10 Best Antibacterial Body Washes And Soap To Prevent Body Odor in 2023 2

10 Best Antibacterial Body Washes And Soap To Prevent Body Odor in 2023

Finding the best type of soap for you and your family can be difficult, especially when you want a soap that not only tackles dirt and grime but bacteria and germs as well. In this guide, there are ten soaps and body washes listed, each with its own strengths specific to various needs. Whether you need a good antibacterial soap for skin conditions, men, women, or general body odor control, this guide has it all for 2023. 

What is Antibacterial Soap

Soap with antibacterial properties contains chemicals or natural products that are able to eliminate germs and various bacteria. The most common antibacterial chemical found in commercial soap is triclosan. Natural products, including raw honey and certain plants, also have antibacterial properties, which would make soap and cleaning products containing them “antibacterial soap”.  

Dial Unscented Antibacterial Soap

Dial® Soap | White Antibacterial Bar Soap (dialsoap.com)

This antibacterial soap comes in both liquid and solid form, and can be purchased in unscented, which is important for those who are sensitive or allergic to fragrance yet need a soap that can tackle harmful bacteria. 

Dial is a well-known and trust hygiene and cleaning brand, so really, you can’t go wrong with this option. However, if are looking for fragrance, Dial does offer antibacterial soap in various scents. 

For both the body and hands, this option form Dial provides moisture and odor protection, while washing away the unwanted germs. That is why this option is the best antibacterial body wash and general antibacterial soap for wash purposes. 

  • Comes in both liquid and bar
  • Unscented; great those with fragrance allergies
  • Can cause skin to dry out

Hibiclens Antibacterial Soap 

Amazon.com: Hibiclens – Antimicrobial and Antiseptic Soap and Skin Cleanser – 32 oz – for Home and Hospital – 4% CHG : Health & Household

This option is a top-grade pick for both homes and hospitals alike, as it is the best antiseptic body wash and antimicrobial body wash. The brand, Hibiclens, is a popular choice for doctor’s offices and hospitals because of its formulaic design that is specific for sanitization and to keep harmful bacteria away. 

  • Hospital-Grade Brand
  • Prevents infections
  • Not safe for kids
  • Can’t be used on the face

Cetaphil Antibacterial Soap

Amazon.com : Cetaphil Antibacterial Gentle Cleansing Bar, 4.5 Ounce (Pack of 6) : Facial Soaps : Beauty & Personal Care

Cetaphil is a trusted brand for those with regular skin irritations, such as eczema and dry skin. As such, this cleansing bar soap is a great option for those with dry and sensitive skin. This soap can also be used for the face, as well as the entire body because it is gentle on pores too. This bar soap is also available in a body-to-wash option. 

  • Moisturizing
  • Trusted brand for skin conditions
  • Whole body usage
  • Body wash option available
  • Slightly more expensive than other soaps

Folliculitis Antibacterial Soap

Amazon.com : Folliculitis Soap by Terrasil 100% Natural Soap Bar with Calendula for Folliculitis Relief, Fissures, Angular Cheilitis, Lichen – Safe & Gentle Moisturizing Soap for Daily Use – 75gm Cleansing Bar : Beauty & Personal Care

Similar to the Cetaphil Antibacterial bar soap, this folliculitis specific soap is designed for a variety of skin conditions. The calendula flower essence in this soap helps to reduce inflammation that is a common occurrence in skin conditions including razor burn, cellulitis, folliculitis, and hair follicle issues. This soap option is also safe for all ages. 

  • Natural ingredients; great for chemical sensitive people
  • All ages can use this soap
  • Not a great option for those allergic to calendula or similar flowers
  • More expensive than other options 

Dawn Antibacterial Soap

Amazon.com: Dawn Ultra Antibacterial Dishwashing Liquid 7oz. Orange Scent (Orange) : Health & Household

Dawn is well-known for their dish soaps, and cleaning what is dirty especially asks for antibacterial soap. This option comes in two fragrances: orange and apple, which offers a pleasant scent while washing. Dawn is also dishwashing soap that is easy on the hands, and can be used as hand soap for days you’re working with difficult material that can stain, including dirt and grease. 

  • Trusted brand for cleaning 
  • Great scents
  • No unscented version 
  • Can dry out skin

Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Soap

Amazon.com : Safeguard Antibacterial Deodorant Soap Beige 16 oz, 4 bars (Pack of 2) : Beauty & Personal Care

For those who want a soap that is tough on odor and who prefer bar soap over body wash, Safeguard is the soap for you. This antibacterial deodorant soap is the best soap for body odor and that is also tough on bacteria. While this option is used on both the hands and body, it only comes in bar form. There is a liquid form specifically made for hands only. 

  • Removes odor
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Liquid version available
  • More expensive than other options
  • Overuse can lead to dry skin and killing off good bacteria

Dial for Men Antibacterial Body Wash, 24 Hour Odor Armor

Amazon.com : Dial for Men Antibacterial Body Wash, 24 Hour Odor Armor 16 fl oz(pack of 2) : Beauty & Personal Care

This option is designed the men’s skin and odor, helping to block unwanted odor for 24 hours. Another Dial product that has a fresh scent and is a great antibacterial body wash for men. This body wash can also be purchased as bar soap. 

  • Fresh scent
  • Cost effective
  • Not gentle on sensitive skins

Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap, Lavender & Twilight Jasmine

Amazon.com : Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Bar Soap, Lavender & Twilight Jasmine, 6 Bars – 3.2 Oz Each : Beauty & Personal Care

This is a Dial option for those who want to enjoy a fresh and floral fragrance in the bath. This is one of the best deodorant soap for female body odor, as this bar soap provides moisture, long-lasting odor protection, and smells delightfully exotic. 

Similar to other Dial products, you can purchase this option in singles or in bulk, making for an affordable and long-lasting option. 

  • Great for those who want scent
  • Cost effective
  • Body wash available
  • Not an option for fragrant sensitive people

Dove Antibacterial Body Wash for All Skin Types

Amazon.com : Dove Body Wash For All Skin Types Antibacterial Body Wash Protects from Dryness 22 oz 4 Count : Beauty & Personal Care

Dove is another top brand that is well-known in the hygiene department, but this option in particular is the best body wash for teenage body odor. Because this option is meant for all skin types, it is not only affordable and can be purchased in bulk, but every teenage body will be able to use it and reap the benefits of long-lasting odor control. 

Dove is a brand that is known for their nourishing soaps and cleansers, so this bar soap will keep all skin types hydrating and moisturized, while washing 99% of bacteria off of the body. This option also comes in body wash form, which is more inclusive of teenagers who prefer washes over bar soap. 

  • Brand the specializes in moisturizing products
  • Bar soap and hand wash options available
  • Great for all skin types
  • More expensive

Remedy Soap Tea Tree Oil Body Wash

Amazon.com : Remedy Soap Tea Tree Oil Body Wash | Helps Body Odor, Athlete’s Foot, Jock Itch, Ringworm, Yeast Infections, Skin Irritations | Shower Gel for Women/Men | 100% Natural Tea Tree, Mint & Aloe Skin Cleanser (12 oz) : Beauty & Personal Care

The best body wash for body odor is this natural-based body wash option from Remedy Soap. What makes this option antibacterial is the tea tree oil, which is a natural essential oil that is used in combination with mint and aloe vera, infused with jojoba, coconut, and olive oils. 

This option is great for those who want an aromatherapy treatment daily in the bath or shower. With no added preservatives, parabens, and other ingredients that can negatively impact the skin, this body wash provides natural fragrances that remove body odor and bacteria. 

  • Natural ingredients
  • Great scent
  • Helps manage skin conditions
  • Body wash only
  • More expensive because of natural oils
  • Small ounce amount


Soap comes in many shapes, sizes, forms, and scents, so it is understandably difficult to decide which one is best for your needs. Whether you are sensitive to fragrance or have a unique condition to care for, hopefully, this guide has pointed you in the right direction for antibacterial soap. 

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