best sulfate-free shampoo for blondes

3 best sulfate free shampoo for blondes

Those people who have attractive colored hair will know that taking care of it is more than just cleaning it with regular shampoo and conditioner. The major struggle faced by people with blonde hair is the slow appearance of yellow or “brassy” shade in specific areas in the hair. The best way to prevent these unwanted tones is to use the best sulfate free shampoo for blondes. This may sound like a joke for you at first but there is a scientific explanation behind it. In addition to that, the yellow and purple are on the entirely different sides of the color wheel.

This means that when you use a cool-toned violet shampoo when washing your hair, the purple shade that gets applied in the hair will fight the occurrence yellow tones and show the silvery blonde tones that are more important and will make your hair look sexier.

We understand that looking for the best sulfate free shampoo in the market can be intimidating due to the hundreds of choices. Do not worry, in this article, we will help you make an informed decision about the right shampoo for your hair. Not only that, we will also walk you through the important things to know about purple shampoo and their effects.

Best Sulfate free Shampoo for BlondesWhat are Sulfate Free Shampoos?

best sulfate-free shampoo for blondes

If you try checking the ingredient list section of a shampoo, you will most likely read sulfates like sodium Laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS). These are different kinds of sulfates. They are widely used in grooming items like toothpaste, body gels, and other cleaning items. The main purpose of this component is to get rid of oils and generate a lathering effect.

On the other hand, sulfates recently became a very hot topic. Other than the safety concerns, sulfates are made of petroleum, which you cannot replenish. That being said, a lot of people believe that this ingredient is not really safe for the environment. Furthermore, as far as science is concerned, studies show that sulfates are surprisingly safe not only for humans but also for the environment. Until now, the topic of whether sulfate is safe is still debatable. 

Since sulfate had a bad image, a lot of beauty and health brands have been producing grooming items that are sulfate free. One of these are the best sulfate free shampoo for blondes.

What are the Effects of Sulfate free Shampoo

As mentioned earlier, sulfate is responsible for the lathering effect. Since you will use sulfate free shampoos, expect to have a less lathering effect. Even so, it is proven that less lather doesn’t mean that it will not be effective. As a matter of fact, purple shampoo can give the same results as that of foamy ones. Aside from that, it is proven to be effective in making your hair healthier and softer. 

Best of all, testers had also proven that this purple shampoos are the best option for blonde hair. If you have colored hair, you can certainly see immediate effects with just one use. The counterbalancing effect can make your colored hair look more healthy and less dry.

Choosing the Best Sulfate Free Shampoo for Blondes

When you are hunting for a purple shampoo to keep the color of your hair, you will have to think about more than just the purple shades of a shampoo.

best sulfate-free shampoo for blondes

You will still have to take into consideration your hair type as well as skin condition before you purchase the best sulfate free shampoo for blondes. Sulfates are exceptionally a sensitive topic when it comes to shampoos.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), AmmoniaLaureth Sulfate (ALS), and Sodium Myreth Sulfate (SMS) are widely-used cultures that are used in the majority of shampoos. You might want to look out for these ingredients if you have blonde hair.

They simply act as a cleanser to make the shampoo lather more richly and instantly. While this effect is what most of us want, these components do have a lot of negative effects that are risky for our health. Some of these negative effects are the following: 

✔️Dry Hair and Scalp

Whenever you use a shampoo that is not sulfate free, what happens is that you end up getting rid of all of the important oils on your scalp. As a result, it will make your hair and scalp drier than before. In addition to that, it will most likely develop flakes and dandruff. 

✔️Scalp Irritations

Sulfates are also capable of making the skin situation on your scalp worse. These situations include dry and flaky dandruff and dermatitis. Even if you don’t experience these conditions, sulfates can make your scalp feel dry and irritating.

✔️Fading Hair Color

If you have colored your hair, then you must definitely stay away from shampoos that have sulfate. These are very strong cleansing components that can get rid of your hair color, making it look dull and dry with faded locks.

✔️Extreme Hair Shedding

Sulfates are also believed to ruin and damage your hair follicles which can result in shedding or hair loss. This is specifically correct if you are not careful in getting rid of the shampoo completely.

There’s an adjustment time when changing from a normal shampoo to a sulfate-free one. But you will definitely get used to it in just a matter of time. 

What to Expect When Using the Best Sulfate Free Shampoo for Blondes?

The first and most critical thing you need to deal with is not enough lather in sulfate free shampoos. Using sulfate free shampoo will make it feel as if the product is not thoroughly cleaning your hair, yet you need to keep in mind that the lather in your previous shampoo was because of the sulfates and that your newest sulfate free shampoo is just as effective as the old one. Do not worry much if it doesn’t lather up very well. Aside from the lack of lather, another thing that you have to deal with is the oiliness in your hair. 

As mentioned before, sulfates are proven to get rid of the natural oil in your hair. So when you change your shampoo to a sulfate free one, your hair’s natural oil will remain in your scalp. You will feel like it is too greasy. It is normal to feel this way during your first few days of using. Bear in mind that it is normal and you will eventually get used to it.

Our 3 Best Sulfate Free Shampoo for Blondes

⭐Our Top Choice: Paul Mitchell Sulfate Free Shampoo 

If you are looking for the best sulfate free shampoo for blondes, we highly recommend this Paul Mitchell Platinum Shampoo. This Platinum Blonde Shampoo is the perfect shampoo for blonde, white and silver-colored hair. Constructed with a hint of violet shade, it eliminates the brassiness while calming the hair strands and adding sparkle to natural and chemically treated colored hair. 

Another great thing about this best sulfate free shampoo for blondes is that the added conditioners and nutrients keep strands moisturized, making your hair amazingly soft, shiny for gorgeously young-looking colored hair.

Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Purple Shampoo, Cools Brassiness, Eliminates Warmth, For Color-Treated Hair + Naturally Light Hair Colors 10.14 Fl Oz (Pack of 1)
  • Gentle enough for daily use, this purple shampoo brings out the best in blonde,...
  • Its violet tint banishes unwanted brassy tones in naturally light hair colors and...

You want to bring out the best in your highlighted, gray or white hair? You should definitely use this Platinum Blonde Shampoo from Paul Mitchell and you will be surprised how it will improve the overall condition of your colored hair. This purple shampoo aids in cooling brassy color in natural blonde and chemically-treated colored hair with a violet-tinted, color-improving component while moisturizing ingredients and extracts soften the hair and boost shine.

You will definitely love this best sulfate free shampoo for blondes as it has a cucumber melon scent with soft hint of violet and water flower. To use this product, just simply massage into wet hair like you normally would. Let it sit for at most 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Make sure to use this shampoo weekly in order to maintain the cool-looking blondes and get rid of yellow or gold tones. 


✅Specifically made for chemically treated hair

✅Suitable for white and silver-colored

✅Has a cucumber melon scent 


❌none so far


⭐Joico Sulfate free Shampoo

Every hair deservest to be treated with love and care, regardless of its condition. Chemically treated hair needs extra attention because they are delicate. You will never go wrong with this Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo for toning blonde and gray hair. It immediately gets rid of the oxidized yellowing. Not only that, it is also perfect for gray hair and maintaining its integrity. It keeps the integrity of the blonde highlighted. Most importantly, it is free from all types of sulfates. 

With this best sulfate free shampoo for blondes, you will never have to worry about whether or not it really is sulfate-free because it is produced by a reputable brand. According to Joico, their salon developments are designed to maintain hair to its strongest and softest state every time you use their products. Their happiness extends above product to the worldwide salon community, which they have given their utmost support for almost 40 years. They will continue doing this for several more years to come.  

Joico Color Endure Violet Shampoo for toning blonde and gray hair 10.1 fl oz
  • This violet shampoo will create a brighter tone to your light, colored hair
  • Cancels out yellowness created by oxidation
  • Will add strength and prtect your hair from environmental an dphysical damage
  • Sulfate Free
  • Contains UV protectors that fight the physical & environmental factors that can cause...

Another great thing about this best sulfate free shampoo for blondes is that it maintains the appearance of icy blondes instead of transforming it to a brassy looking hair. It gets rid of the oxidized yellowing; keeps the fullness of gray hair; and even transforms into a quick at-the-sink toner after a blonde color service. To use this shampoo, apply into wet hair and let your hair and scalp shampoo absorb for 3-5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly. Even though the label says that it is “shampoo”. Use it only for 2-3 times per week.


✅Best to use on colored and gray hair 

✅ Neutralizes yellow tone

✅Safe to use for more than once a week 


Not that moisturizing

⭐Pravana Sulfate-free Shampoo

Another great product that is safe to use on your colored hair is the Pravana Perfect Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner. This is perfect for those people who are looking for a shampoo and conditioner that works perfectly. If you are the type of person who is not fond of experimenting with hair products, you should consider buying this product. 

It is a purple toning sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner that is powerful enough to take care of your chemically-treated blonde, silver, or light hair. By using this product, you are doing your hair a huge favor. This will transform your hair from dull and brassy to shiny and healthy looking hair. The high-quality cleansing and conditioning gets rid of unwanted yellows to provide your hair the perfect elegance that you have been wanting to have. 

What are you waiting for? Use this best sulfate free shampoo for blondes to clean your hair while enriching and protecting it. The primary ingredients of this shampoo include essential keratin and silk to promote strong and smooth hair. 


✅Best to use on colored and gray hair 

✅ Neutralizes yellow tone

✅Safe to use for more than once a week 


❌Not that moisturizing

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is a sulfate-free shampoo color purple?

A: This is because it is the complete opposite of gold or yellow color. This will neutralize the yellowing of your colored hair. Furthermore, the color purple uniformly distributes on your hair to maintain the natural color of your blonde hair. 

Q: Who needs to use a purple shampoo?

A: People who need purple shampoo are those who have a white,blonde, silver colored hair. Aside from the fact that purple shampoo prevent the yellowing of your hair, it also provides your hair the essential nutrients it needs. 

Q: How many times should you use it?

A: How frequently you will use it depends on the shampoo. Always the read the label and directions. Normally, purple shampoo can be used for 1-3 times a week. 

Final Thoughts

If you will ask us which one you must buy, then we would say The Paul Mitchell Platinum Sulfate Free shampoo. You will love it as it comes with a cucumber melon scent. You can also try shampoos from Joico and Pravana. All of these shampoos are effective in maintaining the integrity of your colored hair. 

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