5 Best Apps to Try For Learning about Fashion

Staying stylish and fashionable requires an in-depth knowledge of trends. It is not something that is available in the market. Where most people like to add their flavors to fashion, others like to follow the biggest names in the industry. Whether you are into traditional fashion, art pieces, or some unique fashion articles, technology will be your only savior.

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Thanks to technology, fashion students are now bringing better fashion pieces, because they can study the evolution of different fashion brands in a jiffy. This offers them more room for adjustment and creativity. One of the recent ongoing fashion trends is to have an app or two on your phone so you can take fashion advice from experts.

Most of the apps include detailed features, offering a virtual avatar that helps you check if an article of clothing will suit you, before you make a purchase. Others have podcasts and fashion news. To support these advanced features, you need a high-speed and high-quality internet. For a premium user experience, we recommend Optimum Internet. With up to 940 Mbps download speeds and no data cap, you can use these apps anywhere and anytime without worrying about data.

5 Best Apps to Try For Learning about Fashion

Most of the apps available have the same monotonous pattern where they offer fashion news. However, some apps are working their way up; becoming trendsetters and helping people explore their fashion without spending too much money. From closet organizers to virtual fashion assistance, here are some of the best apps to explore:

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1-    WGSN‌

<strong>5 Best Apps to Try For Learning about Fashion</strong> 1

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free

Purpose of App: This app helps in trend forecasting, helping the consumers to invest in the right products and the brands in catching up on the trends

Target Market: Small fashion brands and fashion enthusiast

If you like to stay updated about fashion trends and have in-depth knowledge about the buying habits of consumers, this is perfect for you. WGSN offers research and opinion about fashion evolution, ongoing trends, consumer behaviors, consumer purchase pattern, and the highest-ranking products in the market.

 In addition, you will have some basic knowledge about the products, and services related to fashion that will make it to the market in the next few months, or a year. This is a community-based platform where fashion experts share their opinions so you will get to know about the best names in the fashion industry and global fashion market shareholders.

2-    Stylebook

<strong>5 Best Apps to Try For Learning about Fashion</strong> 2

Available on: iOS

Pricing: Free

Purpose of App: Planning the outfit, checking stats on the clothes you have in your closet, and organizing your closet better

Target Market: Impulsive buyers and young adults with a cultured closer who want to sift to capsule closet style

This is a perfect pick for everyone complaining that their wardrobe is full, yet they have nothing to wear. Stylebook helps you virtually organize your closet so; you can scan your belongings. This way you can let go of old fashion articles that you do not need anymore. Since fashion trends change all the time, this will also help you make room for new updated articles.

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From practical ways to style things you already have to the tough decision of letting go, you will be able to organize a capsule wardrobe. This is an essential app for people who travel a lot or dress up every day for work, so they can stay fashion-forward on a budget.

3-    Farfetch

<strong>5 Best Apps to Try For Learning about Fashion</strong> 3

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free

Purpose of App: Enhanced online shopping experience with the best sales and promotional offers

Target Market: Consumers who want to buy better products on limited budgets

If you are on a tight budget, but you have a knack for luxury products, this is a must-have app on your phone.  A fashion gold mine, this app will give you a heads-up about the best fashion sales to come. With countless discounts and sale options to come, Farfetch is the future of online shopping.

The app will offer you exclusive discounts so; you get the best products without feeling like a part of the rat race. It is perfect for stylists when they have to curate a dress. Also, it features some of the best fashion brands with the latest collection and high-end brands.

4-    Art Authority

<strong>5 Best Apps to Try For Learning about Fashion</strong> 4

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: $4.99‌‌

Purpose of App: Virtual tours of Art museums to gain inspiration for fashion, style, and outfit

Target Market: Fashion enthusiasts, fashion students, fashion designers, and fashion brands

Inspiration does not always have to come from high-end fashion magazines, and attending exclusive fashion events, it can come from the art museum as well. As a fashion student, or a brand owner, you always want to draw inspiration from something unique, and visiting different locations might not be in your budget.

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This is where the Art Authority comes in. Offering a virtual tour of art museums from around the globe, this app is perfect for art and history lovers. Offering a visual treat where you can learn about some of the most authentic and rare art pieces so; you can draw inspiration from unique traditional and modern pieces from around the world. The app also offers you complete detail about each art piece with its location, title, and subject so you can dig deeper.

5-    Vogue Runway‌

<strong>5 Best Apps to Try For Learning about Fashion</strong> 5

Available on: iOS and Android

Pricing: Free

Purpose of App: Helping fashion enthusiasts learn about fashion, big brands, and their iconic statement pieces

Target Market: Fashion enthusiasts, fashion designers, and fashion students

For fashion students, fashion enthusiasts, or fashion professionals, it does get more fashion-forward than vogue. The Vogue Runway App works as a complete insider into new trends, the best fashion brand on the market, and the best fashion products to look out for. From curating a look with basic brands to making an ultimate fashion statement, this app offers you everything you need.

The app has the latest fashion news as well as archives of over 1 million runway images from over two decades. As a fashion student, if you are interested in exploring the fashion evolution of different brands, or you want to work on some statement pieces, this app will be perfect for you.

Wrap Up

Everyone wants to turn heads with their fashion statement. However, with rising inflation and ongoing financial crisis things are getting difficult. These apps will offer you everything you need to know about fashion so you can be as stylish as you want.


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