the hair that screams out wow! However, there are ways and means that you can apply, that will aid you in creating and conquering that more radiant, fuller head of hair that you long for! 

An Essential Guide: Are All Hair Dryers The Same?

There is a reason why there are millions of hair products on the market today, as your hair can make or break your look. Hairdryers are an essential tool in every household since you wouldn’t want to go to a hairdresser every time you want to dry your hair. A couple of years ago, there weren’t that many types to choose from; all you needed to do is pick one with your favorite color.

Curly bundles - Indique

Nowadays, hairdryers have various features designed for certain hair types. Before you buy one, take a look at this guide to help you decide which hair dryer will suit your hair type and your needs best.

Types of Hairdryers

There are different types of hairdryers that give different results, so the first step is to know what are these types and what do they do?

Ionic Hairdryers

Water ions are positively charged and the ionic hairdryers emit negatively charged ions which help in breaking down water molecules quickly. In non-scientific terms, ionic dryers help in drying your hair much faster. This new technology doesn’t open up the cuticles which will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy. However, if you use the Ionic Hair Dryer for a long time, you may easily over-dry your hair and cause unwanted damage. Ionic hair dryers are usually more expensive than the other types because of their technology.

Ceramic Hairdryers

If you need a hairdryer that is gentle on your hair, you should look for ceramic hairdryers. These models are ceramic coated from the inside and produce infrared heat that dries the hair from the inside out. In addition, they sense the room temperature and adjust their heat accordingly to dry the hair faster and not causing any damage to your hair in the process. Ceramic hair dryers are less expensive than ionic hairdryers but cost more than drugstore brands.

Other Hairdryer Types

Another popular type is the tourmaline hairdryer. This type of hairdryer is coated on the inside by a semi-precious metal, tourmaline, which adds more negative ions than ionic hairdryers. Porcelain dryers act the same as ceramic dryers, while titanium dryers are lightweight, but they add extra heat to the airflow.

Which Hairdryer Suits Your Hair Type?

Thin Hair

When blow-drying and styling your hair, you will be looking to add thickness and volume if you have thin hair. While ionic hairdryers give smoothness and shine to hair, that’s not what you need for yours as they also absorb volume from hair. Instead, look for a ceramic hairdryer to produce gentle and evenly distributed heat that won’t damage your hair. It will also boost your hair’s shine and bounce while creating lift in weak strands.

Fine Hair

High temperatures damage fine hair easily as it soaks the heat quicker than hair with thicker strands. The negative ions can flatten the hair, so ionic hairdryers aren’t the best choice for this type of hair, alternatively, look for tourmaline or ceramic hairdryers for their gentle approach. 

An Essential Guide: Are All Hair Dryers The Same? 4

Though tourmaline dryers emit negative ions, the ions are generated naturally which reduces the flattening while adding shine and polish. No matter what type you opted for, ensure that it has an adjustable heat setting and find the right balance between heat and airflow to dry your hair quickly.

Curly Hair

The most annoying problem that every person with curly hair faces is frizziness. Hairdryers emit hot air that breaks the hair pattern, which makes curly hair frizzy and impossible to manage. In order to preserve these curls, it’s best to look for hair dryers for curly hair types and make sure you get one with a diffuser. A diffuser is a hairdryer attachment that allows the even distribution of air, which will keep your curls intact while blow-drying your strands. Curly hair needs a long time to blow-dry, and that’s why you should look for a lightweight hairdryer to avoid muscle cramps.

Thick, Frizzy Hair

We know the amount and effort put into drying thick hair that includes wrestling with the hairdryer to ensure that every strand is dry. Titanium hair dryers are the best option to deal with thick frizzy hair. Unless the hair is damaged, the titanium hairdryer excels in blow-drying the hair with minimal effort. Similar to ceramic hairdryers, titanium ones distribute heat evenly and consistently but with hotter temperatures. Additionally, titanium hairdryers are lightweight, which won’t feel heavy after prolonged use. To take it up a notch, titanium hairdryers coupled with ionic technology will speed up the blow-drying process significantly while enhancing the shine and luster of the hair.

Features and Attachments

Weight and Size

The weight is an aspect that most buyers forget about when purchasing a hairdryer. As we discussed before, especially with thick hair, the weight of the dryer is essential as you will use it for a long time. If you are planning to carry your hairdryer in your handbag, the weight and the size of the hairdryer matter. You don’t want the dryer to take all the space in your bag and become a burden to carry.


The amount of wind power the hairdryer can produce depends on its wattage. It doesn’t automatically mean it will produce hotter temperatures which you don’t actually need. The recommended wattage by hairstylists is between 1500-2000; typically, thick hair needs higher wattage.

Concentrator Nozzle

As the name suggests, this attachment concentrates the airflow for targeted drying. It is perfect for drying specific sections of your hair such as bangs, and hair roots, It’s even ideal for the ends of the hair whether to blow-dry or add volume.


This hair dryer attachment is specially made for curly hair. The diffuser is shaped like a bowl with tine sticking out of it with holes in them to let the airflow reach your hair. As discussed before, the diffuser helps in drying the hair while maintaining the hair to keep its curl or wavy look.

Our hair needs consistent care to keep its healthy and beautiful look, and while hairdryers can help you achieve that, you should also use the right shampoo, conditioner, spray, and heat protectant before styling your hair with any tool. Before you use the hairdryer, pre-dry your hair as much as you can to speed up the process of blow-drying. Finally, divide your hair into sections to make the process faster and more efficient.

The Most Exciting Hairstyling Trends You Should Look Out For This 2022

Fashion and style in 2021 have been pretty confusing. Besides the fact that we’ve been in the middle of a pandemic for the better part of a year, fashion trends seem to be repeating from eras like the 70s, 80s, and 90s – including hairstyles.

So what are the top hairstyle trends for 2021? Well, the truth is it’s a mix of many styles that are hot in the fashion world right now. However, the theme seems to be that you can honestly rock any hairstyle you feel like – no matter what decade it originated in.

From the comeback of the mullet to the revival of the buzz cut in all genders, here are the most exciting hairstyling trends you should be looking out for this year.

The Most Exciting Hairstyling Trends You Should Look Out For This 2022 5

The Mullet

Anyone who lived through the 80s probably didn’t think that they’d live through another Mullet phase, but the hairstyle started to make a comeback in 2020, and in 2021 the mullet is stronger than ever.  So popular that the Hairstyle has even made it all the way to Hollywood, with celebs like Miley Cyrus and Zendaya rocking them on social media and red carpets.

The hairstyle itself is a little different than it was 30 years ago. The 2021 spin involves having a more relaxed mullet that is easier to control and style. Like the professionals at MacGregor hairstylists say, It’s important to “stay at the cutting edge of style” in order to offer a variety of styles, new and old. Sometimes that involves adapting popular hairstyles to match the era.

The Shag

The good old shag cut – also known as the hairstyle that is just neat enough to pass as both casual and put together. This hairstyle focuses on many different layers and can, for the most part, be achieved at any hair length. It’s actually been categorized as a softer version of the traditional mullet.

But what probably makes it the most popular is how low maintenance it is. All you need is an excellent conditioner to keep your hair shiny and smooth, and you’re good to go. Just let those layers speak for themselves.


Bangs have come and gone over the years, and in 2021 they’re one of the hottest cuts. Unlike previous trends where hairstylists often cut bangs to look neat and put together while resting over your brow – it’s a little different his time around. Many people are opting to give more length to their bangs in order to frame their faces. The 70s are also calling with this new trend – curtain bangs are on the rise. Curtain bangs are long enough and layered enough to be versatile no matter when you feel like doing with your hair.

These longer bangs are gaining traction because they’re the best alternative to getting the real deal without the commitment of having to later go through the awkward phase of growing them back out. Long gone are the days of getting our bangs perfectly straight as well – curly and messy bangs are in!

The best part? Bangs can be paired with any other hairstyle on this list, including the Mullet and shag.

Bouncy Bobs

Bobs are back with a twist! The chin-length hairstyle might be the cutest one on this list, but the bob cut’s sleek traditional look has been thrown out the window.  In 2021 it’s all about the bobs bounce. The more volume and curl, the better! The industry is also seeing a rise in lopsided bobs where one side is longer than the other. It gives the style a little extra taste while staying tame and professional.

Buzz Cuts

If you thought bobs were short, wait until you hear how popular buzz cuts are in 2021 for all gender. Celebs like Halsey have been pulling them off for months now, and the general population seems to be following along. If you’re looking for a major change that’s low maintenance, a buzz cut could be for you. You can even take it a step further and dye your hair a wild color like purple!

The only drawback to this hairstyle is if you don’t plan on maintaining it – the grow-out process can be long and awkward. It requires a full commitment, so make sure you think it through before heading for the salon or picking up the shaver yourself.

The Most Exciting Hairstyling Trends You Should Look Out For This 2022 6

Blunt Cuts

Layers might be all the rage of 2021, but so are blunt cuts. There’s something about the clean-cut that people and hairstylists are loving. This is also the perfect cut to easily maintain your hair if the pandemic has gotten in the way of your hair care plans.

It’s generally easy to style because there are no layers to worry about, and this style is absolutely perfect when tied back into a slick ponytail. But one can also apply this blunt look to shorter chin-length hair and even bobs. It works because of its versatility.

 It’s a low-commitment look for both you and your hairstylist.

Crimped Waves

If you’ve spent years trying to perfect the beach wave, we’re sorry to tell you that crimped waves have taken their place.  When you think crimped, it may take you back to the horror of the 90s where people spent hours using a crimper to get their hair, honestly not looking that great.

However, just like the mullet, the crimped look has adapted for 2021 – it’s more of a crimped wave now, giving it a more natural wave curl, and they even have new devices to help get you this desired look. The hairstyle is typically seen on individuals with longer hair, but who says it won’t work on short? If you love it, try it out.

The Time For The Salon

Overall the hairstyle theme for 2021 seems to be revolving around the concept of doing your own thing. There’s no specific hairstyle people prefer over another, and you do you by choosing a hairstyle you think will work for you. You can even talk to your hairstylists and ask for their opinion before committing to anything.

Tattoo Aftercare – Tips For Your New Tattoos

Getting a tattoo is a thing of pride as it becomes a part of your personality. If you want to get the best results, you should select the image to be inked with great thought. You must also pay attention to the aftercare tips to prevent any infection. Below discussed are the first-day caring tips for your tattoo.

Tattoo Aftercare - Tips For Your New Tattoos

Keep it covered for at least 2-3 hours

After getting the tattoo inked, the tattoo artist will carefully clean the surface and ensure safety using an antibacterial ointment. He will then properly cover it with a plastic or bandage. You should not remove the bandage just after you come out from the parlor. The bandage is very useful to prevent bacteria and dirt, so you should keep it as it is for at least 3 hours or more. It will prevent bleeding or bacterial infection. 

Wash your hands first before removing the bandage 

Washing the hands helps to prevent the risk of infection when removing the bandage by hands. You must use warm water to remove the bandage carefully. It helps to remove it easily without sticking to the skin. Pull off the bandage carefully and slowly.

Wash the tattoo using antibacterial soap and warm water

Instead of soaking your hand in the water, you should scoop warm water over your hand. To remove plasma, traces of blood, or leaked ink, use only a mild, antimicrobial or unscented liquid antibacterial soap with your fingers. This soap prevents scabbing on the tattoo. Don’t use a loofah, sponge, or washcloth for tattoo cleaning because it can lead to bacterial infection. Keep in mind not to put your tattoo directly under running water from the tap as it may be harsh on the skin.  

Leave the tattoo to dry automatically or use a clean paper towel to pat

It is the best idea to leave your tattoo to dry automatically, or you can use a clean and dry paper towel to pat on the tattoo. But do not rub the tattoo with a towel because it can cause a skin-irritating problem. If you use your regular towels it can lead to irritation. Thus, a paper towel is the best for drying. 

Use a non-scented antibacterial cream

When you confirm that the tattoo is dry, apply a moisturizing ointment. Always remember to apply a thin layer and then pat it so that the skin can easily absorb the cream within a few minutes. When buying a cream, you must ensure that it does not have petroleum-based products including Neosporin or Vaseline because they are too heavy and also can clog the pores. To know the best creams, you can visit the site. Don’t rewrap a cleaned and moisturized tattoo. 

Regularly wash and moisturize the tattoo to remove scabs completely

You should wash your tattoo at least 2-3 times per day with warm water and antibacterial soap until it is healed properly. You can do this between 2 and 6 weeks. However, moisturizing is essential but you should not use too much ointment or lotion on the tattoo. Always wash only with an unscented mild soap. 

Don’t pick or scratch your tattoo

As your tattoo heals, the skin will get smooth. Leave the scabs as it is to dry out. Don’t try to remove it by scratching or picking at the scabs. Dry, peeling, or scabbing the skin can increase the itching problem. You should apply moisturizing ointment to get relief from itchiness. 

Why Tanning Without Knowing. This Might Not Be A Great Idea

Sunbathing easily makes a place in the top five leisure activities for its tremendous benefits. A more popular name for sunbathing is tanning which includes both indoor and outdoor tanning. Done rightly, tanning outdoors has so many benefits that you might not be aware of. Apart from getting a great bronze skin tone, read more about the benefits of outdoor tanning here.

Why Tanning Without Knowing. This Might Not Be A Great Idea

Benefits of Sun Tanning

Vitamin D – The sunlight has an abundance of vitamin D and therefore regular but controlled sitting under the sun ensures optimum absorption of vitamin D by your body. Vitamin D is good for treating various skin ailments. Moreover, it balances the amount of phosphate and calcium in the body. As a result, your teeth and muscles remain healthy.

Uplift Your Mood – At times you might have felt the quintessence of cloudy and gloomy weather retained inside and you start feeling low. Sunlight on the other hand helps in releasing the hormone known as serotonin that can enhance mood and calmness. It is a well-known fact that patients with depression should be shown sunlight regularly to uplift their mood and cheer them up thereby helping them to heal better. 

Regulates Blood Pressure – There has been proven research stating that regular sunbathing also helps in regulating high blood pressure and reducing inflammation. Moreover, exposure to UV is also effective in treating hypertension.

Why Do You Need A Controlled Sun Exposure?

Well, tanning has many benefits but UV rays that emanate from the sun should also be controlled. There are various products available in the market now that promote sunless tanning. The harmful effect of UV rays can be avoided by going sunless tanning way. 
A strong argument against outdoor tanning is the time you need to spend to get that natural tan. Since you would need to spend long hours under the sun getting tanned, the harmful rays might also be absorbed by the skin and cause side-effects. Indoor tanning on the other hand takes very little time and therefore your exposure to the UV rays is not high. 

Quick Tips For The Best Tanning Effect

Whether indoor or outdoor tanning, you should follow proper instructions to maximize the benefits and reduce the risks. While going outside in the sun for tanning, follow the below tips:

  • Always apply good sunscreen lotion and tanning oil.
  • Do not forget a hat and shades for your eyes.
  • Have a bottle of moisturizer and apply some every time you go out for a tan.
  • Lips are a delicate part of the skin and therefore apply lip balm before stepping out in the sun

Similarly, for indoor tanning, you should follow the below discussed tips.

  • Tanning beds should not be used more than two times a week.
  • Do not go for tyrosine-based tanning enhancers.
  • Avoid exfoliating the skin immediately before the start of the tanning session.
  • Do not avoid going to a doctor if you are feeling the burn.

Tanning is good for the skin when done in the right way and the above-discussed tips will surely be of great help.