Beauty School Guide: 5 Best Cosmetology Schools in the US

The beauty industry is making huge profits, and its popularity is growing up among potential students who have only started their professional path. People are indeed ready to invest much in a healthy lifestyle and beautiful face & body, which makes a career in beauty the top choice for many students across the world.

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So, if you have made up your mind about a beauty career, here are a few top schools you might want to consider.

Evergreen Beauty College

Evergreen Beauty College is a fully accredited family-owned academy. Located in Seattle, WA, this school has been preparing a high-quality cadre for salons and spas for over 20 years now. There are a variety of courses students can take, including cosmetology, barbering, nail technology, etc. Whatever it is that interests you, you can find it here at Evergreen Beauty College.

The school has five locations across the Washington area today. You can apply and attend courses at the office that you find most convenient for you.

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Turning Point Beauty College

This school has two locations in Arizona and offers courses in cosmetology to everyone interested in the beauty industry. Upon completion, students must pass the exam to get licensed to practice.

This college is known for its cutting-edge approach to education. Here, you can expect a positive learning environment strengthened by industry experts and visiting professionals ready to share their expertise with you. This school indeed tracks all trends and strives to prepare its graduates for a fast-paced world of beauty.

Ogle School

Ogle School in Dallas and other cities in Texas specializes in preparing professionals in cosmetology and aesthetics. It offers NACCAS accredited programs to its students, which ensures quality education and high standards of learning.

If your goal is to help people with dermatological and cosmetology problems shine brighter, you can do it by getting a license from Ogle School. It can really help you progress further toward your dream career.

CEI Hair Schools

This school is located in Atlanta and has the Georgia State Board of Cosmetology. As the name suggests, these schools specialize in providing education related to barbering and hair art. However, they also have courses in cosmetology, aesthetics, and nail technology. You can get enrolled and then choose which career path is the best fit for you. There is also an opportunity to take free GED prep classes if needed.

Tricoci University of Beauty Culture

If you want to learn cosmetology, aesthetics, nail technology, or barbering at one of the best schools in the US, then this place is for you. This school has the most renowned industry experts as instructors, so you are in good hands.

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One more thing that makes Tricoci University a great place to study is the availability of financial aid and various scholarships. There must be an option that will definitely fit your budget and financial opportunities.


There is a great variety of beauty schools in the US that prepare highly educated professionals. Upon graduation, you will be ready to open your own business or self-practice to serve people and make profits. Moreover, one of the many advantages of beauty education is that it takes much less time than any other formal degree

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