Best Razor For Sensitive Skin Face: 5 Picks for Close and Comfy Shaving Experience

Best Razor For Sensitive Skin Face: 5 Picks for Close and Comfy Shaving Experience 1

If you have a sensitive skin, then it is best if you consider getting yourself the best razor for sensitive skin face. The razor will help you get a clean look without necessarily having to deal with razor bumps after you are done with shaving. To get the best razor, there is the need for a bit of research. Do not worry about all that as we have done our homework so that you get the best razor that you need for a sensitive skin. Check out the various models below.

How to Choose the Best Razor for Sensitive Skin Face


The overall performance goes a long way to determine if the razor will be good for your sensitive skin face. Check out the various features to see if the manufacturer recommends it for a sensitive skin. The last thing you need is to end up with a razor not good for a sensitive skin.

Also, what are the features that make it good for a close shave? There are some models that have flexible blades that will make the razor great for shaving as close as possible to the skin. There is no doubt this is something you want if you have to deal with a sensitive skin too.

Electric or Manual

When it comes to finding the best razor for sensitive skin face, you have the option of choosing electric or manual razors. It often comes down to personal preference and convenience. If you choose the electric razors, always consider their battery life and how fast they recharge too.


Where else can you use the razor as part of grooming? That is a question you need to ask yourself if you have to get the best razor for sensitive skin face. You need to consider one that offers versatility. This is where you can use the same razor for shaving sideburns, nose trimming, the body, and so much more.


The overall quality is important if you have to spend your hard-earned money on a razor. No one likes a razor that might end up being dull after a short time. It is why you have to consider getting yourself a product made of high-quality materials. It is not just about remaining sharp, but also durable to live up to regular use.

Top 5 Best Razors for Sensitive Skin Face

Our Top Pick

Schick Xtreme 3 Sensitive Skin Razors

This is a top choice for anyone who is in the market for the best razor for sensitive skin face. The razor is upgraded from the previous model to make it a lot better than what you get with other models. The handle is ergonomic so that you have a better control of the razor for shaving better than before.

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Many feel that the handle is also good in terms of remaining non-slip. Even if you end up wetting the razor, you will have the best control. There is no doubt that is what you want especially when the razor needs to be stable for a sensitive skin face.

To make the razors better than competitors, we find that it comes with flexible blades. These blades are now able to adapt to the contours of the face. This means that you can get as close as possible to shaving the face even better. Many people who have tried out the razor claim that they end up with a comfortable shave all the time.

This razor is extraordinary because it comes with a comfort strip formulated with Vitamin E and Aloe. The result is that you end up with better lubrication and comfort when using this skin razor more often. The innovation goes a long way to make this one even better. Looking at other razors, it is easy to see why many people would be comfortable choosing this one.


  • The blades are flexible for close shaving
  • The razor is good for sensitive skin
  • Its handle is ergonomic for a steady shave


  • The razors dull quickly for the price

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Runner’s Up

PRITECH Men’s Electric Razor

The model above is not electric. If you want something electric, then this is it. Being electric should make it quite easy to use even for those who are not used to using an electric razor. Also, being electric makes it easy to adapt to various shaving styles. As such, it stands out as the best razor for sensitive skin face to consider right now.

This is a 3-in-1 razor that men can use right now. To make it this versatile, the razor has three detachable heads. This includes the shaver, nose trimmer, and sideburns. It comes down to what you want to tackle at the time. It should be easy to switch from one head to another in a snap.

The model is generally easy to use. It comes with four LED indicators to tell you about the status of the electric razor. The lights include the battery level, the travel lock, and so much more. Many people find it a stylish electric shaver on overall. It is why it will appeal to many men who need to enjoy clean shaves all the time.

The razor is still waterproof. This is an important feature so that you can wash the razor once you are done. Still, this feature makes the razor good for both wet and dry shaving. It is often advisable to shave using soap or cream so that you can enjoy better shaving results.


  • It comes with USB fast recharging system
  • It has an impressive battery life
  • The razor is multifunctional and easy to use


  • Some people feel that it is noisy
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Phillips Noreclo OneBlade Face and Body Razor

When you choose a Phillips product, you are sure that it will work great to give you the best performance. It is why we had to include this best razor for sensitive skin face on our list. We know that it will help to improve your grooming efforts and end up with the best results.

The razor is best designed for facial styling, but it can still be used for body grooming. It stands out as a versatile razor to own right now. It is why you will find it good for trimming, edging, and shaving different hair lengths on your face.

The razor comes with the unique OneBlade shaving technology from Phillips. This technology integrates a fast-moving cutter so that you can have a comfortable and quick shave. The cutter moves 200 times per second. It is easy to see that you will end up with clean shaves all the time. Even if you have longer hair, it is so much easier to shave.

As part of the package, you will get two blades, four stubble trimming combs, and a skin guard. With such many accessories, it is easy to see why more people find it being worth the money you get to spend on it. The skin guard is important to offer the extra protection that you need while shaving the sensitive areas.


  • It is good for both wet and dry shaving
  • It comes with multiple accessories
  • The blades move faster for a clean shave


  • The battery takes too long to recharge

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Solimo 5-Blade MotionSphere Razor for Men

This is a nice choice also as the best razor for sensitive skin face. It comes with the MotionSphere multi axis pivot designed to deliver the best performance you need for your shaving activity. Because of this technology, the razor can contour to the face lines to leave you with a clean shave all the time.

Because of its design, we find that the razor is also quite good in versatility. This is because you can use it for shaving a goatee, under the nose, sideburns, and so much more. There is no need to get yourself something different for every application when you have this razor type available.

Another thing you will like about this product should be the anti-clog design. Once you are done with the shaving process, you simply rinse and store it for the next time you need to shave. You will not have to worry that the razor might end up clogging with facial hair easily.

The product also features a hypoallergenic lubricating strip containing Vitamin E. This means that you end up feeling comfortable and safe with the lubricating strip in place. Even for those who want a close shave, all that is possible thanks to such a strip design.

If you have to switch the cartridges, that is not an issue. The process of switching the cartridges is described by the manufacturer making it a lot easier to accomplish.

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  • It is a highly versatile razor
  • It is easy to change the cartridges
  • The razor is good for close shaving


  • A few complaints about the blades not being the sharpest

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Braun Electric Razor Series 310 for Wet and Dry Shaving

This best razor for sensitive skin face stands out for having 3 pressure sensitive shaving elements. The result is that you will always enjoy using the razor more often for its efficiency and skin comfort. Compared to some other electric razors in the same price range, you should find it being a better option for the money.

The razor comes with two batteries. The aim is to give you enough battery power that you might need to use when shaving more often. It is easy to switch from one battery to the other when the need arises. The adapter also comes with a smart voltage regulation feature. You can always adapt the charger depending on the outlet performance.

From the product title, we see that the shaver is both good for wet and dry shaving. You should find it being an ideal choice for those who might be in the market for such a product. If you like to use water, foam, or gel for shaving, just know that this would work great with it too.

The overall durability makes it a top choice for those who want to use it more often. Once you are done with the shaving, you simply rinse it and store it for the next use. As for the charge time, it takes one hour to fully charge it. This is better and faster compared to using some other types of electric razors.


  • It is good for both dry and wet shaving
  • The battery recharges faster
  • It feels gentle on your skin


  • It needs more passes for the best close shave

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Are electric razors good for a sensitive skin face?

You have to look at the overall design of the razor to make up your mind. We recommend that you go for an electric razor that is designed for sensitive skin. The manufacturer will always point this out.

Should you wet or dry shave for a sensitive skin face?

It is recommended that you wet your face if you have a sensitive skin. This helps the razor glide over the skin better compared to dry shaving.

Are razors lubricated for shaving a sensitive skin face?

Depending on the type of razor, you are likely to come across models with a lubricating strip. This strip is what will make the whole experience better. So, check out to see if the razor has the lubricating strip first before buying. You can always use gel, water, or foam if the razor does not have the lubricating strip.


There is no doubt that you will have the best experience if you can consider getting the best razor for sensitive skin face. Take the time to check out the various options we have included in the guide above to find something within your budget and still delivers on the best performance. If you can pick the best razor, your shaving experience will be a lot better.

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