Best Hair Putty For Guys- Top 3 Products

Best Hair Putty For Guys- Top 3 Products 1

If you are not a professional, you may find it challenging to decipher the different hair products’ differences. Hair products are used to modify the shape and texture of your hair. One way to categorize every product is to think of it in terms of its use. The two benefits of hair products are its holding power and shine. If you are looking for a hair product, consider the type of hold you want the product to give. Also, consider the type of shine you want or whether you prefer matte effect. One good product to put on your hair is the best hair putty for guys; however, you will discover that there are tons of other choices, and there are specific differences in each.

Best Hair Products for Men– best hair putty for guys 2020

Hair Paste

Hair paste is best for medium hold and giving light shine to hair, especially when applied to dry hair. It also offers high hold and medium shine when it is applied on damp hair.

Best Hair Putty For Guys

If you’re a guy who loves styling your hair, you should always have a paste on hand. This product gives texture and definition to short and medium styles, especially when it is dry. It makes your hair touchable and controlled, especially if you apply it on hair that has been towel dried. Your style will hold throughout the day since it will have staying power.

Paste products are also great for men with thin hair.

Just apply a small amount to hair that has been dried for an instant lift that won’t feel greasy or heavy on the follicles. You will end up with more lush looking volumized hair.

Clay Styler

Clay stylers are best for giving medium hold and low shine, especially when applied to dry hair. When you are aiming for high hold and medium shine apply it on damp hair.  

Clay styler is very much like a paste, and it is extremely versatile. When you apply it on hair that has been towel-dried you turn up its styling abilities up a notch. You will get better texture with clay compared to paste. However, the results will be less touchable, and you will not be able to rework your style if you need to. Choose clay when you’re not going to change hairstyles.

Styling Cream

Styling cream is great if you only want light hold and light shine.

If your hair’s length is 3 inches or longer, always keep a cream by your side on days when you want lightweight and flowing style. Cream is better than nothing since it fashions your hair into a specific shape and direction while the end result still feels natural. Longer styles can also benefit from hair cream. Simply put a dime-sized amount of cream on your fingers and run it over stubborn flyaways. If you have curly hair, you can also keep it from pouffing up and frizzing.

Hair Fiber

Hair fiber is great if you want to achieve high hold and zero shine

Fiber is compatible with all hair types, and this is one of the best men’s products for thick hair. Apply this product on dry hair, and it will give it texture and lock the style in place. As with most fibers, it doesn’t give off any shine. The effect is similar to a just gotten out of bed look. If you need your hair to be smooth and tangle-free clay is recommended. Apply clay on towel dried hair. Fiber is better matched for short and medium styles of hair.

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Hair Wax

Hair wax is great if you want to get high hold and get the effect of low to medium shine

Best Hair Putty For Guys

Short hair gets benefits from wax since it helps it attain texture. Short hair is anything grown past a buzz cut. When you apply wax directly on the roots, it can achieve strong hold for up to 2 to 3 inches of hair. If you have longer hair, you will want to use fiber or clay instead of wax. Similar to cream wax also provides a good coating finish to long frizzy hair. This look is achieved by lightly running your wax-covered palms over the hairstyle. Another option is to put the stray hairs into place by warming the wax first on your fingertip and gently applying it over stubborn hair strands.


Pomades give a medium hold and high shine

If you want the classic slick back hairstyle back in the sixties and seventies, pomade is your best bet. Compared to gel, it gives more relaxing effects on your hair. However, if you are going to use this product, daily use only a minimal amount. If you use too much, your hair may end up looking greasy and stiff. And if you’re not careful by the end of the day, it may melt down, and you will have your pomade on the top of your face. It should be noted that many brands use pomade as a general term. Thus, if you see labels such as fiber pomade or wax pomade, it is likely that it is more of a fiber or a wax rather than a pomade. True pomades are classic but only wear them on formal occasions such as black-tie events.

Hair Gel

A gel is great for high hold and achieving a high shine

Gels of the past cannot compare with modern iterations.

This is a good thing. Gels of the past feel like cement even though they give you the effects of high hold and high shine. Gels are best used as a reserve in your arsenal for a standout look or as a touch up for stubborn areas. A good place to apply gel is on the sides of a longer style since these areas can be extremely unruly. Lock those stubborn hairs in a uniform direction by applying gel and use a lighter product for the rest of your strands.

Hair Putty

Hair putty helps you achieve high hold and has the effect of low shine

Putty is sometimes referred to as mud. It is a cross between clay and fiber. Apply putty to hair that has been towel-dried for a sturdy hold and a texture that is slightly polished. Putty product is great for choppy hair and short hair and allows the strands to catch the light. It is an alternative to fiber, which doesn’t give off any shine. Switch to paste or clay once your hair reaches a certain length.


Hairspray results in a high hold and gives the effect of low shine

If you want a sure-fire way to keep and lock your style and place, go for a hair spray. This type of hair product is a lightweight product that can be used as your foundation.

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Hairspray will rarely be used on its own. Keep the hair spray around when the weather elements are harsh, such as hot days and humid days. The rising temperatures may otherwise harm a style that has full volume.

Hair Oil

Hair oil is best for low hold and medium shine

Oil is actually not much of a styling aid but more of polishing, shine giving, and hydrating product. It gives many benefits if you add a drop of oil with your clay, paste, cream, and other hair products. The formulation gives a subtle sheen and helps the hair catch the light. It appears more textured and fuller looking. The effect is neither greasy nor unwashed. Hair oil is amazing for longer styles since it nourishes the ends of long hair. The oils give the ends hydration and moisturization; it doesn’t get from the scalp’s sebum. Hair oils are made from nourishing ingredients specifically created for the hair.

Stay away from oils made for beards, face, or body. If you want longer hair, it is crucial to get an oil in your styling arsenal. Drop a few drops of oil on your palms and finger comb thru your strands each morning, paying special attention to the ends.

Top 3 best hair putty for guys


Smooth Viking – Hair Styling Fiber Cream for Men

Smooth Viking Hair Cream for Men - Grooming Hair Product - Matte Finish, Medium Hold and Minimal Shine Gel, Hydrating Fiber Cream for Daily Use, 2oz
  • MEDIUM HOLD, MATTE FINISH HAIR CREAM: Are you looking for a hair product that will...
  • TRANSFORM DAMAGED HAIR: Turn unhealthy, damaged hair into a fuller, revitalized mane....
  • ELEVATE YOUR HAIR GAME: Our nourishing hair styling products for men keep you looking...
  • EASY TO APPLY: This men's styling cream is a first-line for busy gentlemen and...
  • OUR PROMISE: At Smooth Viking, we take your trust in us seriously. We're committed to...

This best hair putty for guys tames wild hair that seems to have a mind of its own. If you need a premium styling product that can keep your hair tamed all day long, you can rely on the holding power of this best hair putty for guys. It is effortless to apply! This best hair putty for guys is ideal for both gentlemen and denizens of the urban jungle who lead a busy life. Just evenly distribute this best hair putty for guys on hair that is slightly damp or completely dry. Manipulate and shape your hair as you like.

With this best hair putty for guys, you can nourish your follicles. Beauty and health happen at the cell level, and the same is true with hair. This best hair putty for guys has hydrating properties that will nourish your hair, making it healthy and texturized. Don’t settle for anything less than the best quality best hair putty for guys.

Attain a sharp and well-groomed look all day! This best hair putty for guys will help you create modern looks of any type that will make you a stand out presence. If you need to appear on a job interview, an important meeting, or any event this best hair putty for guys will help you look your best!

Pros & Cons

  • helps you create modern, sophisticated looks
  • has hydrating properties that will nourish your hair
  • prevents bothersome split ends
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  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

Hair Dough Styling Clay for Men

Hair Dough Styling Clay For Men, Matte Finish Molding Hair Wax Paste Quiff, Strong Hold Without The Shine
  • ALL DAY STRONG HOLD: Hair Dough Styling Clay is made using a carefully selected blend...
  • SHINE-FREE MATTE FINISH: Tired of using hair gels and hair waxes that leave behind...
  • IMPROVE TEXTURE & THICKNESS: Hair Dough styling paste lets you bundle your hair...
  • WATER BASED & WATER SOLUBLE: This styling clay pomade is made without any harmful...
  • IDEAL FOR ALL HAIRSTYLES: Whether you have thick short hair or long wavy hair, you...

This best hair putty for guys gives all-day strong hold. This product uses a selection of blends that give your hair the styling it needs. Make it thick, textured, and modern looking. Lock the look through the day even as you do heavy sports or sweat profusely. This best hair putty for guys gives a shine-free matte effect. Are you tired of gels and waxes that leave behind residue and unwanted shine? We have designed our best hair putty for guys to give a shine-free effect that doesn’t leave any residue to get the matte look you desire.

This best hair putty for guys improves textures and thickness. You can put your hair together in a relaxed style and keep it in that manner all day.

This product makes sure that the strands are appropriately distanced from each other, and the result is a fuller look. This best hair putty for guys also gives your hair the effects of great texture, and it makes your hair looks its best. It is h2o based and h20 soluble. No harmful chemicals or ingredients were used in this product. Instead, a unique and healthy blend of oils was used to give you a natural look and can be safely applied on hair for long-lasting style.

This best hair putty for guys is great for all types of hairstyles. Whether your hair is short or thick, long or wavy, you can get the matte effect. This best hair putty for guys helps you manipulate your hair so you can get exact looks. It has an easy rinse-out formula so you can rework styles and be hip and trendy, changing styles throughout the day.

Pros & Cons

  • made without any harmful chemicals or ingredients
  • strong holding power
  • washes out easily
  • No negative reviews so far

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Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty Mess Maker

Garnier Fructis Style Power Putty Mess Maker 3.4 oz
  • Get that out of bed, messy look
  • All day strong hold
  • Non-flaking - for use on damp or dry hair

This best hair putty for guys ushers in a new generation of style. The ingredients are a unique blend of taurine and citrus complex. You can achieve that just gotten out of bed messy look that is super sexy. Maintain the style all day with a strong holding power of this best hair putty for guys.

This is a non-flaking product. Additionally, get the benefits of ceramides and lemon extract. The lemon scent stays with you all day long. Get holding power and sexy messy hairstyles all without the flaking residue. With this best hair putty for guys, you have the freedom to create any style you desire without having a sticky feeling on your hair. Simply scoop a dime-sized amount of this best hair putty for guys between your palms and apply it on your hair and start styling!

Pros & Cons

  • strong hold hair putty for men
  • gives hair an out-of-bed, messy look
  • create any style
  • No negative reviews so far

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Final Thoughts


As a man of the urban jungle, the wild’s call is not for you to look scruffy or ungroomed. Instead, the city calls on you to be at your best, especially with your hair. Animals in the jungle know the importance of appearances, and so should you.

Take pride in your look and get worthy magazine styles by applying the best hair putty for guys and give your look an instant upgrade. Prowl the streets with your slick hair and make all the girls swoon!


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