Best natural hair care method from ancient women’s


Thanks for our ancient women’s they care the air pure natural way

Best natural hair care methods

Note: some of the following herbals are from Indian

1. Apply the hammer to the hair and put on the hair after 15-20 minutes.

2. Break two eggs and take only the white embryo and then add olive oil to the scalp. 15-20 minutes later.

3. Insert the fenugreek and add it to the top and rub it on the head for 20-30 minutes.

4. Apply the pumpkin (rhizomes) to the top and then rub it in the head and soak it off afterward.

5. In a mild heat at night, rub the coconut oil and soak in the morning after bathing.

6. Take a handful of fibers and boil well in four cups of water. If the head is scratched, it can prevent dandruff.

7. Apply the vinegar to the head and bathe on your head.

Avoid head bathing often in hot water.

9. Fenugreek, Veipili, Currypillai, Piziparuppu, and Avarambu (Indian herbal items ) All of this is done by drying the oil in the machine. If the powder is rubbed in the hair twice a week instead of shampoo, the hair will glow.

9. Hair dryer is often used as a hair dryer and the roots of hair fall apart. It is good to avoid using too much camouflage shampoo and hair color.

10. You can get rid of the olive oil in the morning before dinner and get rid of the pan the next morning.

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11. Eat the egg white nipple and rub it on the head, soak the hair twice a month and then the hair will glow.

12. To prevent hair loss, you have to eat a lot of iron and vitamin foods.

13. There are no women who can count on the three heads today. It is totally wrong .Keep the coconut oil regularly.

14. The oil bath is very important. In a good quantity of two pepper and garlic, take a small amount of time to dry on the head and rub it on the cheeks and wash off the body. You can also prevent hair loss.

15. Curry and henna rub on both the head and bathe twice a month and prevent the lashes

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