best way to shave for sensitive skin

Best Way to Shave for Sensitive Skin – Ultimate Guide 2023

Hair removal is generally a challenge especially when it comes to which method you have to choose. Most women are shaving the hair to have flawless legs, bikini line, and face without any hair. At the same time, men do shave to boast the smooth and hairless chest and face. But, what if you have sensitive skin and you want to shave unwanted hair? What is the best way to shave for sensitive skin?

As we go along, we will share the proper way of shaving for sensitive skin based on the area to be shaved. But before that, we will also discuss first the perks and drawbacks of shaving as a hair removal process. Let’s check them all out below!


Pros and Cons of Shaving

Actually, there are various methods of hair removal. However, the most common and convenient one is to shave those hairs away. But, before to dig into taking this method, you must have to learn the benefits and drawbacks of shaving as a method of hair removal.

 The Pros of Shaving:

  • Can be incorporated as part of the daily hygiene regimen
  • Quick and convenient to perform at home
  • The materials needed for doing the process such as the razors and shaving cream cost economically in contrast with the professional salon waxes.
  • Not a painful process of hair removal as it only targets to remove the hair follicle from the skin’s surface and still maintaining the root intact
  • No length requirement for shaving

The Cons of Shaving:

  • Shaving may be a contributing factor of hair follicles inflammation, skin itching, razor burn, and ingrown hairs.
  • The result may only last for about 1 to 3 days
  • Dull blades may irritate and cut the skin

Friendly Shaving Tips:

Now that you already know what will you benefit from shaving and the harm that it may cause, check these helpful tips for shaving in case you still opt to remove hair using this method.

  • The best way to shave for sensitive skin is to invest a little more time doing it. It is much better if you will consider using moisturizers in case your skin is sensitive.
  • Do not attempt shaving dry rather opt in using shaving cream over soap.
  • Finish your bath or shower before you shave because it is during this time when the pores are open and the skin is soft.

The Best Way to Shave for Sensitive Skin on the Face

A fresh face may not be a victim of razor burn once you do shaving over it. Actually, shaving in the morning when you have sensitive skin leads to dryness, ingrown hairs, and razor bumps. However, it should not be like that. Below are helpful tips regarding the best way to shave for sensitive skin on your face.

1. Facial steaming

As part of the best way to shave for sensitive skin over the face, initially go into the shower. Application of hot, moist towel to the face for about 30 seconds will also do the job. Basically, this process will allow the facial skin to soften up the whiskers and open the pores. With this, it will be easier for the razor to flawlessly glide within the facial area thus cutting the hairs without hassle.

Moreover, this is also essential in preventing the occurrence of irritation. Keep in mind that if the application of pressure over the face during shaving is lesser, razor bumps will less likely to occur.

2. Selecting the appropriate blade

In terms of opting for the right blade, it is actually good to go for less. Generally, razors having three-blades cut closest to the skin. Even though it produces a cleaner shave, it also enhances the risk of irritation once everyday brushing is done. That’s why the best way to shave for sensitive skin especially for those who shave in a less frequent manner is to make use of multiple-blade razors.

Another best thing to do is to change the blade most of the time. Keep in mind that old blade will basically cause skin cuts frequently. The combination of the water and pressure over time may typically corrode the fine edge of the razor. This will lead to blunt and uneven razor thus acts similarly with a serrated knife getting in touch with the skin.

3. Never go for alcohol-based products

Preferably, shave creams are far better than alcohol-based foams and gels. Generally, the shave creams reduce the facial skin irritation most likely if you have sensitive skin. However, the creams that you’ll have to select must be based on your own preference.

For example, shave lather will greatly provide a smooth and bubbly shave. Meanwhile, consider using soft and transparent shave butter in case you want to notice the area of shaving.

4. Go with the flow

Basically, the best way to shave for sensitive skin is to shave in the direction of hair growth. Going with the flow of your hair as you shave will highly reduce irritation. As a rule of thumb on shaving within the facial area is to go down on the face and move upward when it comes on the neck. Aside from that, shaving on the direction of your hair supports in the reduction of ingrown hairs.

5. Post-care approach

Actually, shaving is not yet over when you down the razor. Due to this, proper post-care method smoothens the facial skin to avoid any irritation. Ensure that you will also use a post-shave cream that is gentle on the skin and is alcohol-free as well. Doing this will create a well-nourished and hydrated skin.

The Best Way to Shave for Sensitive Skin on the Legs of Women

Some women have lots of hair growing on their legs. Normally, men grow long hair on their armpit and legs. But for women, this is something irritating and disgusting. That’s why women having growing hairs on their legs are trying to shave it. But, if you have a skin that is subtle, here is the best way to shave for sensitive skin.

1. Shave as you shower

Basically, shaving the legs as you go on a regular shower is the best way to shave for sensitive skin on the legs. Do this until the end of the shower. Remember that the excellent combination of water and steam will let the coarse hair to soften. Moreover, this step will help the hair in the preparation for shaving.

Another thing to keep in mind is not to shave on an everyday basis because the skin also needs ample time to repair itself after the shaving process. Aside from that, frequent shaving may lead to irritation especially for those with sensitive skin.

2. Exfoliate the legs

Exfoliate the leg area in a gentle manner using a mild, natural exfoliator. Doing this may take away the dead cells around the legs that generally block or blunt the razor. Aside from that, it also aids in preventing ingrown hairs. The best way to shave for sensitive skin on the legs is to use scrubs made of Shea butter.

3. Form lather

Basically, rinse the scrub within your leg area and eventually massage a shaving gel into it and form lather. This will generally support an easy slide of the razor over the surface of the skin over the leg area. Moreover, it also lowers the risk occurrence of shaving nick or rash.

4. Make a smooth stroke

The best way to shave for sensitive skin is to make a slow and flawless stroke moving into the direction of the hair growth. Remember not to shave in the opposite direction as it can cause skin irritation and ingrown hair development. Aside from that, always take caution in shaving each and every area only once.

5. Pat dry

Gently pat dry the skin of the legs through the use of a soft towel. Also, do not aggravate the newly shaved surface of the skin.

6. Moisturizing the skin

Aside from hair removal from the body, the shaving process will also take off the outer layer of the skin’s surface. Usually, this process allows skin dehydration which calls for the use of moisturizer after shaving. Basically, select a moisturizer that has Evening Primrose in its ingredient. This plant-based skincare product retains the moisture of the skin by penetrating deep down and reduces the inflammation at the same time.

Again, do not apply alcohol-based moisturizer. Despite being drying on the skin, this will also expose the newly shaved skin to be more susceptible to irritation.

The Best Way to Shave for Sensitive Skin on the Bikini Area of Women

Before jumping into the shower and doing your way down there, better to read on for some helpful tips on the best way to shave for sensitive skin on the bikini area of women.

1. Buy a good-quality bikini razor

Aside from being the best way to shave for sensitive skin, going after the appropriate razor on the bikini area also ensures to achieve a smooth and bump-free bikini line. Having more blades on the razor incorporates more pressure giving every blade a lesser cut with minimal effort but more effective. This basically means that you will have a better shave without cutting or irritating your skin.

Generally, a firm and sturdy razor that has soothing strips will do the trick effectively. You can also consider single-blade razors made from stainless steel material. In order to lower the significant numbers of plastic waste, this type of razor sits into the popular spot. With just one stroke, the hair will completely be removed if you have a good bikini razor on hand.

2. Avoid ingrown hair within the bikini line

The best way to shave for sensitive skin on the bikini line is basically to take around 10 minutes in warm water before the shaving process. Doing this will aid in softening the outer layer of the skin thus removing the hair easily. This will also reduce the chances of acquiring a razor burn. Moreover, you can pat dry the skin within the bikini line after 10 minutes so that excess water will be removed.

After cleaning and drying of the bikini line, do some gentle exfoliation using a wet washcloth. You can also use a scrub in order to take off dead skin cells making the blade to reach closer to the skin. Along with that, ingrown hair may be teased out before shaving.

3. Never forget the shaving cream

Most of the time, when you shave the hair you can also shave the skin. Knowing this will let you realize the importance of the shaving cream. Basically, not using an appropriate shaving cream will slightly abrade and irritate the skin.

However, don’t just grab a cheap shaving cream; instead consider using a premium quality shaving gel containing moisturizing ingredients such as the Shea butter, coconut oil, and olive oil. These oils will offer a good buffer system for the razor.

Basically, the best way to shave for sensitive skin is to apply a thin sheet of the shaving cream over the bikini area. This will allow you to clearly see the skin and the hair shaft located below. Actually, this step is generally safer as the back and forth movement of the blade over the skin of the bikini line is not needed.

4. Focus on the shaving direction

Generally, there are various ideas involving the best way to shave for sensitive skin on the bikini line. The shaving direction whether to go up or to go down the bikini line is still the main point of concern. Basically, the way you shave is highly essential most likely for individuals who are susceptible to acquiring bumps.

Moreover, shaving on various directions using your bikini razor will possibly cut the skin within the bikini line and the likelihood of having ingrown hair. As a general rule, only shave in the direction of hair growth. Keep in mind that moving the razor on the direction against the hair growth will cause irritation.

As the bikini razor glides across the bikini line, always maintain the blade on a downward position without incorporating too much pressure. One stroke is generally fine especially if the razor contains multiple blades.

5. Relax the skin within the bikini area

Once the shaving process is done, wash and rinse the bikini area. Eventually, put a cold compress within the area for about 10 minutes so that irritation would be prevented. Moreover, for the purpose of reducing the possibility of razor burn, it is actually better to put on some fragrance-free anti-redness serum.

Serum containing tea tree oil is a good choice as it is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and at the same time, an antiseptic. Moreover, if severe irritation occurs after the shaving, use more intense creams such as topical steroids. It generally decreases redness, pain, and swelling.

6. Moisturize

The most important post-shaving approach is the hydration and moisturization of the skin. Application of a fragrance-free and alcohol-free moisturizer on both parts of the bikini line is ideal as it is locks-in moisture. Doing this will also prevent the excessive drying of the skin which will eventually cause irritation. Look for moisturizing products with aloe vera, vitamin E, and jojoba oil.

7. Clean the razor

It is actually a rule of thumb to clean and sanitize the blades after the shaving process. Do this generally by using rubbing alcohol and warm water. Moreover, throw away your razor if you notice any rust and it has been used for quite a long time.

Basically, old blades should be replaced in case you already used it for about five to seven times. Additionally, storing the blades in a clean, dry area will prevent any red bumps because of the prevention of picking up any bacteria present within the shower.

8. If shaving fails

Aside from shaving, there are other options available for you to remove hair in any parts of your body. You can consider waxing to have a safe and gentle way of hair removal. Moreover, if you are opting for a long term option, laser hair removal is a good choice. However, shaving is still the most common, economical, and quick-fix approach of hair removal.

Final Thoughts

The best way to shave for sensitive skin is strictly following the step-by-step guidelines on doing it the right way. In order to achieve this, you should have the appropriate razor for your shaving process that generally suits your preference. Aside from that, you should also be keen on the shaving direction as it is one of the most important key points to take into account when you shave your sensitive skin. Moreover, don’t forget to hydrate and moisturize your skin after shaving to give your skin a smooth, hair-free treat.

Basically, shaving is the most common and convenient quick-fix of hair removal in any parts of the body. You just have to discipline yourself in doing the right approach of the shaving method and care after the process. But, once you made it the right way, you will surely with the result and be very happy with your flawless skin.

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