An Essential Guide: Are All Hair Dryers The Same?

There is a reason why there are millions of hair products on the market today, as your hair can make or break your look. Hairdryers are an essential tool in every household since you wouldn’t want to go to a hairdresser every time you want to dry your hair. A couple of years ago, there weren’t that many types to choose from; all you needed to do is pick one with your favorite color.

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Nowadays, hairdryers have various features designed for certain hair types. Before you buy one, take a look at this guide to help you decide which hair dryer will suit your hair type and your needs best.

Types of Hairdryers

There are different types of hairdryers that give different results, so the first step is to know what are these types and what do they do?

Ionic Hairdryers

Water ions are positively charged and the ionic hairdryers emit negatively charged ions which help in breaking down water molecules quickly. In non-scientific terms, ionic dryers help in drying your hair much faster. This new technology doesn’t open up the cuticles which will prevent your hair from becoming frizzy. However, if you use the Ionic Hair Dryer for a long time, you may easily over-dry your hair and cause unwanted damage. Ionic hair dryers are usually more expensive than the other types because of their technology.

Ceramic Hairdryers

If you need a hairdryer that is gentle on your hair, you should look for ceramic hairdryers. These models are ceramic coated from the inside and produce infrared heat that dries the hair from the inside out. In addition, they sense the room temperature and adjust their heat accordingly to dry the hair faster and not causing any damage to your hair in the process. Ceramic hair dryers are less expensive than ionic hairdryers but cost more than drugstore brands.

Other Hairdryer Types

Another popular type is the tourmaline hairdryer. This type of hairdryer is coated on the inside by a semi-precious metal, tourmaline, which adds more negative ions than ionic hairdryers. Porcelain dryers act the same as ceramic dryers, while titanium dryers are lightweight, but they add extra heat to the airflow.

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Which Hairdryer Suits Your Hair Type?

Thin Hair

When blow-drying and styling your hair, you will be looking to add thickness and volume if you have thin hair. While ionic hairdryers give smoothness and shine to hair, that’s not what you need for yours as they also absorb volume from hair. Instead, look for a ceramic hairdryer to produce gentle and evenly distributed heat that won’t damage your hair. It will also boost your hair’s shine and bounce while creating lift in weak strands.

Fine Hair

High temperatures damage fine hair easily as it soaks the heat quicker than hair with thicker strands. The negative ions can flatten the hair, so ionic hairdryers aren’t the best choice for this type of hair, alternatively, look for tourmaline or ceramic hairdryers for their gentle approach. 

An Essential Guide: Are All Hair Dryers The Same? 1

Though tourmaline dryers emit negative ions, the ions are generated naturally which reduces the flattening while adding shine and polish. No matter what type you opted for, ensure that it has an adjustable heat setting and find the right balance between heat and airflow to dry your hair quickly.

Curly Hair

The most annoying problem that every person with curly hair faces is frizziness. Hairdryers emit hot air that breaks the hair pattern, which makes curly hair frizzy and impossible to manage. In order to preserve these curls, it’s best to look for hair dryers for curly hair types and make sure you get one with a diffuser. A diffuser is a hairdryer attachment that allows the even distribution of air, which will keep your curls intact while blow-drying your strands. Curly hair needs a long time to blow-dry, and that’s why you should look for a lightweight hairdryer to avoid muscle cramps.

Thick, Frizzy Hair

We know the amount and effort put into drying thick hair that includes wrestling with the hairdryer to ensure that every strand is dry. Titanium hair dryers are the best option to deal with thick frizzy hair. Unless the hair is damaged, the titanium hairdryer excels in blow-drying the hair with minimal effort. Similar to ceramic hairdryers, titanium ones distribute heat evenly and consistently but with hotter temperatures. Additionally, titanium hairdryers are lightweight, which won’t feel heavy after prolonged use. To take it up a notch, titanium hairdryers coupled with ionic technology will speed up the blow-drying process significantly while enhancing the shine and luster of the hair.

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Features and Attachments

Weight and Size

The weight is an aspect that most buyers forget about when purchasing a hairdryer. As we discussed before, especially with thick hair, the weight of the dryer is essential as you will use it for a long time. If you are planning to carry your hairdryer in your handbag, the weight and the size of the hairdryer matter. You don’t want the dryer to take all the space in your bag and become a burden to carry.


The amount of wind power the hairdryer can produce depends on its wattage. It doesn’t automatically mean it will produce hotter temperatures which you don’t actually need. The recommended wattage by hairstylists is between 1500-2000; typically, thick hair needs higher wattage.

Concentrator Nozzle

As the name suggests, this attachment concentrates the airflow for targeted drying. It is perfect for drying specific sections of your hair such as bangs, and hair roots, It’s even ideal for the ends of the hair whether to blow-dry or add volume.


This hair dryer attachment is specially made for curly hair. The diffuser is shaped like a bowl with tine sticking out of it with holes in them to let the airflow reach your hair. As discussed before, the diffuser helps in drying the hair while maintaining the hair to keep its curl or wavy look.


Our hair needs consistent care to keep its healthy and beautiful look, and while hairdryers can help you achieve that, you should also use the right shampoo, conditioner, spray, and heat protectant before styling your hair with any tool. Before you use the hairdryer, pre-dry your hair as much as you can to speed up the process of blow-drying. Finally, divide your hair into sections to make the process faster and more efficient.

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