10 Common Hair Problem and Solution Short Tips!

Common Hair Problem

Here are some short solution tips for 10 Common Hair Problem


1. Daily Hair Care


1. Wash your hair with olive oil once a week to keep your hair shiny. Clean olive oil is available at drugstores. There are so many different types of hair oils to apply on the head today. All these hair oils reduce the longevity of the hair. Nothing should be applied to the head other than pure coconut oil and virgin coconut oil.

2. Pour the shampoo on the lightly moistened porridge and gently rub it on the head and remove the oil glue and dirt.

3. If the hair is dry and uniform, the appearance of the face will decrease. Therefore, if it is the next morning ceremony, it is necessary to trim the hair on the first night. In the early evening, shampoo and comb with your hair as always.

The next day, the hair will be bright and bright. Fucking everyone with the look of the face. Some of the nutrients in the hair will be destroyed when you go to the beauty salons and shampoo your hair. After you finish shampooing, mix some vinegar with water and wash your hair. Thus the hair is shiny.

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2. Leave the princess


1. The bar is available at the drug stores. You can buy it and mix it with coconut oil.

2. Add the equal amount of blackberries and licorice to the rice, grind it on the head and soak in it. Mustard has a nerve-racking effect. Wash the head and mix it with the soaked water for a while.

3. Cinnamon, dill, tail pepper, powder in equal quantity and mixed with coconut oil is applied to the head.

3. Get rid of dandruff

1. Soak the pepper in the milk and use it on the head.

2. Get dry dried nappies at the grocery store. Buy 50g of unmixed neem oil and mix it with 100g coconut oil and brew well. When the young are warm, rub the oil on the head with neem flower and soak for half an hour, the dandruff problem will be resolved. For most people with dandruff, bathing once or twice a week for three weeks will remove dandruff.

4.As black hair

1. Take a little uterus and eat it on an empty stomach every morning. If the henna is taken in equal proportions with a copper mucus and rubs it on the head, the hair is blackened.

5. To grow hair

After soaking the dill and grinding it well into the head pack, after bathing the head, the hair will grow.

6. Get rid of lice

1. Grind the splash with water and rub it on the head. Then rinse your head with normal water.

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2. Grind the basil leaves well and apply it on the head and soak for a while. After washing the head with warm water, the panels will die and can grow well.

7.Hair loss

1. Soak the coconut milk on the head for half an hour and stop hair loss. This should be done once a week as long as the hair is standing.

2. It is good to grind the head of the buffalo and rub it on the head.

8. Remove the hair

1. Apply lemon juice frequently to remove unwanted hair on the face. Doing this daily will result in reduced hair growth and facial beauty.

2. To get rid of hair on the face, mix the egg white, sugar, and cornmeal and apply on the face as it becomes glue. Slowly dried with egg, the egg can come in handy.


Egg whites are applied on the head and washed for a while. Doing this twice a week will disappear.

10. The viscosity disappears

Apples, sauerkraut, sesame seeds mixed with hot water and applied to the hair will help to reduce hair loss.

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