6 Ways To Create A Cohesive Theme For Your Wedding

Getting engaged and starting a life together with your most cherished one will make you feel like you’re on cloud nine. There’s the feeling of excitement, romance, and enthusiasm when you realize you’re finally tying the knot. However, there’s just one big thing you need to prepare for—your wedding.

A wedding can be as big or as small as you want it to be. Whether you plan to have it held in your city or make it a destination wedding, the most vital part is to prepare for it. With many resources and tools to help both the groom and bride prepare for their big day, this article will guide you through creating a cohesive theme for your wedding.

1.Discuss Your Theme Options

After calming down from the high of getting engaged, you and your partner will have to start facing the reality of preparing the wedding ceremony and reception. You’ll need to sit down and talk about what theme options you’re both into.

To make the deciding easier, your wedding theme could be the season when your wedding will be held, as seasons often influence how weddings will go. There’s bound to be a specific theme that both of you want to achieve to make your wedding unique and exciting for your guests.

2.Decorate Your Table With Centerpieces

6 Ways To Create A Cohesive Theme For Your Wedding 1

Centerpieces are stunning wedding decorations that add a sense of beauty to tables. Your choices for centerpieces are nearly endless, but a lot of wedding services websites offer ideas like floral centerpieces, tablecloths, and other design elements to achieve your vision.

During your reception, people will spend a considerable amount of time seated at their assigned tables, so you must provide them with beautiful centerpieces they can admire or with which they could interact. Apart from floral centerpieces, you could include scented candles, fancy glass bowls, figurines, or mementos of you and your partner’s relationship.

3.Create A Mood Board

You can use mood boards to gather images, designs, colors, patterns, and font approvals, saving time spent imagining and tackling each aspect later. Rather than spending time debating what style is appropriate for the occasion, a mood board makes the process more efficient, allowing all details to be pieced together to become a part of your cohesive theme.

Wedding mood boards will help guide an overall wedding design. This goes a long way in terms of organizing all design colors and concepts. You could generate about three to four colors and start from there. Managing all your details in one place will make it easier to direct your designers. For more cohesive planning, everyone in your wedding preparation team should have access to your mood board as a reference.

4.Choose Elegant Wedding Favors

Everyone can remember your memorable day by giving guests favors. You can also use them to decorate a long table for your wedding. You should carefully consider what to give as favors, as these gifts usually might mean you’ll be spending more, especially if you have many guests.

With wedding favors, you can keep them simple and elegant while being budget-friendly for a cohesive wedding theme. There are many references and inspirations you can find online and in wedding stores, but choose something valuable and unique at the same time. One idea is to use personalized items to make your guests feel more like an important part of your wedding.

5.Select Your Color Palette

You may already have some colors selected for your wedding, once you’ve had a chance to take a look at your venue, made a mood board, and chosen your theme or motif. You’ll need to select a few shades or colors for your wedding decor. When making design decisions, having three to five complementary colors is ideal. This will give you a color palette that’s easy to mix and match.

Keep in mind to keep the wedding color scheme cohesive throughout your entire wedding and should complement other design elements. Even the color of your hair accessories and hairpieces should all be consistent as you decide on the best hairstyle for your big day.

6.Find The Perfect Cake

6 Ways To Create A Cohesive Theme For Your Wedding 2

A wedding cake also plays a part in making your wedding theme cohesive. It’s the center of the party—after the beautiful couple, of course—where you and your loved one share a slice for the first time as a married couple. Whether you want a traditional cake or something fun like a stack of cupcakes, there are so many choices for you. You can play with the style and the decor, but make sure it all works together with your motif and theme.


Planning your dream wedding and making all elements work with one another may seem overwhelming at first. Before everything else, decide on a theme and a color palette. Next, create a mood board so your wedding entourage has a say in the designs and decor, making the preparations smoother and more accessible. Online resources are abundant and will cost you almost nothing to take inspiration from them. Finally, you just have to choose what you and your partner like.  And as long as you stick with what you have in mind, your wedding will truly be spectacular.

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