8 Best Style Of Glasses That Will Give You A Fabulous Look

The eyes are the windows of the soul. They capture moments of sadness, happiness, and, most of all, beauty. This is the primary reason why in fashion, the eyes are given utmost priority. Eyeshadows to color the lids and emphasize the eyes, mascara to achieve full, thick lashes, and contact lenses to flaunt stunning (although unnatural) eye colors—these are all used to display the beauty of the eyes.

8 Best Style Of Glasses That Will Give You A Fabulous Look

But, those aren’t the only ways you can showcase your eyes. You may also take advantage of glasses, which can change your aura in almost a snap. With them, you can go for the ‘nerd look,’ ‘professional look,’ ‘sharp look,’ or even the ‘strict look.’ There are many brands and styles available for you to choose from, but below are the best types of glasses that will give you a fabulous look.

  • Crystal Clear Glasses

This type of glasses is the top hit. The crystal clear color emits freshness and neatness. Moreover, due to their plain color, they can easily be worn with any outfit, regardless of the color. Any mood or any time is the best time to wear them. If you want to get yourself a pair of crystal clear glasses, purchase them at the best place to buy glasses online with insurance.

  • Double Brow Bar Glasses

If your goal is to look trendy during the summer, such as going for the retro vibe with a modern touch, then double brow bar glasses are the best choice!  Originally worn mostly by men back in time, this type of glasses has already made it to women’s closets. You may try pairing them with square pants and a loose suit for a professional yet fun outfit. Also, double brow bar glasses were never out of style for men. They looked good then; they certainly look good now.One option is Bottega Veneta eyeglasses, which excel in combining classic designs with contemporary elements, and their double brow bar glasses are no exception. The sleek lines and attention to detail create a stylish and sophisticated look that effortlessly elevates your summer fashion game.

  • Metal Glasses
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Metal glasses usually come in gold and silver, which exude class and elegance. These types of glasses reflect that simplicity is, indeed, beauty. Moreover, these glasses give the wearers an ‘intelligent’ and ‘sharp’ look. The thin frames make them look fragile, but such features are what make them lightweight.

Although they’re metal, they don’t necessarily leave marks on the nose area.

Of Glasses That Will Give You A Fabulous Look
  • Retro Flat Top Aviator Glasses

The retro flat top aviator glasses scream nothing but bold. They come with thick frames with oblique shapes that cover the entire eye area. They’re best for fashion statements that emphasize the hair, as well as the outfit. Also, this type of design is best for sunglasses due to their size and lenses. 

  • Thick-Rimmed Geometric Glasses

If the theme is playful cosplay or a fashion statement based on animated characters, thick-rimmed geometric glasses are your best bet. The glasses incorporate geometrical shapes, such as circles, squares, or any kind of polygon, showcasing to the wearers’ humorous and playful side.

It’s important to note that the character play will not be effective if the entire transformation is incomplete. If there are fabulous glasses, there must be fantastic hair to match, too!

  • Round Glasses

Round glasses give the wearer a cute and fabulous look. Also, this type of style draws out the innocent side of the wearer. Their thin frames and round lenses display the colorful orbs of the eyes. Due to that, many teenagers prefer this type over the others.

Furthermore, they look best on people with small faces. In terms of outfits, they look great on short dresses or, basically, any casual wear.

  • Fashion Cat Eye Glasses
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This type of glasses gives the wearer a feline vibe—sleek, smooth, and unapologetic. Fashion cat eyeglasses also come in different colorful animal prints, which exude a ‘strict’ and a ‘professional’ look. The edges are pulled upward to the side, seemingly stretching the direction of the eyes. They’re best worn with a sleek bun or loose hair to match their energy.

  • Hipster Black Glasses

Hipster black glasses have this accessible and friendly vibe. They’re mostly used by those who’d like to keep a pleasant aura. Musicians, writers, and teachers are most often seen using this type of glasses.

Pro tip: buying prescription glasses online, with the added benefit of insurance, will surely be super convenient during these times as you won’t have to go outside and risk getting infected by the coronavirus.


Glasses are great accessories and can also be essential items. Some are only for fashion, while others are meant to correct eye grades, protect the eyes from radiation, and aid in eye problems.

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