7 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Getting A Hair Tattoo

Our hair says a lot about us; it communicates our style and personality. But as much as we love our hair and want our heads to be full of hair, sometimes we experience hair loss. At this point, one loses a piece of themselves with each falling hair strand.

7 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Getting A Hair Tattoo

To prevent further damage to one’s personality due to hair loss, one tends to look for treatments such as a hair tattoo to make their head appear full of hair. Unlike what most people think, getting a hair tattoo is a safe procedure that doesn’t require much time to show results. It also has some lesser-known benefits, such as:

1. Safety

Hair tattooing is a safe procedure due to how it’s executed. The process doesn’t require any chemical use, so clients are less likely to develop side effects. And if they do, they’re very minimal.

Given that hair tattooing is considered a low-invasive procedure, it’s associated with a low risk of infection, which is different from other hair loss treatments.

2. No False Claims

If you’ve been doing your homework for a hair loss solution, it’s probable that you’ve come across different hair products making ‘unbelievable’ claims. With a hair tattoo, you get exactly what you see.

First, you go through a consultation to discuss your requirements, and then the practitioner will draft the result for you. Here, you’ll get to see the aftermath of the procedure, so you’ll know what to expect after the treatment.

Some treatments and products claim that they can regrow your hair in just a few weeks, while others state that they can turn your bald head into one full of hair in just a few days. Unfortunately, these treatments can’t keep the promise, but the claims are only a way of getting people to buy them.

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However, many people desperately searching for ways to regrow their hair fall into this trap, only to be disappointed at the end. But with a hair tattoo, the case is different.

3. Immediate Results And Minimal Recovery Period

After completing a hair tattoo, the results are seen immediately, with most clients resuming their routine within a few days. This is contrary to other hair loss treatments where you might require several weeks to see some results and some months before the full results manifest.

4. Gives A Youthful Appearance

There’s some stereotype associated with hair loss or thinning; most people tend to think that a bald person is older than they are. Fortunately, with a hair tattoo, you can regain your confidence since it provides you with a youthful look by creating hair follicles, making your bald areas or entire head appear to be full of hair.

Hair loss or thinning can lead to a person experiencing low self-esteem or thinking that everyone, apart from them, has a head full of hair. A person with hair loss also tends to believe that everyone else is staring at them, which, of course, isn’t the case.

5. It’s Economical

Hair tattooing is a cheap procedure since it doesn’t involve surgery or surgical equipment. This means that only a few reliable practitioners are required to succeed in the process. Hair tattooing is also cheaper than a hair transplant, which involves post medication and some care products for the immune system and scalp.

After a hair tattoo, there might be no need for follow-ups unless the pigment washes off prematurely.

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6. Minimal Invasion

Hair tattooing is a minimally-invasive procedure. This is because it doesn’t require the breaking of the skin; instead, it works by injecting tiny pigments into the scalp using a microneedle, which is smaller than the one used in regular skin tattooing. Since these needles are high-level tools, the procedure is quick, painless, and comfortable.

7. Requires Little Ongoing Maintenance

7 Lesser-Known Benefits Of Getting A Hair Tattoo 1

Like other tattoos, hair tattoos also fade with time, but not so quickly, requiring regular treatments. Most clients who have had a hair tattoo only need a touch up after a few years to maintain the original look of the tattoo. That said, it’s evident that hair tattooing doesn’t require regular maintenance as most people think.

However, it’s essential to consult your practitioner to know how often you should touch up your hair tattoo.


A hair tattoo is a hair loss treatment that’s safe and economical. This procedure immediately gives you a youthful look and doesn’t require much time to heal. However, for a safe and effective hair tattooing procedure, it should be done by a professional practitioner to avoid complications.

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