Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair-Top 3 Products

Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair-Top 3 Products 1

Curly-haired individuals are often told to stick to alcohol-free hair products. Alcohol can cause extreme drying of the hair. However simply saying alcohols are all bad is a misconception. Because of this, alcohols are still present in a lot of hair care products. Some alcohols do cause dryness and frizz, but others work to give conditioning to the hair. Not all curly hair is the same, and there are some products that your hair will love and some that will cause it damage. If you think that an alcohol-free product is a better match for your hair, start updating your hair care arsenal from your shampoos to conditioners to gels. If you especially style your hair often choose only the best alcohol free gel for curly hair and never have to give up your style. 

alcohol free gel for curly hair–Good Alcohols vs. Bad Alcohols

Alcohol is commonly regarded as a substance that is drying to the hair. Since the explosion of the natural hair movement, many have become educated on hair care needs. Curly hair will need specialized products compared to straight-haired individuals. 

It is crucial to be educated on the ingredients present in hair care products to make sure that every hair routine brings forth moisturization, health, and strength for the hair. If you know what’s in your hair care product, it will save you time and money on trial and error.

Are alcohols entirely bad for hair?

Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair

Not all alcohols are bad for hair, and people must learn the differences. Doing a bit of research is crucial to get enlightenment. There at least two types of alcohol, one of them being the short-chain type which is considered to be bad for curly-haired people. Short-chain alcohol has a minimal amount of carbon atoms which means they dissolve the natural oils on your skin and hair because they act as solvents.

The bad alcohols

Alcohols are considered bad because they have few benefits for curly. Short-chain alcohols are sometimes used in hair care products because they promote dryness. They can evaporate fast which is helpful in certain cases, however fast-drying cant strip away the moisture crucial to hair health. Short-chain alcohols will benefit those with looser hair textures such as wavy hair. Overall, these products should be used in minimal amounts for tighter textures. 

Styling products also utilize short-chain alcohols to ensure the proper distribution of the hair products on the tresses.

The following are the so-called bad alcohols

  • Ethanol alcohol
  • Ethyl alcohol
  • Propanol alcohol
  • Alcohol denat
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Isopropanol alcohol
  • Benzyl alcohol 

These alcohols will have similar functions in hair care products. Their main purpose is to combine oil and water, and they’re also sometimes used for their antiseptic properties. These chain alcohols are small-sized enough to enter the shaft of the hair and are often the reason for the eruption of frizz. Isopropyl alcohol is used as a solvent to get other substances into the hair follicles and is a commonly used ingredient in color treatments and dyes. 

The good alcohols

Fatty alcohols or the good kind of alcohols are good for curlies. These long-chain alcohols come from natural sources such as coconut oil and palm oil. 

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They do not behave like ethanol. Each of their molecules will have more than 12 carbons and, because of this higher number, it makes them oilier hence they are called fatty alcohols.

The good guys

  • Cetyl alcohol
  • Cetearyl alcohol
  • Stearyl alcohol
  • Lauryl alcohol

They are good for hair and have the following effects

  • These alcohols promote moisture by drawing water into the hair
  • Detangles the hair
  • Makes hair care products thicker
  • They act as emulsifiers that aid in combining water and oil and conditioners, which helps in distributing the conditioner more efficiently over the hair.
  • They are too large to enter the hair shaft, and they’re not very good at cleansing the hair. Their main use is to condition hair so that it will end up smoother and softer. 
  • The main function of good alcohols is to keep the cuticle flattened. 

Hair Care Tips for Curlies –alcohol free gel for curly hair

Ditch the brush or comb

Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair

For curlies brushing the hair is a cardinal sin especially if the hair is completely dry. If you brush your hair, the curls will tend to break, making it more likely to get frizzy. Instead of yanking at your curls with the comb after showering detangle your hair gently with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb. Twist the curl clusters and lock it in place. After that tie everything up in a scrunchie.

Shampoo your hair less often

Curly hair is prone to dryness and oils help improve the moisture levels. If you cleanse your hair, often it will eliminate the natural oils on your scalp and hair. The oils are crucial in promoting smoothness and hair health. 

Use a diffuser for curly hair

If you use the highest heat setting on your blower every time, your hair is dripping wet stop this habit. Using extreme heat on hair can severely damage your hair which will leave it completely unmanageable. Go for a lower heat setting or couple your blow dryer with a diffuser when drying your curly locks. A better option would be just simply to air dry your hair. Do not use a lot of styling tools on your hair since you also need to save on electricity.

Condition your hair frequently

Applying a conditioner frequently to curly hair is crucial. Conditioners promotes extra moisture and stop the frizz and makes the hair more manageable. Apply conditioner after shampooing and leave it on for up to 5 minutes before washing it out so the vitamins and nutrients can infuse into the hair strands.

Go easy on the styling

Alcohol Free Gel For Curly Hair

As you wake up in the morning style, your curly hair and don’t touch up anymore for the rest of the day to stop the frizz. You may be tempted to change styles at some point during the day or want to make sure that each curl is locked in place. It may seem harmless, but it actually promotes frizz. 

Touching your locks and twisting and twirling will contribute to its stress which will weaken it. Your curly hair will have a will of its own so just let it be.

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Go to a professional hairstylist

Choose a good hairstylist that you can trust and know their way around natural curly locks. The hairstylist that you choose is crucial to maintaining the health and beauty of your curls. Not a lot of hairstylists have the know-how on cutting or styling curly hair. A good hairdresser knows what they are doing, and they will often cut your hair and dry it first before snipping off the stands ensuring that they are cutting it according to the curl pattern. These hairstylists can also teach you how to style and maintain curly locks properly. Searching for the perfect hairstylist is like searching for the one, but when you do find a hairstylist that can answer all your needs, it will be totally worth it and expect glorious hair days ahead.

Top 3 alcohol free gel for curly hair


OUIDAD Vitalcurl+ Tress Effects Styling Gel

OUIDAD Vitalcurl+ Tress Effects Styling Gel, 33.8 oz.
  • Strong-hold gel that defines curls and extends the life of your style
  • Memory Interlock Technology forms a lightweight lattice to hold curl patterns
  • Botanical Omega 3-6-9 Complex targets dry areas and helps improve hair’s natural...
  • Free from: Silicones, Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Petroleum, Gluten
  • Cruelty-free

This alcohol free gel for curly hair lets you achieve and maintain the ideal moisture levels, which acts as a base for the hair providing maximum style under any weather condition. This alcohol free gel for curly hair is infused with memory lock gel and contains provitamin b5 and clove oil to smoothen the lifted cuticles so you can set any style you want. Preserve your hairstyle and help define frizz-free curls.  

When you put in a lot of effort to make your curls amazing you want your look to stay for the rest of the day. It’s all a matter of choosing the best alcohol free gel for curly hair so your curls will have staying power. This alcohol free gel for curly hair has patented biotechnology which keeps curls strong, consistent and well-formed throughout the day. The infused memory lock technology forms lightweight bonds to manipulate and hold the pattern of the curls and rework it when water is applied.

This alcohol free gel for curly hair has botanical omega complexes sourced from natural ingredients such as chia seed Japanese Camellia, and Sunflower oils. It targets hair’s dry areas to enhance the lipid barrier and help curls keep its moisture, bounce, and elasticity. Expect healthy high performing curls that have a consistent pattern with this alcohol free gel for curly hair.

Pros & Cons

  • Strong hold gel defines curls all day long
  • extends the life of your style
  • lightweight
  • No negative reviews so far

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Runners Up

Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-seal Styling Gel

Shea Moisture Mongongo & Hemp Seed Oils High Porosity Moisture-seal Styling Gel, 8 Ounce
  • Rough, tangled and damaged curly hair is never pretty
  • For all types of hair
  • Helps hair resist breakage

This alcohol free gel for curly hair is specially formulated with mongongo and hemp seed oils ingredients. As a result, this alcohol free gel for curly hair can tame frizzy curls by sealing the hair cuticle, blocking out humidity and stopping frizz. The result of using this alcohol free gel for curly hair is shine, smoothness, and perfect curls. The proteins and apple cider vinegar present in this alcohol free gel for curly hair also enhances the shine and texture of the hair and keeps frizz in check by promoting smoothness in otherwise rough hair cuticles.

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This alcohol free gel for curly hair is meant to tame wild and frizzy locks so you will end up with silky strands and smooth style to rock your world. It provides a strong hold while smoothening the hair cuticles to stop the frizz. 

This alcohol free gel for curly hair is something amazing. When applied on damp hair, it will result in instant softening of the hair. Combined with the leave-in hair product results will be doubly outstanding.

Your hair will end up shiny and lustrous since all the moisture will be sealed in. Using this alcohol free gel for curly hair also cuts down drying time. It is recommended that you use this gel with a good leave-in hair product on damp hair and use a light oil to improve the gel’s appearance. This product doesn’t disappoint!

Pros & Cons

  • For all types of hair
  • Helps hair resist breakage
  • gives you a silky-smooth style
  • No negative reviews so far

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DevaCurl Arc Angel

This alcohol free gel for curly hair provides maximum hold. 

If you want a totally non-drying product you will get your maximum curl control moisture retention and long-lasting frizz-free definition without the crunchy looking appearance with this product. Your search is over. This alcohol free gel for curly hair uses an effective formula to give your curls hydration while giving ultimate strong hold throughout the day. This styling gel gives control and can be used on curly types from waves to super curls. 

Before applying this alcohol free gel for curly hair, make sure to wet your hair. Put a dime-sized amount into your palms and rub it. Bend your head forward and apply this alcohol free gel for curly hair in an upward motion. Gently towel dry your hair to soak up the excess water. As your curls completely dry shake the roots and scrunch it to promote softness. This method will give you crunch-free curls that have body, bounce, and look and feel moisturized. 

Pros & Cons

  • non-drying gel
  • gives maximum curl control
  • adds moisture
  • No negative reviews so far

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Final Thoughts

Not all products are made equal, and you may find yourself using a product that is not giving beneficial results to your hair. 

It is crucial to examine the label and be knowledgeable about how the different ingredients react to the physical properties of the hair. Some types of alcohol are used in hair products and can be used by curlies as well. 

However, if you find that your hair is reacting adversely even to the good types of alcohol, it is time to go completely alcohol-free. Even if your hair has certain sensitivities, you will still have to style it to be on-trend. Thus, it is crucial to use the best alcohol free gel for curly hair so you can follow your fashion without compromising your hair’s health.


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